Dear Reader,

We don’t have much time…

The stars have aligned and a rare profit window in the gold markets just swung open…

Giving you the chance to potentially bank multiple 1,000% gains from one tiny, niche gold sector.

The last time this window opened, you had the chance to collect $192 PURE PROFIT for every $1 rise in the price of gold.

Meaning, if my long-term analysis is on the money, and gold marches to around $4,000…

Then every $10,000 invested in the plan laid out for you in the pages that follow could grow to $672,153.

That’s right…take advantage of this ‘gold window’ strategy and you could potentially see a few thousand dollars explode into a retirement-sized fortune — in a single shot.

And let’s say I’m ‘wrong’ and gold actually zips higher, to $10,000, in the long term. Then every $10,000 invested in what you’re about to see could grow to $1,680,384.

But let’s say gold only hits $1,500 in the years ahead. Well, what you’re about to see could STILL hand you more than $38,500 in pure profit. Look, I couldn’t be more serious about this opportunity.

BUT…to claim your rightful stake in this potential yellow metal fortune, you must act AT SPEED.

There’s no telling how long this new gold window will remain open.

Let me explain why…

Four decades…
Four rare ‘gold windows’…
A genuine shot at 100-times your money

When this window opens up in the gold markets, a single investment could turn micro-movements in gold into MASSIVE money-making opportunities.

I’m talking about potential wealth-maximising gains of 5,900%, 4,194%, or even 32,933%...

Now, before you read any further, let me make something crystal clear…

  • The secret I’ll show you today has nothing to do with buying and holding rare gold coins…
  • It has nothing to do with options…
  • It’s not about buying the stock of a big gold producer like Newcrest or Northern Star Resources (they’re too slow to make a lot of money quickly)…
  • And it’s not CFD trading or commodity futures…

Instead, the money-maker I’m going to show you is a different way you could potentially make a fortune.

See, we’re in the midst of a very valuable and very rare ‘Gold Window’.

You won’t hear this window discussed on CNBC’s squawk box…

Don’t bother searching Google…you won’t find the gold window mentioned on some obscure finance website.

In fact, most people — outside a few gold market insiders — don’t even know the window exists.

But after studying gold markets my whole career, I can tell you this for certain:

This window has opened just FOUR times in the past FOUR decades…

Once from 1976–1980...

Once from 1993–1996...

Once from 2000–2007...

And right now, in today’s current gold window.

Once about every 10 years, you have the rare chance to make a fortune by simply tweaking the way you buy gold.

This secret investment strategy I’ll share today could give you the power to magnify your gains in gold.

And the very best way to show you how this works is through an example…

So, maybe you remember the run-up in gold from 2000–2007…

Over a seven-year period, US Federal Reserve Chairmen Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke warmed up their printing presses…

Sending gold from $275 up to nearly $750 per ounce — a 170% gain.

By simply holding gold, you could have turned every $10,000 into $27,072.

Not bad.

However, take a look at this:

24 times better than gold


Source: Bloomberg

While this ‘golden window’ was open, the gold investment I’ll share with you in a moment made 24 times the gain of gold bullion itself.

That means the same $10,000 invested could have turned into $429,400.

This was not an isolated event.

Take a look at this…

34 times better than gold


Source: Bloomberg

This time, the secret strategy returned 34 times more than gold.

And that’s not even the best example to show you...

Take a look at one more example from the same 2000 run-up…

192 times better than gold


Source: Bloomberg

This is a whopping 192 times more in profit than simply buying gold…

Turning every $1,000 into $330,000…

Every $5,000 into $1,650,000...

Every $10,000 into over $3.3 million

I could go on and on, of course.

But to recap…

Had you laid $10,000 down on gold bullion, you’d have banked $17,073.33.

Not bad.

But had you put down $10,000 on the three ‘secret’ gold plays shown here…you could have made:

  • $419,428.57 on Secret Gold Play #1…
  • $590,000 on Secret Gold Play #2…
  • And a truly life-altering $3,293,348.12 on Secret Gold Play #3

You’re probably wondering what this secret is…how you could use it to potentially multiply your money…and how to get started.

