Gold Stock Trader

‘DO NOT Buy a Single Ounce of Gold Until
You Read This…’

‘...Because I’ve Discovered How You
Could Have Turned Every $1 Move In
Gold into $192 Of Pure Profit.’


And We’re Betting $1,000,000 That
This Letter Could Make You Rich

Dear Reader,

Hi, Jim Rickards here.

If you’ve seen me on CNBC…

Or watched the documentary about money that I starred in on the History Channel…

Or read any of my best-selling books, including my brand-new The New Case for Gold

Or if you subscribe to my Strategic Intelligence monthly newsletter…

Then you know that I believe gold will soon reach $10,000 per ounce.

The math is simple.

Once paper currencies fail (which history proves they ALWAYS do)...

A world-wide hard asset currency with just a modest 40% gold backing would mean that gold would instantly be revalued at $10,000 per ounce.

In my view, this isn’t a matter of if, but when.

That’s why I normally suggest that every single investor in Australia put 10% of their net worth into gold bullion — in the form of the coins like those you’ll see right here below…


Owning these coins is the single best thing you could do to protect yourself from a full currency collapse.

But here’s the thing…

Right now I’m pounding the table…

Urging you NOT to buy
another ounce of gold until you
read this message in full

Because a rare window in the gold markets has just opened up…

Giving you and me the chance to grow much richer…much faster…than simply buying bullion.

In fact, what you’re about to see could have given us the chance to collect $192 for every $1 rise in the price of gold.

Said a different way…

If I’m right and gold marches to $10,000…

Then every $10,000 invested in what you’re about to see could grow to $1,680,384.

And even if I’m wrong, and gold only hits $1,500 in the years ahead…

Then what you’re about to see could still hand you more than $38,500.

I couldn’t be more serious about this opportunity.

And I’m going to explain it to you in two important ways.

First, my publisher and I just put up to $1,000,000 on the line to fund a new project that aims help you profit from this rare gold window.

Second, I’ve dropped everything to find an Australian partner who is dedicated to helping you find the biggest opportunities in the coming gold bull market.

The man I found is a true ‘rock hound’ among Australian mining analysts…

He dedicates every waking hour to helping investors like you make big money from the vast mineral resources under Australia, and around the world.

Originally from Perth, he’s now based in Melbourne.

But growing up in the west of Australia — the heartland of the Aussie mining boom — he quickly learnt the ropes of what makes a successful resource company…and what breaks the failures.

He knows what separates the losers from the winners in this business.

In the last two years, his research has taken him from the snow-capped peaks above Vancouver, Canada all the way to the Great Wall of China.

Gold Stock Trader

My expert with the multimillionaire commodities trader, and my good friend, Rick Rule

He’s flown more than 105,000kms to conduct his analysis, and has some of the sharpest — and wealthiest — minds in the investment business in his contact book. These include multi-millionaire commodity traders Rick Rule, Eric Sprott and the indomitable Doug Casey.

In a moment, I’ll show you some of the gains he’s made for the followers of his hands-on advice and recommendations in the Australian resources sector of the market. You’ll see how in the last 18 months alone he’s piled up gains of 100%, 142%, 77%, 146%, and 242% with his own unique method of analysis.

Compare those gains to the market, which is barely up 3% in that time (and that’s AFTER the rebound of the first half of this year).

So how did he do it?

Pure luck?

Not likely.

And you’ll see why shortly.

My point is, this is why I wanted to secure and focus his talents specifically on analysing and identifying the opportunities inside the new gold window that’s just opened up.

And because of an exclusive deal we’ve just signed with this man, he’s going to let me reveal everything — every single step of how he made multi-hundred percent gains.

So, please…

Do NOT buy a single ounce of anything until you read what I have to say in this briefing.

There’s no time to waste.

There’s no telling how long this window will remain open.

So let’s get started…

Four Decades
Four Gold Windows
One Serious Way to Make Money

When this window opens up in the gold markets…

Just a single investment could turn micro-movements in gold into MASSIVE money making opportunities.

I’m talking about wealth-maximising gains of 5,900%, 4,194%, or even 32,933%...

Now, before we go on, let me make something absolutely clear…

The secret I’ll show you today is not some rare ‘MS-70’ coin or historic collectable (in fact, I openly say that most people have no business investing in collectible coins)...

It has nothing to do with options (options are a complex financial instrument, generally used by experienced traders)…

It’s not about buying the stock of a big gold producer like Newcrest or Northern Star Resources (they’re too slow to make a lot of money quickly)…

And it’s not CFDs trading or commodity futures.

Instead, what I’m going to show you is a different way you could potentially make a fortune.

You see, we’re in the midst of a very valuable and very rare ‘Golden Window’.

You won’t hear this window talked about on TV.

Most pundits don’t know about it.

But as the US government’s trusted currency advisor, I can tell you this for certain:

This window has opened at
least FOUR times in the
past FOUR decades

Once from 1976–1980...

Once from 1993–1996...

Once from 2000–2007...

And right now, today’s current gold window.

Said a different way…

Once about every 10 years, you have the rare chance to make a fortune by simply tweaking the way you buy gold.

This investment strategy I’ll share today could give you the power to magnify your gains in gold.

And the very best way to show you how this works is through an example…

So maybe you remember the run-up in gold from 2000–2007.

Over a seven year period, US Federal Reserve Chairmen, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke, warmed up their printing presses…

Sending gold from $275 up to nearly $750 per ounce — a 170% gain.

By simply holding gold, you could have turned every $10,000 into $27,072.

Not bad.

However, take a look at this:

24 Times Better Than Gold

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

While this ‘golden window’ opened up, the gold investment I’ll share with you in a moment made 24 times the gain of gold bullion itself.

