Starting now: The biggest wealth-creating opportunity in human history


Has Begun!

Five ‘Great Revolutions’ have defined our existence: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution.

Today, the SIXTH REVOLUTION in human progress is here — and it’s about to transform your life, your future, and your fortunes…

As you’re about to see, potential gains of 500% and right up to 6,453% could be on the table from the pioneers making it possible


Dear Reader,

You are living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history.

A time where true artificial intelligence changes and enhances the way we socialise, travel and work…

Where ‘incurable’ diseases will be eradicated, old age conquered, and where even death will become a choice…

Where scarcity and famine disappear forever…where energy is clean, abundant and free…

And where human beings finally take to the stars and really begin to explore and settle across our solar system.

Over the next 10 minutes, I’m going to take you into a world most people don’t see coming.

A world that proves today…far from being a time to be fearful…is actually an amazing time to be alive.

This new era will also herald the greatest creation of wealth in human history

That’s right. Embedded in the coming new wave of technological innovation is an opportunity.

A HUGE one.

It will give birth to a new wave of companies that will make billions.

And for those who invest in those companies EARLY…there is the rare chance to make a fortune.

Move quickly on what I’m about to show you and I believe you could wind up six times richer than you are now over the next few years — or even months.

Sam Volkering

In the paragraphs that follow, I’ll show you how.

My name is Sam Volkering.

Yes, I’m an investment analyst.

But that’s where the similarity to my peers comes to an abrupt and distinct end.

Two years ago, I moved to London to be closer to the entrepreneurs, innovators and companies shaping the latest trends in technology.

From there, I’ve travelled far and wide, searching for new technologies on the cusp of changing the world.

I’ve been to banking technology conferences in Singapore and Dubai. 3D printing shows in Madrid. The world’s biggest tech meet-up in Las Vegas. Hacking symposiums in Amsterdam. Internet expos in Paris, Hannover and, of course, London.

It’s been a hell of a journey.

This letter to you today is the culmination of over four years of investigation.

And it could mark the start of a turning point in your life — in terms of your health…in the way you live…do business…travel and communicate…and how you grow wealth.

Right now the readers following my recommendations and findings are already sitting on gains such as 295%...205%...168%...and 500%.

I believe this only is the start…and I’ll explain more as we go.

For now, just look at how quickly our world is transforming around us…

You’re reading this on a device that didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

When you go for a drive, your car tells you where to go.

To stay in touch with friends, you send electronic messages through the air. Your phone even predicts what you want to say to them.

My point is this: Entire new industries and technologies — unheard of even a decade ago — are now regular parts of our lives.

And the companies that pioneered these industries have accumulated wealth at an astonishing rate.

From household names like Google, Amazon and Microsoft…to less familiar names like NetEase and Sohu…these companies came from nowhere with new technologies…technologies which have improved our lives…and have made many billions not only for these companies, but for those foresighted people who invested in them as well.

It’s hard to keep up with new developments — let alone understand their implications.

But, if you think things are changing fast now, you haven’t seen anything yet!

As inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil notes:

Because of the explosive nature of exponential growth, the 21st Century will be equivalent to twenty thousand years of progress at today’s rate of progress; about one thousand times greater than the twentieth century.

Most people don’t fully appreciate the rapid change technology makes on their life…or the speed at which this change occurs.

For example, the following are the five ‘Great Ages’ of human progress (and their approximate duration):

  • Stone Age — 3.4 million years
  • Bronze Age — 2,500 years
  • Iron Age — 500 years
  • Industrial Revolution — 80 years
  • Digital Revolution — 20 years

You’ll notice the length of each ‘age’ diminishes as technology improves.

The computer industry called this trend ‘Moore’s Law’. It dictated that computer processing power doubled every 18 months.

In other words, creating more powerful computers leads to even more powerful computers!

It’s exactly the same with other technologies and industries.

Only now, technological change is happening even faster.    

The pace of technological change and innovation has gone EXPONENTIAL.

And it’s this ‘virtuous circle’ — which began slowly long ago — that’s leading us to the NEXT Great Age…

The most important, exciting and potential-filled revolution the world has ever seen.

For thousands of years, humans were passive observers of nature.

We could only watch in wonder and fear at the comets, lightning bolts, volcanic eruptions and plagues.

All these things were beyond our comprehension.

Today, we’re more like the choreographers of nature, able to tweak its laws here and there.

But in the coming years, we will make the transition to being the MASTERS of nature.

I call this transition the
‘Sixth Revolution’

Cars driving themselves...

Terminal diseases on the cusp of extinction…

Improving and perfecting the design of the human body…

Machines becoming intelligent enough to perform tasks most humans can’t, or simply don’t want to, do…

Clean fuels that will run our homes and business and transport networks with less waste…more efficiency…and less cost. In fact, it could even be FREE. 

The tech explosion that took place just before the turn of the millennium is the only time in history that draws parallels to where we stand today.

That was the fifth life-improving tech revolution — the digital revolution.

Pioneering companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Norton took the groundswell of desire from society to make things quicker, cheaper, faster and safer.  