Well, I’m going to answer all those pressing questions right now.

Put simply, I call this secret
‘Penny Gold’…

Because every time gold has soared in the past…Penny Gold has increased those gains by CRAZY amounts.

Take a look at how Penny Gold magnified gold’s performance each time the gold window was open…

In the late 1970s/early 1980s...

This gold window gaped open.

Gold jumped 267%.

Impressive, right?

But with Penny Gold you could have ramped up that gain thousands of percent…more than once! Including…

  • 2,087% on Sands Mines…
  • 2,400% on Wharf Resources….
  • Or a fantastic 3,858% on Hercon Resources!

In the mid-1990s the gold window opened again...

Gold only shot up 20% this time…

But by tweaking the way you buy ‘gold’…

You could have seen MASSIVE profits using Penny Gold. Check this out…

  • 1,450% on High River Gold...
  • 4,150% on Ryan Gold Corp...
  • And 4,207% on International Taurus Resources.

In the early 2000s…

The gold window opened once again…

Gold rocketed 170% higher.

And you guessed it…

You could have pocketed loads more gains simply by taking advantage of Penny Gold. Including…

  • 4,194% on Seabridge Gold…
  • 5,900% on Aquiline Resources...
  • And a life-changing gain of 32,933% on NovaGold…

That brings us to the most recent
gold window opening…

Already we’ve seen…

More than NINE TIMES your money on Giyani Gold...

5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources...

And a huge 8,500% on Trelawney Mining.

Of course, I’m not saying the Penny Gold secret works every time. It doesn’t.

This is NOT an exact science. Values can — and DO — fluctuate up and down during gold windows.

For example, Nova Gold, Seabridge and Aquiline Resources all at least halved by mid-2008, while the gold price continued to rise.

To put it bluntly, Penny Gold is NOT a strategy for novices.

If the thought of laying down a few dollars with the Penny Gold strategy leaves you short of breath…then it’s probably not for you.

Now, as you’ve probably guessed, the Penny Gold strategy is all about buying calculated stakes in junior gold and silver mining companies.

These are companies that trade for as little as cents on the dollar during the start of a gold bull market…

But they could go up 10…20…even 100 times as gold marches higher.

I have FIVE incredible little gold stocks to show you today.

I firmly believe each one has a genuine chance to repeat the huge gains you’ve seen already.

I’ll show you each one in a moment.

Before I do, let me take this opportunity to show you how fast your gains could pile up when Penny Gold stocks really crank up…

Imagine turning $10k into over three hundred grandfrom three tiny stocks…in just 13 months!

Consider this extraordinary example…

On 6 August 2015, a tiny gold company by the name of St Barbara Ltd [ASX:SBM] was primed for big profits.

Shares traded for just 39.5 cents each on the ASX.

And by 22 March 2016 — a little over six months latter — shares skyrocketed to $2.59 each…


Source: Bloomberg

Had you put $10,000 on this fast-rising gold play, you could have been sitting on $65,570.

A gain of 555.7%.

Now, for demonstration purposes only, let’s say you put all that money into another gold company named Evolution Mining Ltd [ASX:EVN] just 15 days later, on 6 April 2016...

By 11 July 2016, just three months on, you could have doubled your money again.


Source: Bloomberg

Now you’d be sitting on $133,304.

A total gain of 1,233%.

Now, let’s say you make one final perfectly-timed move…

Had you put your money into a company by the name of Centaurus Metals Ltd [ASX:CTM] — trading for just 0.9 cents — you’d have made another 155.6% gain in short order.

That’s enough to turn your initial stake of $10,000 into a whopping landslide lump sum of over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. ($340,726 to be exact.)


Source: Port Phillip Publishing

That means just a 10.3% move in the price of physical gold metal itself…

Has turned into a total gain of 3,307.5% using three timed, big money gold plays.

Three buys…

Three sells...

And a starting stake of just $10,000 could have turned into more than $300,000.

Of course, I’m not saying you should expect this to happen.

It’s obviously an extreme example. But the example above is 100% genuine.

These stock moves happened all thanks to the gold window.