That means the same $10,000 invested would have turned into $429,400.

This was not an isolated event.

Take a look at this…

34 Times Better Than Gold

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

This time, the secret returned 34 times more than gold.

And that’s not even the best example to show you...

Take a look at one more example from the same 2000 run-up…

192 Times Better Than Gold

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

This is a whopping 192 times more profits than simply buying gold…

Turning every $1,000 into $330,000…

Every $5,000 into $1,650,000...

Every $10,000 into over 3.3 million dollars

I could go on and on, of course.

But to recap…

Here’s a chart showing you how much more you’d have made by using this secret gold investment strategy instead of buying gold directly.  

$10K turns into pure profit of…
Gold $17,073.33
Secret Gold Play #1 $419,428.57
Secret Gold Play #2 $590,000.000
Secret Gold Play #3 $3,293,348.12

Listen, here’s the bottom line:

While I believe every individual should own gold in the form of bullion as a life-saving option…

My analyst believes there’s a way to play this ‘golden window’ for the chance at a life-changing lump-sum of money.

You’re probably wondering what this secret is…how to use it to multiply your money…and how to get started.

I’m going to answer all those pressing questions right now.

Introducing: ‘Penny Gold’

Put simply, I call this secret ‘Penny Gold’.

And every time gold has soared in the past…

‘Penny Gold’ rockets up farther and faster.

Take a look at how Penny Gold’s performed each time the gold window’s opened up…

In the late 70s/early 80s...

This gold window gaped open.

Gold jumped 267%.

Impressive, right?

But ‘Penny Gold’ shot up even faster, including…

2,087% on Sands Mines…

2,400% on Wharf Resources….

Or a fantastic 3,858% on Hercon Resources!

In the mid-90s the gold window opened again...

The price of gold only shot up 20% this time…

But by tweaking the way you buy gold…

You could have seen MASSIVE profits on ‘Penny Gold’ plays, including…

1,450% on High River Gold...

4,150% on Ryan Gold Corp...

And 4,207% on International Taurus Resources.

In the early 2000s

The gold window opened once again…

Gold rocketed 170% higher.

And you guessed it…

A handful of ‘Penny Gold’ plays took off, including…

4,194% on Seabridge Gold…

5,900% on Aquiline Resources...

And a life-changing gain of 32,933% on NovaGold.

That brings us to the most recent
gold window opening…

Already we’ve seen…

More than NINE TIMES your money on Giyani Gold...

5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources...

And a huge 8,500% on Trelawney Mining.

Of course, not every ‘Penny Gold’ play takes off like these ones did, and this is NOT an exact science. Values can fluctuate during the gold windows.

For example, Nova Gold, Seabridge, and Aquiline Resources all at least halved by mid-2008, while the gold price continued to rise.

As I say, this is exactly why it’s so important you have my expert on your side.

With his experience trading these kinds of stocks, his role is to help you profit by showing you exactly when to get in and out.

Now, if you’re probably wondering…

If this so great, why haven’t you heard me mention it before?

And why haven’t I spoke of this secret on my many media appearances?

The #1 Reason I Haven’t Told
You about This Before

To put it bluntly, investing in Penny Gold companies is NOT an area for novices.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Penny Gold is my name for the junior gold and silver mining companies.

These are companies that literally trade for as little as pennies during the start of a gold bull market…

But could go up to 10x…20x…even 100x as gold marches higher.

In my recently published book The New Case for Gold, I had this to say:

Gold Stock Trader

The key word there is ‘unique.’

So, yes…the gains could be fantastic.

Even life changing.


If you don’t understand the unique characteristics of each mining play, you can just as easily lose your shirt.

Fact is, nothing is guaranteed, and you may not see gains as high as these.

That’s why the #1 reason I haven’t told you about this ‘Penny Gold’ opportunity before is because you simply MUST have an expert to help you navigate this field.

Someone that knows how to ‘kick rocks’ and judge the quality of ore deposits…

Someone who knows how to separate real opportunities from management’s tall tales…

Someone who knows exactly when to get in

And the precise moments to take your profits on Penny Gold opportunities.

That’s why I just made one of the BIGGEST decisions of my financial research career…

I’ve personally given the ‘green light’ on a $1 million dollar project…to make sure YOU have the best information on this potentially HUGE money-maker.

More on that in a moment…

First, so we’re clear, let me show you just how fast I believe your wealth could pile up…

Imaging Turning $10K into Over Three Hundred Grand…from Three Tiny Stocks…in Just 13 Months

Consider this extraordinary example…

On 6 August, 2015, a ‘Penny Gold’ company by the name of St. Barbara [SBM] was primed for big profits.

Shares traded for just 39.5 cents each on the ASX.

And by 22 March, 2016 — a little over six months latter — shares skyrocketed to $2.59 each.

Any initial stake took off…

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

Had you put $10,000 in this ‘Penny Gold’ play you would have been sitting on $65,570.

A gain of 555.7%.

For demonstration purposes only, let’s say you put all that money into another little-known ‘Penny Gold’ company named Evolution Mining [EVN] just 15 days later on 6 April, 2016...

By 11 July, 2016, just three months on, you could have doubled your money again.

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

Now you’d be sitting on $133,304.

A total gain of 1,233%.

Now let’s say you make one final perfectly timed move…

Had you put your money into a company by the name of Centaurus Metals Ltd [CTM] — trading for just 9 cents — you’d have made another 155.6% gain in short order.

That’s enough to turn your initial stake of $10,000 into a whopping landslide lump sum of over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. ($340,726 to be exact.)

Gold Stock Trader

That means just a 10.3% move in the price of physical gold metal itself…

Has turned into a total gain of 3,307.5% using three timed penny gold plays.

Three buys…

Three sells...

And a starting stake of just $10,000 could have turned into more than $300,000.

Of course, I’m not saying you should expect to do this.

It’s obviously an extreme example. But the example above is 100% genuine. These stock moves happened, all thanks to the gold window.

Now look. My resources analyst would NEVER recommend you roll 100% of any profit you make from one trade straight into another. This is just to paint the picture of the kind of opportunities that my analyst tells me are out there right now with ‘Penny Gold’ plays.

And that’s exactly why...

Gold Stock Trader

I’ve given the green light on $1 million to secure the services of a top resources analyst and fund this project.


You know I’m regularly on major media outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and others.

You know that my career as the world’s leading currency wars expert takes me all over the world...

London, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, France, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada…just to name a few destinations.

I’ve met many important people along the way…

Here’s me with Ben Bernanke...with Ron Paul, and at the Pentagon for a ‘closed door’ meeting…

Gold Stock Trader

And my work on gold has recently been featured in…

Gold Stock Trader

Gold Stock Trader

Gold Stock Trader

Gold Stock Trader

Gold Stock Trader

I’m not showing you this to brag…

But you simply MUST know that I’m well connected to some of the world’s most powerful people.

That means I could have had my pick of the litter to head up this new Penny Gold project.

But after years of searching…

Waiting for the perfect time for this gold window to open up…

I’ve finally found the right man for the job here in Australia.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s Australia’s most talented and pugnacious resource stock hunter.

And as of now, I’ve got his attention fully turned on the gold market specifically.

Now sure, he’s got a First Class Business and Accounting degree with honours from a well-respected university.

And yes, he’s got more than a decade of experience in the investment industry, investing in and picking small-cap resource stocks.

For instance…

  • He ‘earned his stripes’ at a boutique investment house run by ex-Goldman Sachs partners, preparing research for big institutional clients.
  • He’s designed and built financial models to identify opportunities specifically in ASX small-caps.
  • He’s on a first name basis with many of the ‘who’s-who’ in the mining industry.
  • He has regular contact and networks with several leading gold and silver analysts in Australia and around the world.

But I didn’t want just an academic and connected insider to head up this project.

After all, there are a lot of academics and insiders I’ve met that are TERRIBLE at making money.

Instead, I wanted someone who has both the academic background AND the investing acumen to find you the biggest winners in this new gold bull market…

So here’s the bottom line:

Gold Stock Trader

For the last three years my expert has devoted his working life to uncovering the opportunities in Australian resources sector.

But not for institutional clients…

For everyday private Aussie investors.

Let me give you a snapshot of what I mean.

Below a list of extensive feedback my man’s been getting from his followers of late:

Profit is approximately $16,000. Very happy with this.’


Nearly cleared twelve thousand.’


I tripled my money. You’re right when you say that a stock can go for a run even though the sector is crashing.’


I came away with $20k profit — by far my best trading in a stock for 15 years. I’m over the moon with your guidance.’


I bought in November. I sold today at a nice $8,000 profit in three months. This helps my losses held in my Blue Chip stocks.’


Great forecasting. I will continue to follow your recommendations.’


Sold today on your recommendation and made a net profit after expenses of $3,972.07. Very happy!!!!


I got in just under the buy-up-to price and sold out this morning at just over a $2,500 net profit. I have to say thank you.’


I purchased 8,000 shares in December 2015 @ $0.091 each and sold, at your recommendation, in August 2016 @ $0.23 each for a total return of $1,825. I'm happy with that!


Sold out of today. Entry was at 0.087 and Exit at 0.22. Thanks for the tip, I’m incredibly pleased with the result.’


I followed your ‘sell’ recommendation and sold out this morning. I’ve picked up $23,500.’


Made about 130% profit, so not complaining!! Thanks for your guidance.I am looking to invest again.’


I took your well-timed advice. I sold and banked a profit of $1,415.’


Thanks big time – I have never made so much easy money.’


Your advice was perfect: a handsomereturn of 242% thank you.’


I have taken your advice and sold my shares — and have been able to make a nice profit of 380%.


Total profit: $1,601.86. Total return: 184% I'm happy with this trade!


I made 228% gain on the initial $$’s invested. Thanks for the advice.’


I made just over 332% on this one…I have had good results since joining 7 months ago.’


Followed your timely advice. Made double my initial investment. Highly unusual for me.’


Thank you for the recommendation. I better than doubled my money. I think I may nickname you ‘Nostradamus’.


Sold first thing this morning. Sleeping with a smile on my face tonight!


I followed your advice and sold. I’m very happy with the 355% profit, and look forward to your next recommendation.’


I have to say thank you. I initially got in just under the buy-up-to price and sold out this morning at just over a $2,500 net profit.’


Got in just in time to pick up a handy 50% gain in one day. Thanks!


Great call. Got in at 1.1 and out at 4.1 — a tidy little 273% return.’


I am a very happy subscriber. Sold my shares at the open. Thank you and keep up the great work.’


Made about 130% profit, so not complaining!! Thanks for your guidance. I am looking to invest again in some good resource stocks at the right time.’


Have made over $10K. Great work on providing this recommendation as it’s not a company I would have likely come across without you. Has paid for my subscription for about the next 20 years.’


The thing is…this is just a mere sample of the emails he’s received from the investors heeding his stock picks.

Now I’m not saying he’ll hit the nail on the head and pick winners every single time. And of course past performance is never a reliable indicator of future results.

If anyone tells you otherwise or promises you 100% success, they’re full of it.