Now look. I’d NEVER recommend you roll 100% of any profit you make from one trade straight into another. That would take a whole lot of guts.

This is just to paint the picture of the kind of opportunities out there right now with the gold window open wide.

But remember, the gold window NEVER stays open for long…and it usually only opens about once every decade.

As far as I can tell, since 1976, it’s only occurred four times...and I think that fourth time is unfolding as you read this letter.

Already in this new gold window, the one we’re experiencing right now, we’ve seen plenty of action...

  • Asanko Gold — an exploration and production company — has already shot up more than 209%.
  • Golden Star Resources has risen by 480%.
  • And Richmont Mines has gone up 1,023%.

See what I mean?

Things are already in motion and, as gold continues to run up, these companies are set to catapult even higher.

But their runs have already’s already too late to pull in max gains on these specific companies.

However, there are several other companies that haven’t even started their runs yet. These are the tiny gold punts I want to show you today.

And how a small stake — even a few hundred bucks — could turn into thousands…maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands in pure profit.

But before we get to my top Penny Gold tips…it’s about time I properly introduce myself…

A true ‘rock hound’…

My name, by the way, is Jason Stevenson.

I’ve dedicated my career to help private Aussie investors make huge money from small, fast-moving resource stocks around the world…and here in our own backyard.

I ‘earned my stripes’ at a boutique investment house run by ex-Goldman Sachs partners preparing research for big institutional clients.

And I’ve helped design and build complex financial models to identify opportunities specifically in ASX small-caps.

But for the last three and a half years, I’ve devoted every waking hour to uncovering the opportunities in the Australian resources sector.

But not for institutional clients…


Jason Stevenson and resources legend Rick Rule

For everyday private Aussie investors like YOU.

Originally from Perth, or the ‘Wild West’ as some call it, I’m now based in Melbourne.

Growing up in the Western Australia — the heartland of the Aussie mining boom — I quickly learnt the ropes of what makes a successful resource company…and what breaks the failures.

My rolodex is full of the sharpest — and wealthiest — minds in the investment business, including multi-millionaire commodity and resources traders Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, Jim Rogers and the indomitable Doug Casey.

As far as I know, I’m the ONLY dedicated resource expert in the country that can deliver you this sort of deep insight and powerful money-making analysis.

And it’s that breadth of experience I inject into Gold Stock Trader.

My goal is simple: To help you cash in on landslide gains from tiny, unloved gold stocks.

Let me tell you…nothing beats the feeling of laying down a few hundred bucks on a tiny resource play…a stock that mainstream analysts have written off…

Then watching that stock multiply 10 TIMES OVER.

That’s my goal for you. To bank multiple ‘bagger’ gains from gold minnows perched on the outer rim of the ASX. That means, for every $100 you lay down…you could potentially pocket $1,000!

Now, in the last 18 months, my readers have piled up gains of 100%142%77%, 146%, and 242% with my unique resources analysis.

Compare those gains to the market, which is barely up 3% in that time (and that’s AFTER the rebound of the first half of this year).

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag…my goal here is to prove a point: I know a thing or two on how you could make big money from tiny, off-the-radar resource plays!

And, based on the piles of feedback I receive each day, my readers agree:

David emailed me recently and said: ‘Profit is approximately $16,000. Very happy with this.’

Ben told me: ‘tripled my money. You’re right when you say that a stock can go for a run even though the sector is crashing.’

John says: ‘came away with $20k profit — by far my best trading in a stock for 15 years. I’m over the moon with your guidance.’

Margaret’s another happy resources punter: ‘Sold first thing this morning. Sleeping with a smile on my face tonight!

David quadrupled his money…on one stock: ‘made just over 332% on this one…I have had good results since joining 7 months ago.’

And Frank compares me to a legendary forecaster: ‘Thank you for the recommendation. I better than doubled my money. I think I may nickname you ‘Nostradamus.’

The thing is…this is just a mere sample of the emails I’ve received from investors heeding my stock picks.

Now, I’m not saying I’ll hit the nail on the head and pick Penny Gold winners every single time. And of course past performance is never a reliable indicator of future results.

If anyone tells you otherwise, or promises you 100% success, they’re full of it.