My point is the system my expert has in place for finding, analysing and recommending stocks within the mining sector is, in my view, second to none.

That’s why I wanted him involved.

I want his talents focussed squarely on this new gold window.

Because as I’ve been showing you, and as my resources analyst tells me, ‘“Penny Gold” plays have the power to rally much higher and much faster than the price of gold. So, there is plenty of opportunity to profit here.

Now here’s why that matters most to you…

You’ve seen what’s happening to the price of gold recently…

You know that I think it could go MUCH higher...

And I’ve shown you today that the gold window is open, right now.

So now I’m going to show you something that the world’s never seen before…

After earmarking $1 million dollars…

And over the course of hundreds of emails and phone conversations (and more than a little bit of persuasion on my part)…

I finally have an agreement that secures this man’s expertise and time over the coming years.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially locked him in as a member of my team.

Here’s the agreement…

Gold Stock Trader

As soon as the legal business was out of the way…

We got to work.

And if you know me, you know that I believe that having the RIGHT models and systems are the keys to success.

The reason the Federal Reserve often gets things completely wrong is that they’re working with the exact wrong models.

Change the model, change the outcome.

The right model…or system…is key to making the right move.

So here’s another world-first to share with you…

Together, my hand-picked expert and I have worked to develop a BRAND NEW, proprietary model to target these impressive penny gold moves…

Introducing: ‘The MIDAS System’
(Your chance at 24X, 34X, or even 192X gold)

It’s called the ‘MIDAS’ System.

And it could be your key to untold investment gains.

This proprietary system is the only place in the world that harnesses my years of experience as a global macro analyst…

Combined with my expert’s extensive experience of grilling the balance sheets of Penny Gold companies.

This system is a true breakthrough for potentially pulling MAXIMUM profits in MINIMUM time frames from ‘Penny Gold’ plays.

Here’s what it stands for…

M        Mining

I          Information to

D         Develop

A         Assets and

S         Secure Gold Production

Right now, our MIDAS system has locked onto three very distinct types of ‘Penny Gold’ plays…

Let me share each one of those with you now…

MIDAS ‘Penny Gold’ Target #1:
Gold Explorers

The first type of ‘Penny Gold’ that MIDAS has targeted are rock-hound companies exploring for gold or silver.

These are companies NOT YET producing.

In most cases they have no intention of actually pulling gold out of the ground.

But as my analyst explains, ‘they’re lottery tickets that could pay off bigtime as gold soars…

And MIDAS has locked on to three of these right now, including:

Gold Explorer #1:

‘This stock will either become a 10-bagger or be taken over…
it’s that simple’

Here’s what my expert said to me about this first opportunity…

To state the least, it’s been an exhausting — yet worthwhile — journey. Following many sleepless nights, and analysing about 75 penny gold stocks, I’ve finally built a top three watch-list. While each stock offers something very special, this gold hound is in a league of its own.’

This is why this stock is our ‘#1’ gold stock pick.

It’s a Western Australian start-up that’s exploring for gold in what surely is the hottest location in the world. And to get the job done, it’s partnered up with one of the world’s largest and oldest gold companies.

In my experts’ view, this explorer ‘will either become a 10-bagger or be taken over in the next two years. It’s really that simple.’

Let me, briefly, explain why.

Right now they have two exploration projects on the go, practically next door to three monster gold-producing mines.

Collectively these mines have produced a total of 3.46 million ounces of gold over the last 50 years, and they have many more in reserve.

That’s why the surrounding deposits are a very big deal. The underground geology is identical to their gold-rich neighbours.

Now here’s the thing…

The world’s largest gold companies only explore for and develop one million ounce plus deposits. And according to my analyst, our pick’s gold projects are located in the perfect position to have a chance of becoming a success.

One of the projects, for example, boasts a historically proven gold resource containing no less than 340,345 ounces. And this could be just the start of an absolutely huge discovery.

You see, unlike other penny stocks that want to drill straight away, this company — with the backing of its major partner — are doing groundwork. They want to get it right and define the best possible drill targets.

Of course, that doesn’t excite the market. The market is impatient and wants results today, not tomorrow.

But their loss could be your gain.

It means you have time to take a position while this ‘gold hound’ is selling for less than half a cent.

When it starts drilling early next year, the market should wake up.

My expert’s point is, there’s potentially huge money to be made at this level. In fact, this stock may not even exist in a couple of years’ time — he says it could be absorbed into a much bigger gold company.  

Bottom line: my analyst says now’s the perfect time to get in on this explorer before the value of its shares potentially skyrocket.

Gold Explorer #2:

When drilling starts, you could be looking at anywhere between 100% and 1,000% gains

This one’s a very exciting story…

The company’s found plenty of high grade gold.

Yet, despite this fact, the share price has stayed virtually flat for three years.

The question is: WHY?

And why does my expert believe its fortunes could be about to change?

I’ll tell you.

Up to this point, this company’s high-grade gold finds have been inconsistent. In fact, they’ve actually found more low-grade gold.

As a result, the market has simply written it off.

In my expert’s view, that could be a big mistake on their part.

See, their story has just entered a new phase, which he says makes it the PERFECT time to have a punt.

A company’s management team in this business is absolutely key. And they’ve just implemented a brand new geological strategy which looks the goods.

So good,’ says my expert, he believes ‘that this company could make anywhere between 100% and 1,000% gains in the next few years.’

Though I will say right up front: although this stock is a relatively liquid mining stock on the ASX…it is a ‘microcap’.

As such, my analyst warns that it is a risky play.

You are essentially betting on the results of the next drilling program in the coming weeks being a success.

If they are not, my analyst warns of the potential to lose on these punts.