Here’s the thing…over the last decade I’ve developed a proprietary system that pinpoints lucrative Penny Gold plays. It’s your golden ticket to capture the most impressive penny gold moves.

I’ll introduce this system in just a moment.

Be clear: I’ve now set my sights firmly on this new gold window.

Because, as I’ve been showing you, Penny Gold plays have the power to rally much higher and much faster than the price of gold…

You’ve seen what’s happened to the price of gold in recent times, and you know I believe it’s poised to go much, MUCH higher in the years ahead.

You’ve seen the potential gains that could be on the table as today’s gold window swings open. You could turn a tiny stake into 24-, 34-…even 100-times your money as the Penny Gold strategy reaches critical mass.

And right now my proprietary system has locked onto FIVE exceptional gold plays.

I believe each one is perfectly positioned for a furious rise as gold potentially heads upwards to fresh highs. Your job is to buy them, sit on them, and then hopefully watch your portfolio surge as the gold window gaps open.

It’s that simple.

Introducing: The Gold Gain Multiplier system (your best shot at 24-, 34-, or even 192-times gold)

My system is called the Gold Gain Multiplier

And it could be your key to untold investment gains.

This proprietary system is the only place in the world that harnesses my decade-long experience as a money-markets analyst…

Combined with my extensive experience of grilling the exploration potential of Penny Gold companies.

This system is a true breakthrough for potentially pulling MAXIMUM profits in MINIMUM time frames from Penny Gold plays.

Right now, the Gold Gain Multiplier system has locked onto FIVE Penny Gold plays…

Let me share each one of those with you now…

Penny Gold Play #1:
This stock could either become a 10-bagger or be taken over…it’s that simple

This gold hound is in a league of its own.

Which is why it easily ranks as one of my favourite gold stock picks.

It’s a small Western Australian outfit exploring for gold in what’s surely the hottest location in the world – Central America.

I’ll be blunt: This precious metals explorer could either become a 10-bagger or be taken over in the next two years. It’s really that simple.

What makes this gold start-up a firm favourite on my buy list is that their potentially gold-rich targets are practically next door to three monster gold-producing mines.

Collectively, these mines have produced a total of 3.46 million ounces of gold over the last 50 years, and they have many more ounces in reserve.

These surrounding deposits are a big deal. Because the underground geology on this firm’s lease is identical to its gold-rich neighbours.

Basically, this company’s gold projects are in the perfect position for a huge, multi-million ounce gold strike

One of the projects, for example, boasts a historically-proven gold resource containing no less than 340,345 ounces.

And this could be just the start of an absolutely huge discovery. In the months ahead, I expect this number to multiply.

You see, unlike other gold minnows that want to drill straight away, this company completed significant groundwork before drilling started.

That was a smart move. They’ve since uncovered a brand-new location on the lease which could hold another golden treasure chest.

Of course, with gold remaining volatile (something which won’t last forever, mind you), this news didn’t excite the market. The market is impatient and wants results today, not tomorrow.

But their loss could be your gain.

It means you have time to take a position while this ‘gold hound’ is selling for less than a cent.

Sure, the share price could go lower. But that’s a positive. The potential up for grabs is enormous. And, let’s say the share price goes lower…well, I believe the stock will become even more of a no-brainer bargain. 

The market should eventually wake up.

When that happens, and this stock potentially rockets higher in the months ahead, the folks who missed out will be kicking themselves.

There’s potentially huge money to be made at this level. In fact, this stock may not even exist in a couple of years’ time — it could be absorbed into a much bigger partner-gold company. 

Bottom line: Now’s the perfect time to get in on this explorer before the value of its shares potentially skyrocket.

That’s my first gold play. The second is just as exciting. And you could soon be counting 1,000% potential gains…from this one stock alone…

Penny Gold Play #2:
When drilling starts, you could be looking at anywhere between 100% and 1,000% gains

This is my favourite Penny Gold stock on the ASX. So, if you thought our above play sounded good, this stock is an absolute no-brainer.

The company’s found plenty of high grade gold. Some of the highest-grade on the ASX, mind you.

It just announced a 93% gold resource upgrade, to 302,000 ounces.