BUT he says that, if you understand that fact and are willing to put a small portion of your capital on the line in anticipation of those results being great…

Well, it’s a cliché…but he says the sky could be the limit.

That means, if you want to stake a small claim before drilling starts, and their stock value potentially soars...

You need get all the information on this story from my resources analyst, ASAP.

Gold Explorer #3:

Potentially 2km of
‘bonanza gold’ — BUY NOW

I won’t beat around the bush.

My expert says your third explorer is an absolute bargain right now.

He believes the share price should be trading at least double what it is today.

This company is hunting an elephant-sized gold deposit in Africa. It’s already found huge amounts of high-grade gold, and has one of the world’s most respected institutional resource funds on its register.

This is another potential ‘10-bagger’.

Again, that means if you’re willing to part with $5,000 on this stock…and you’re happy to risk this amount…you could be looking at $50,000 in clear investment account gains if all goes to plan.

Now take a look a look at this:

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Company Website

Ignore all the writing on the right. I want you to focus on the white lettering on the left: the ‘2km long gold-in-soil anomaly’.

That’s the strike that extends north to south. As my expert explains:

The picture shows a bunch of black dotted lines (each dot equals one drill hole), which extend west to east.

The company drilled eight of these ‘drilling lines’ along the strike. Six drilling lines are separated by 320 metres in a north to south direction.

Three of the six drilling lines hit ‘gold mineralisation’. Adding it up, the gold mineralisation appears to be at least 640 metres in length — and open from north to south at depth.’

The exciting thing is, they’ve barely started drilling and they’re already seeing results of what my expert calls ‘bonanza grade gold’. What’s more, the drilling they have done has been extremely shallow.

There are no promises, but the fact we’re seeing ‘bonanza gold’ at shallow levels is very exciting indeed.

Tonnes of thick, rich gold seams could be buried at depth.

The bottom line is: this a true ‘Penny Gold’ explorer.

This, and the previous two opportunities, are very high risk.

But boy, as my expert says, ‘if they come off they could make absolute fortunes.

Then there’s…

MIDAS ‘Penny Gold’ Target #2:
Gold Miners & Producers

The next things MIDAS targets are miners and producers.

These are companies that are either close to, or producing gold.

They either have plenty of cash to fund their ongoing operations…or good cash-flow coming from gold production.

They are more liquid than the three punts above, which means they are less risky too, and a perfect hedge against the lottery ticket explorers.

As production ramps up, alongside the price of gold, you could be looking at a hefty one-two punch of profits.

The MIDAS system has identified TWO companies that have already found WORLD CLASS assets, but they’re in the early stages of getting the gold and silver out of the ground.

Here are the details...

Gold Producer #1:

‘High-grade gold at extremely
shallow depth’

Our first ‘must-buy’ stock is exploring one of the world’s richest locations for gold.

The good news is: it’s already hit the jackpot.

In the first quarter of this year they hit extremely high-grade gold, and at a very shallow depth.

As a result, the company’s share price went parabolic. Take a look:

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Commsec

The share has now pulled back a bit. And according to my expert, this gives you a great entry point to get in.

Right now the company is drilling other shallow targets around the initial deposit.

So far, the results have been very promising — many holes ended in gold mineralisation.

This is a great indication that even higher-grade gold could be found at depth.

This company’s financial position is great, and with heaps of drilling and news coming up this stock’s task is simple: prove that more ‘bonanza gold’ exists, and my expert believes the share price could go bonkers.

The company has just started drilling, and it’s already discovered plenty of ultra-high grade gold. It’s likely it’ll find even more in the months ahead.

That’s why my expert has made this one of the foundation stocks in his recommended portfolio.

Gold Producer #2:

Partnering with one of the world’s
largest gold giants

This is what my expert calls a ‘real solid explorer’.

Like the previous gold explorer, this company has already found a lot of gold. That makes it an established explorer.

The more high-grade gold the company finds, the higher its share price should go.

The story is that simple.

And that’s why this stock isn’t only on my expert’s radar. One of the world’s largest gold producers has been lurking in its shadows.

This multibillion dollar gold giant has teamed up with my expert’s pick to find more high-grade gold. They are currently working on a project in one of Australia’s most iconic gold fields.

This is a field that’s already produced more than 5.5 million tonnes of gold and 470,000 tonnes of copper from a number of deposits.

The chance they’ll find gold is, in my expert’s view, ‘extremely likely’. That’s why, if my expert is correct, this stock’s days may be numbered on the ASX.

Its partner could acquire the company, especially if the gold price hits my $10,000 per ounce target.

If my expert is right, he says you’ll want to own this stock.

And last but no means least...

MIDAS ‘Penny Gold’ Target #3:
Gold Cash-Boxes

Finally, MIDAS has targeted an incredible ‘Penny Gold Cash Box’.

In other words, A HUGE income payer.

I know, it sounds strange.

I mean, you always hear from value investors like Warren Buffet and Jeremy Grantham that there’s ‘no yield’ from gold.

That may be true with gold bullion, though income is not its purpose. A 10% gold bullion allocation is for insurance. If the stock market goes to new all-time highs, and gold goes nowhere, that 10% allocation won’t hurt you. But if the markets collapse and the price of gold skyrockets, which I DO expect, that 10% allocation should increase by multiples.

That said, there IS an extraordinary way you could get paid, potentially, TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars from the coming gold boom.

And no, I’m not talking about dividends from owning big mining stocks.

I mean something far more exciting and potentially lucrative than that.

I’m talking about what my expert calls…

 ‘Nevada Royalties’

Let me give you the background.