Yet, despite this fact, the share price has stayed virtually flat for nearly four years. In fact, the share price fell following the resource upgrade.

Punters were expecting 500,000-plus ounces. But what they didn’t realise was the resource upgrade was found on a tiny 5% of the company’s land!

Meaning, 95% of the prospective lease could STILL be chock-full of gold.

My analysis tells me the fortunes of this firm will change — dramatically.

Why? I’ll tell you.

Up to this point, this company’s gold finds have been a bit inconsistent.

Which is why the market has simply written it off.

I reckon that’s a BIG mistake.

See, their story has just entered a new phase, which tells me now is the PERFECT time to have a punt.

The company has only just started drilling the best spots. And with the recent resource upgrade, the company now has the confidence to hit the ground hard.

The gold mother lode could be just around the corner.

Mark my words: This company could unveil a multi-million-ounce resource in the next 13 months. If that happens, I believe you could see your stake in this digger surge 1,500% or 2,000% almost overnight!

To get in before that happens, you need to act NOW.

You need all the information on this story ASAP. I’ll show you how to do exactly that in just a moment.

Penny Gold Play #3:
Discovered: Huge ‘bonanza gold’ resource...

I won’t beat around the bush.

Your third explorer is an absolute bargain right now.

I believe the share price should be trading at least double what it is today.

This company is hunting an elephant-sized gold deposit in Africa.

It’s already found huge amounts of high-grade gold, and has one of the world’s most respected institutional resource funds on its register.

This is another potential ‘10-bagger’.

Again, it means that, if you’re willing to part with $5,000 on this stock…and you’re happy to risk this amount…I believe you could be looking at $50,000 in clear investment account gains if all goes to plan.

Now take a look a look at this:


Source: Company Website

Ignore all the writing on the chart above.

I want your eyes to focus on the swirling, orange ‘blobs’. What you’re looking at here is — potentially — more than two kilometres of what I call ‘bonanza gold’.

It is gold that’s ultra-high-grade, and found at extremely shallow depth. 

This firm has only just started drilling. Already, a few holes in, they’ve uncovered a 1.2km stretch of ‘bonanza gold’ mineralisation at just 50 metres below the surface.

In fact, drill results show some of the highest-grade gold I’ve seen in years.

There are no promises, but the fact we’re seeing such high gold grades at such shallow levels is very exciting indeed.

In my view, this stock offers the best West African gold exploration upside out of any Penny Gold stock on the ASX. 

Tonnes of thick, rich gold seams could be buried at depth.

Again, this gold play and the previous two opportunities I’ve show you today are very high risk.

But if they DO pay off, they could make you an absolute fortune.

Then there’s…

Penny Gold Play #4:
 ‘High-grade gold at extremely
shallow depth’

Let me tell you about a tiny gold play called Cardinal Resources.

The firm boasts a major West African gold project called Namdini.

In the first quarter of 2016 they hit extremely high-grade gold, and at very shallow depth. It’s a find I like to call ‘bonanza gold’.

As a result, the company’s share price went parabolic. Take a look:


Source: Google Finance

All up, the stock soared 515%. Meaning, for every $500 you laid down, you could have pocketed $2,575…in just eight months!

Let me tell you…that’s the kind of Penny Gold strike that gets me excited!

Well, the next firm I’ll show you is in the running to be the NEXT Cardinal Resources.

They’ve set up shop just a few hundred metres north of Cardinal’s crown Namdini project. Importantly, this firm’s project appears to share identical geography to Namdini.

In fact, this lease is surrounded by multiple, proven gold discoveries in every direction — north, south, east and west.

That’s GREAT news for you as an investor…it means there’s a high chance of uncovering a monster gold discovery. 

When institutional investors get a sniff of what’s happening here, you could see shares surge…even before they dig up a single ounce!

So far, results are promising. The company has discovered high-grade gold mineralisation stretching six kilometres across the lease.

And on 20 January, they reported a bunch more gold grades. Most were exceptionally shallow — that’s the key to this story: High-grade, close-to-surface gold.

This company’s financial position is great. And with lots of cash in the bank, and heaps of drilling coming up, this stock’s task is simple: Prove that more ‘bonanza gold’ exists.

Will they find it?

I don’t know.

You simply can’t forecast these things accurately. No one can. But all the analysis tells me these guys could be on to a massive gold find that could send the share price bonkers.

There’s a lot more to this story, but I’ll save that analysis for my report.

Let’s move on to your fifth and final Penny Gold punt.

Penny Gold Play #5:
A seasoned explorer…hunting for the next BIG gold treasure chest

This is what I like to call a ‘real solid explorer’.

This firm has already found gold. LOTS of gold.

That makes it an established explorer. The more high-grade gold the company finds, the higher its share price should go.

The story is that simple.

Right now, this gold play is super-cheap. You can grab each share for less than 1.7 cents a pop (at the time of writing). That’s bargain-basement territory in my book.

This company’s TRUE potential isn’t yet priced into its shares — a situation that could change at any moment.

Bottom line: You need to grab your share now.

This firm is on track to find more high-grade gold. The gold treasure chest may be tantalisingly close.

See, they’re currently working on a project in one of Australia’s most iconic gold fields in Western Australia. This is a field that’s already coughed up more than 20 million ounces of gold.

And if this firm’s hunch is right — there’s truckloads more gold to be found!

The chance they’ll uncover a multimillion-ounce gold deposit is, in my view, extremely likely.

This Penny Gold stock sits right next door to a 3.3-million-ounce project, which has heavily rewarded its shareholders.

I believe this firm is about to unearth a resource just as big. And if I’m right…and they uncover the golden treasure chest, you could see each 1.7 cent share swap hands for 5…maybe even 10 cents.

Imagine laying down a few hundred bucks on this Penny Gold plays and watching it quickly balloon 10 or 20 times over! That’s the kind of profit-potential I believe you’re looking at here.

Of course, there’s always the risk they don’t find as much gold as they think and the share price slides. That’s the risk you take with these tiny gold explorers.

BUT…if they pay off…they could pay off BIG TIME.

Truly, there’s never been a better time to be an investor in this fledgling gold miner.

The company is an up-and-coming rock star in the gold sector.

Remember, this is just one stock. You’re looking at exactly five Penny Gold plays I think you should act on right now.

And I do mean now.

As I said earlier, the ‘gold window’ never stays open for long. You don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For your best shot at maximising gains…I’m talking about the raw potential to pocket 100 times your money from a handful of fast-rising gold explorers

You need to claim your stake when the gold window first swings open.

That time is NOW. TODAY.

You simply cannot sit on your hands on this one. As the old saying goes, ‘Fortune favours the bold.’

If you want a genuine shot at potentially making 30, 40, or 60 times your money on tiny gold stocks…now is the time to make your own bold move.

Of course, the tiny gold plays we’ll be dealing with are riskier than your everyday blue-chips. And I’ll share with you all the risks in-bedded in each Penny Gold play, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.  

So, here’s what you do next…

Download now: Your
‘Penny Gold’ portfolio

I’ve laid out everything you need to know about each Penny Gold play shown today inside your special gold portfolio report.

It’s called: The Penny Gold Portfolio: How to Pocket 100 Times Your Money on Tiny Gold Plays’.

Inside you’ll find the ticker symbol for each hand-selected gold stock. All my detailed research and analysis. And all the risks on each firm.

Plus, my buy-up-to price. That’s a special mechanism I apply to every recommendation I make to ensure you don’t pay too much for a stock.


Remember, these companies are small — but they can move super-fast. To minimise your risk as much as possible…and the potential for life-altering gains high…it’s important you don’t overpay. That’s why I recommend a buy-up-to price for each stock. That should minimise any potential losses and maximise your potential gains.

Whether you have an account worth $10,000 or $100,000 to dedicate to this kind of investing, getting started with the Penny Gold portfolio is straightforward.

There’s no guessing.

And there’s no confusion.

It’s a comprehensive tiny gold stock investing blueprint from start to finish.

Again, it’s called The Penny Gold Portfolio: How to Pocket 100 Times Your Money on Tiny Gold Plays.