In short, it’s an extremely unique situation originally stemming from the US state of Nevada that allows ordinary investors to own royalty interests in the biggest and most productive mining operations.

Again: this has nothing to do with investing in ordinary gold mining companies. In fact, as my expert says, it could be lower risk than investing directly in mining stocks because your risk is spread. And, as I’ll show you, it could be a heck of a lot more profitable.

You see, the practice of allowing ordinary investors to own royalty stakes in lucrative mines dates back more than 160 years in Nevada.

Back then, individual investors could buy royalty stakes in gold and silver-filled land. They then received royalties as the precious metals were produced.

It was probably the most straightforward way in to get rich at the time.

America’s richest families used this secret to help grow and protect their wealth, including...

  • The Ralston Family (founders of the Bank of California)
  • Alvinza Hayward (California's first millionaire)
  • The Hearst Family (heirs to the famous newspaper empire)

In fact — and most people don’t know this — Abraham Lincoln even financed the Civil War, in large part, with the riches from Nevada’s gold and silver mines!

But then things changed…

As big mining companies took over the industry, the practice of extending royalties to ordinary investors ended.

For most of the last 50 years, the only practical way to make money on lucrative mines has been to directly buy mining company stocks.

But that all changed in 1990, when Stanley Dempsey — a geologist and lawyer from Nevada — came up with a way for private investors to once again collect huge mining royalties, without taking the risks associated with direct purchases of ordinary mining stocks.

What he did was finance gold miner’s operations, and in return earn a percentage — or ‘royalty’ — from the mines’ revenue.

Since then a number of these ‘gold royalty’ companies have sprung up.

As my expert points out, the advantage of them is they tend to have lower financial risk. That’s because they don’t have the high costs that mine operators have.

Of course, not every ‘gold royalty’ company is great to own. When you’re financing gold operations you need to make sure you’re backing the right ones. And that depends on the people running it.

Well, my expert believes he’s found the best management team in the ‘gold royalty’ business, and could pay you handsomely.

Here’s what he told me:

Jim, take a look at this chart:

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

Compared with gold bullion or gold ETF, this ‘gold royalty’ company is a vastly superior vehicle. While the gold price is down about 20% from its September 2011 all-time high of US$1,920 per ounce, this company’s share price has surged 105%.

Despite gold hitting an all-time high, many gold mining companies were poorly managed and expanded too aggressively during the 2010-11 period. After sinking billions of dollars into exploration and mine development, most delivered disappointing returns.

But…although gold miners underperformed during 2010-11, this company surged roughly 400%. Today, the share price is up 200% from the 2013 low of US$34.59 per share.

I strongly believe this is the best company in the world today. And that’s not just in the gold sector either.

His point is, in the event of a global debt and liquidity crisis, noting the strength of its balance sheet, this ‘gold royalty’ firm should not only survive…but potentially INCREASE in value during times of turmoil.

It pays an incredible 9% dividend (that’s your cut of the royalties, PLUS any potential capital growth in the stock price).

For this reason, my man expects a lot more capital to flow into this company’s direction in the years ahead.

And if gold heads to my forecast of US$10,000 per ounce, despite its size, he believes this stock could grow multiples from where it trades today. 

The upshot is, all up you’re looking at exactly six ‘Penny Gold’ plays my expert says you should act on right now.

But here’s the thing…

Most research firms would promise you a special report that contains all of these names...

Then they’d deliver that report to you…

And then simply forget about you — leaving you on your own to pick and choose from their report.

That’s NOT what I’m going to do for you.

Instead, I’m going to help you in a much deeper, better way.

To explain how I’m going to help, let me first cover the problem…

Going above and beyond any
service you’ve seen before

Fact is, when it comes to building substantial wealth, my expert says what’s even more important than the stocks you pick, is how you allocate them.

It’s widely agreed that asset allocation is the largest determinant of long-term investment performance, much more so than picking stocks.’

Craig B., Executive VP of Portfolio
Management, Personal Capital

That’s why I’ve gone a step further…

And worked with my expert to create the world’s first ‘Penny Gold Portfolio.’

This model portfolio answers the most important question in building wealth with Penny Gold…

It recommends WHAT TO BUY (right now the Penny Gold Portfolio contains six hand-selected picks from my expert using the MIDAS system.)

It goes way beyond a typical special report…

And helps you with exact ‘Penny Gold’ recommendations.

Whether you have an account worth $10,000 or $100,000 to dedicate to this kind of investing, getting started with ‘Penny Gold’ is straightforward with this portfolio.

There’s no guessing.

And there’s no confusion.

It’s a comprehensive plan from start to finish.

Again, it’s called The ‘Penny Gold’ Portfolio: How To Make Potentially Life-changing Wealth as Gold Goes to $10,000!

And I’d like to get you started immediately — including all six of the recommended plays.

I’ll show you exactly how to get your name on my ‘allocated’ list right now.

Only the Top 2% allowed

If you’re ready for a shot to grab impressive, life-changing gold gains — in as little as a matter of weeks or months — then buckle up.

It sounds like you’ve officially got what it takes to make ‘Penny Gold’ riches.

And I want to get you started with the first ‘special gold briefing’ immediately.

Gold Stock Trader

But I must warn you…

Your opportunity to find out how to cash in on ‘Penny Gold’ today is extremely limited.

Here’s why…

I’m allowing 2% of our paid readership today to join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

As I’ve told you, ‘Penny Gold’ plays are very small.

They trade for mere pennies per share in most cases.

If thousands of readers were to buy in all the same time, the buying pressure would artificially shoot the stock higher…ruining the opportunity for everyone.

To reduce the chance of this happening, I’m allowing just 2% of Port Phillip Publishing’s loyal readership base inside this brand-new research project today.

It’s called...

Gold Stock Trader

It could be YOUR key to turning ‘Penny Gold’ opportunities into potential life-changing fortunes.

As long as you’re one of the first to respond today, you’ll receive full access to The ‘Penny Gold’ Portfolio…

Giving you all six stocks that my expert vetted with our MIDAS system.

The portfolio will show you exactly which ‘Penny Gold stocks to buy.

But that’s not all you’ll get with your Charter Membership…

Jim Rickards’ Gold Trader is your front row seat to the action in gold and ‘Penny Gold’ plays. But, it’s also your forward-looking source for all-things gold...

Leveraging the power of the MIDAS system, my top analyst and I will be laser-focused on showing you how to turn gold’s next move higher into substantial profits.

You’ll also get monthly coverage on our best picks. Each month — as gold marches towards $10,000 or more — we’ll send you research on another ‘Penny Gold’ pick.

Every case is unique of course…

That’s why my analyst and I are making this three-promise pledge to you…

Gold Stock Trader

Bottom line, I want to show you how serious I am about this opportunity by rolling out the golden carpet here.

So how much does access to the new Gold Stock Trader service cost?

Well, I’ll tell you right now, it’s not cheap.

After all, my publisher and I had to commit up to $1 million to this project just to secure this expert’s time over the next few years…

And we’ve purposely priced membership high to ensure that only the most serious readers claim access to these penny gold plays.

As such, an annual subscription to Rickards’ Gold Stock Trader will be $2,499.

If that sounds a lot…that’s because it is.

I make no apologies!

That’s what it costs to get a global insiders perspective on the opportunities in the gold market…and specific recommendations on how to profit from them.

As far as I know NO ONE else in the world is doing this kind of research into gold in such depth…or has access to the kinds contacts I am privy to. That’s anywhere in the world — let alone Australia.

And remember, I’ve hired an expert in the mining field to work for you, hunting down specific ideas to leverage the moves in physical gold, week in week out…

Now, bankrolling a team like that does not come cheap.

So if $2,499 for one year sounds like too much money, I can tell you right now: this research is probably not right for you.

However, there is some good news…

Special ‘Charter Price’
IF you act NOW

Because this is the launch of an entirely new and exciting investment service specifically for the opening of the new gold window…my publisher and I would like to extend you a great offer for the first year of membership.

In fact, you can get 40% off the official full publisher’s price if you reply to this invitation right now.

That means you can become one of the very first members of Rickards’ Gold Stock Trader for just $1,499.

Believe me — we likely won’t offer this low price ever again.

But I’m willing to offer it now because I believe in the coming months we’re going to see the start of an absolutely incredible and parabolic bull market in gold.

What’s more, you get the next 30 days to review everything we send you with absolutely no obligation.

That means if, for whatever reason, you want to cancel your subscription in the first month of signing up, no problem. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

My point is, there’s reason for you to risk anything by stepping inside.

The fourth ‘Gold Window’ in nearly 50 years is now open.

You’ve already seen some of the gains certain companies made in the last window:

2,087% on Sands Mines

2,400% on Wharf Resources

3,858% on Hercon Resources

1,450% on High River Gold

4,150% on Ryan Gold Corp

4,207% on International Taurus Resources

4,194% on Seabridge Gold

5,900% on Aquiline Resources

32,933% on NovaGold

5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources

8,500% on Trelawney Mining

These are the kind of investments my expert is devoted to hunting down in the months to come in Rickards’ Gold Stock Trader.

If gold prices move even just a fraction of the amount we believe they will, an investment in any one of my expert’s six recommendations could easily pay for the cost of this service...100 times over.

So now it’s down to you.

As a charter member you get a big discount on membership.

You get to be one of the 2% to come on board.

So if even if you’re remotely interested, now’s the time to get in.


(Review your offer before it’s final)

Or, before you do, let me try to anticipate a few questions you may be wondering about…and give you some answers.

Question #1
Is NOW Really the Time
to Buy Penny Gold?

Answer #1:
Yes. And There Are TWO Reasons
Why Now’s the Time to Act

The first is called ‘retracement.’

This topic is so important that I actually made certain that it was a late addition to my book, The New Case for Gold.

I learned about retracement from legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers at a meeting in the Dominican Republic.

See, for a commodity like gold to go from a low base to a super-spike ($10,000) it’s only natural that it incurs a standard pull-back. Technical analysts call this retracement.

And the holy grail of retracement is a 50% retracement.

This is what we just encountered in gold.

Gold went from around $200 in the mid-90s to close to $1,900…

And when gold recently bottomed at $1,050, it was a classic 50% retracement.

Today the price of gold is marching higher. Truly, we could be watching the penultimate step to $10,000 per ounce gold.

That’s why I’m so excited about the timing of this presentation.

But there’s also a more urgent reason. And it’s something my expert showed me…

Take a look at this chart…

Gold Stock Trader
Source: Bloomberg

You’re looking at two lines.

The top ‘gold’ line represents the physical supply of gold at the COMEX warehouse (this is where gold is stored for the commodities market.)

As you can see the amount of gold stored has dropped considerably in the past 12 months.

But more important is the black line. See that super spike to the right-hand side of the chart?

That’s the ‘owners per ounce’ of gold. Right now there are over 500 owners for each ounce of gold stored at the COMEX warehouse.

Gold Stock Trader

During a recent interview with Fortune, I talked about the physical gold market being leveraged 100 to 1….

We’ll, it’s even worse than I could have imagined.

The commodities exchange is leveraged over 500/1. That means if 500 folks show up at the COMEX to collect their physical gold, 499 of them will walk away with nothing.