And I’d like to get you started immediately — including all five of the recommended plays.

I’ll show you exactly how to get your name on my ‘allocated’ list right now.

Only the Top 2% allowed

If you’re ready for a shot at grabbing impressive, potentially life-changing gold gains — in as little as a matter of weeks or months — then buckle up.

It sounds like you’ve officially got what it takes to make Penny Gold riches.

And I want to get you started with my special Penny Gold portfolio briefing immediately.

But I must warn you…

Your opportunity to find out how to cash in on my small, fast-moving gold plays is extremely limited.

Here’s why…

I’m allowing 2% of our paid readership today to join me for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As I’ve told you, Penny Gold plays are very small.

They trade for mere pennies per share in most cases.

If thousands of readers were to buy in all at the same time, the buying pressure would artificially shoot the stock higher…ruining the opportunity for everyone.

To reduce the chance of this happening, I’m allowing just 2% of Port Phillip Publishing’s loyal readership base to take advantage of my dedicated gold project today.

It’s called...

Gold Stock Trader

It could be YOUR key to turning Penny Gold opportunities into potential life-changing fortunes.

As long as you’re one of the first to respond today, you’ll receive full access to the Penny Gold Portfolio…

Giving you all five stocks profiled for you today, the portfolio will show you exactly which Penny Gold stocks to buy.

But that’s not all you’ll get when you join Gold Stock Trader today…

Gold Stock Trader is your front-row seat to the action in small, off-the-radar gold plays. BUT…it’s also your forward-looking source for all-things gold...

I’ll be laser-focused in showing you how you could turn gold’s next move higher into substantial profits. I don’t mean 100% here…or 200% there. Although those gains are good…and nothing to be sniffed at.

My mission with this private gold trading service is to show you how you could bank 40, 50…and 100-times your money from a handful of fast-rising gold minnows. I don’t care how long it takes. My goal is to spend my time researching and recommending the best junior gold stocks on the ASX.   

Which is why you’ll also receive a full, in-depth rundown on my Gold Gain Multiplier system. Again, this is my proprietary system designed specifically to extract MAXIMUM profits in MINIMUM timeframes from Penny Gold plays.


You’ll discover the five steps I tick off every time I look at a potential Penny Gold play winner. This system has taken me years to perfect. But I’ll expose the whole lot when you become a Gold Stock Trader subscriber today.

You’ll also get monthly coverage on our best picks. Each month — as gold marches towards $4,000 or more in the long term — we’ll send you research on another Penny Gold pick.

So, how much does access to the new Gold Stock Trader service cost?

Well, I’ll tell you right now, it’s not cheap.

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As far as I know, NO ONE else in the world is doing this kind of research into gold in such depth inside Australia — let alone the world.

And remember, I’ll be working for you, hunting down specific ideas to leverage the moves in physical gold…week in, week out…taking advantage of the gold window, while it remains open.

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Look, the fourth ‘gold window’ in nearly 50 years is now open. You’ve already seen some of the gains certain companies made in the last window:

2,087% on Sands Mines

2,400% on Wharf Resources

3,858% on Hercon Resources

1,450% on High River Gold

4,150% on Ryan Gold Corp

4,207% on International Taurus Resources

4,194% on Seabridge Gold

5,900% on Aquiline Resources

32,933% on NovaGold

5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources

8,500% on Trelawney Mining

These are the kind of investments I’m devoted to hunting down for you in the months to come in Gold Stock Trader.

If gold prices move even just a fraction of the amount I believe they will, an investment in any one of my six recommendations could pay for the cost of this service... potentially 100 times over.

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Tell me where to send your reports…

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Jason Stevenson,
Editor, Gold Stock Trader


 (Review your offer before it’s final)

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Second, you could take action and buy physical gold.

But I don’t really see the appeal in buying physical gold.

I’m far from a ‘gold bug’.

In my view, there are far superior ways to make money from gold without holding bullion. The Penny Gold blueprint I’ve just laid out is — in my humble opinion — the BEST method for building wealth with gold.

Or third

You can take all of the knowledge that I’ve given you today about the power of Penny Gold plays, and you can take me up on my discounted first-year membership offer.

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