Gold Stock Trader

Yes. This is exactly why you want to hold physical gold.

But, it’s also impressive proof that gold’s super-spike may be closer than anyone could imagine.

Physical gold is running out at a time when I believe investors are going to need it most.

And right now, based on my analyst’s advice, you can play this pending price spike for the opportunity for MASSIVE gains — like the extraordinary examples I’ve showed you of 4,194%...4,207%...5,900%...or even LIFE-CHANGING gains of 8,500% and 32,933% — all by using the ‘Penny Gold’ opportunities my analyst has prepared for you.

Question #2
What Happens if the Economy
Tanks Again?

Answer #2:
The Smart Crowd ALWAYS
Makes Money

Listen, there’s an important connection you need to make here…

Frankly, it’s so important I JUST wrote about it in The New Case for Gold

You see, monetary collapses don’t mean the end of the world.

That’s something most ‘gloom and doom’ folks just don’t understand.

So while ‘preppers’ and folks building doomsday bunkers may think they know where society is headed, I see it a different way.

Today’s international monetary system is largely based on the US dollar. And yes, a new collapse could be triggered by a loss of confidence in the dollar and its role as a store of value.

But, here’s what most people DON’T know…

Based on the monetary history of the past century, collapses have NOT meant the end of the world. People don’t go into caves or start eating canned goods.

Instead, monetary collapses meant that the major financial and trading powers of the time sat down around the table and rewrote the rules of the game.

That’s VERY important for you and I today.

Yes, I advocate holding gold as a store of value.

But right now, before the ‘rules of the game’ change (when we could see $10,000 gold) we have what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a MASSIVE six or seven digit fortune over the long term.

Simply put, when the rules of the game change, ‘Penny Gold’ plays could make you astonishing wealth.

Question #3
Why Not Just Invest in Physical
Gold. Isn’t That Enough?

Answer #3:
As I told Fox Business earlier this year,
there’s a difference between making
money and preserving wealth

Gold Stock Trader

In an economic collapse, gold could be the best way to preserve your wealth.

So there’s no replacement for holding physical gold.

Gold is money.

End of story.


The profit potential of gold isn’t going to make you a life-changing amount of money.

According to my analyst, the HANDS DOWN best way to make money in the gold market today — with the ‘golden window’ open — is with the profit potential of ‘Penny Gold.’

Question #4
Why Don’t I Hear Anyone Else
Talking About This Huge Story?

Answer #4:
If you’re not the first, you’re last.

By the time a story hits the nightly news it’s too late.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing with gold today.

Think of it this way…

Let’s consider this $10,000 gold story like a tightly corked up like a bottle of champagne.

Today, with the ‘golden window’ open, the cork just got popped…

Now, for a second think about a tower of champagne glasses. All stacked in a pyramid formation — with one single glass on top.

At first, this gold story will only flow to a very small group of folks at the top.

Then, over time, as the story unfolds the champagne cascades lower and lower, more people will learn about this opportunity.

At some point, even the glasses at the BOTTOM of the tower are filled.

Right now, I’m certain we’re at the tip-top of the champagne tower.

That could be great news for you!

You don’t hear anyone talking about ‘Currency Wars’ that could lead to a destruction of the world monetary system on 60 Minutes, do you?

Instead, they’re busy covering the next elections between Hillary or Trump, or Shorten and Turnbull…

Meanwhile, you won’t hear anything on the nightly coverage about the destructive power that NEGATIVE interest rates will have on the rest of the world.

But trust me, in my view, it’s coming.

Gold Stock Trader

That’s the power of ‘Penny Gold’.

And to get started in the best ‘Penny Gold’ companies selected by my hand-picked analyst right now, all you need to do is...

Tell Me Where to Send Your Reports

Now you can see that I’ve pulled out all of the stops to get you onboard with RickardsGold Trader.

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But as I’ve been showing you…

I want to make sure I’m only getting readers that are serious about finding out how to turn gold’s next move into a potential lifetime of ‘Penny Gold’ wealth.

I think you’re one of them.

But here’s one final way to tell if this is right for you…

Simply take the 30-day trial I’ve set up for you.

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And it’s your turn to capitalise on a lifetime of ‘Penny Gold’ wealth…

Remember, you’ll get:

  • Instant access to my analyst’s Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio model — including what to buy and what quantities to buy.
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AND the most important part…

Right now we could be staring at a mother lode of money, as gold makes its ultimate move towards $10,000 and beyond.

And I want you to be right there alongside us for the ride.

But, with the central bankers around the world ready to make a move at any moment, there’s no time to waste…

Click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button below to get started. You’ll be able to confirm everything on the next page, before entering in your shipping details.


Jim Rickards Signature

Jim Rickards,
September 2016


(Review your offer before it’s final)

PS: You’re still Here? Let me make this EVEN easier…

Right now you’ve got THREE choices sitting in front of you…

First, you can take all of the information I’ve shared today — along with all of
the cold hard facts about gold I’ve written elsewhere, and you can do NOTHING about it.

That’s a dangerous choice, considering the fact that, if we see a monetary collapse or an extreme weakening of the US dollar or indeed the AUD, the bank accounts and retirement funds of many Aussies could be wiped out.

Second, you could take action and buy physical gold.

As you know I stand by my call to buy physical gold.

After all, gold is money.

And when the world powers re-engineer the ‘rules of the game’ the folks holding gold stand the best chance to preserve their wealth.

Or third…

You can take all of the knowledge that I’ve given you today about the coming price spike in gold and the power of ‘Penny Gold’ plays, and you can take me up on my discounted ‘Charter Membership’ offer.

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