It was a period that saw computers, mobile phones and the internet redefine the way we live, work and communicate.

And create vast wealth for those smart enough to recognise and invest in these trends.

The first wave of this tech revolution spurred life-altering returns:

GOOGLE — 1,414% gains in just over a decade:

Source: Bloomberg

IBM — 1,063% gains in the same timeframe:

Source: Bloomberg

AMAZON — 31,782% gains since 1997:

Source: Bloomberg

APPLE — 8,496% gains since 1998:

Source: Bloomberg

ADOBE — 3,033% gains since 1998:

Source: Bloomberg

Just look at that growth.

It’s crazy.

And it’s about to get crazier.

Sam Volkering

This is why I stood up on stage at our recent conference in Port Douglas and squarely told the audience that you’d be INSANE not to have exposure to these trends.

The Sixth Revolution is the next phase of this growth.


And the companies pioneering it will experience moves like those mentioned above, but bigger…more prevalent…more frequent…and, crucially, in LESS TIME.

Take a look at this graph and you’ll see what I mean:

Source: US Census; Wall Street Journal

Now consider…

It took the printing press 400 years to reach a wide audience.

It took nearly 50 years for electricity to catch on.

It took Facebook just five years by comparison.

Yet it took just three years for smartphones to become popular.

And that’s my point: innovation is getting faster.

The rate at which people understand, embrace and buy technology is accelerating. 

This is a tech mania tipping point.

And it involves everything.

Computers…nanotechnology…artificial intelligence…and quantum theory.

All these disciplines are now converging.

Author Frans Johansson calls this the ‘Medici Effect’.

It’s when different fields of science, nature and research INTERSECT and COMBINE to create extraordinary new ideas and innovations.

That’s what is happening as I write…

And this is why it’s time to sit up
and take note RIGHT NOW

It takes some people a while to adjust to new trends.

Those people tend to miss the boat.

I’m hoping you’re not one of them.

Because, when you connect the dots, it’s so easy to see where we’re heading.

Still, many people I speak to about this massive shift are resistant to it.

They don’t want to accept that it’s a dead certainty.

They can’t see the future coming at them, even though it’s right there in plain sight!

But if you’re savvy enough to understand how the progress of technology works…then you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest now at the ground floor…

an opening that gets your foot in the door of the biggest technological advancements since the PC revolution.

Now, over the coming pages I’m going to tell you about SIX INVESTMENT PLAYS that are central to the Sixth Revolution in how we live, work, communicate and mobilise around the world.

Imagine if you’d invested in Apple, Microsoft or Cisco back in the late ‘80s…

You’d be pretty happy right now…though you would’ve needed to be more patient than you would today, because technology simply didn’t move as fast back then.


I believe the six plays I’ll tell you about today could return anywhere from 500% to over 6,000% and in a FRACTION of the time

Perhaps in the next 12–18 months.

Perhaps in the next six.

To be honest, there’s no way of really knowing.

Likewise, there’s NO LIMIT on how high these companies could run if the revolutionary mega-trend they’re riding grabs hold to the extent that I expect it will.

The question you should really be asking is: Am I ready to invest in one of the most exciting world-changing trends of the 21st century?

Or will you ignore the truth in front of you and potentially miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity?

Because I’m telling you now…

The ground is being laid for the biggest technological leap forward since the birth of the computer.

The SIXTH technological revolution of humankind will be even more exciting than anything that’s come before.

And — if you follow my lead — it could potentially make you more money than you ever thought possible.

As I’ve said, this next phase stands to change the way we live, work, communicate, travel…and even think.

So let me show you the waves of opportunity coming out of it in a little more detail...

Sixth Revolution Wave #1

Man and Mobility

Fossil fuels changed the world, spawning the motor car, railroads and commercial airflight. But this new development will DWARF them all, minting a new class of millionaire in the process. In fact, it’s ALREADY BEGUN.


I’m telling you about this one first because it’s the most urgent, imminent and INVESTABLE opportunity coming from the Sixth Revolution.

Just like investing in the great railroads of the 1850s, as they spread like vines across the expansive Great Plains in the US…

Just like investing in Ford Motor Company, as the first Model T’s rolled off the factory floor…

And just as revolutionary as the dawn of commercial airflight, that opened the world up to travel, globalisation and new trade.

I’m not exaggerating.

I’m talking about a new era of global and local mobility…how we travel around the world…how we work…and how we interact socially and manage time.

It will impact public transport, infrastructure spending, and government budgets.

It will require connected cities, mesh networks, complete high-speed wireless communication, and power.

It literally has the potential to change the face of society as we know it.

And the opportunities are endless.

To see the first manifestation of this coming sea-change, you need look no further than the revolution taking place right now in the auto industry with self-driving cars.

As Thomas Dauner at Boston Consulting said:

The next decades, after 125 years of driving yourself, will be ones that will change the auto industry to an extent it hasn’t been changed in 100 years. It will be radical.

Now, you might be sceptical about the prospect of ‘robot cars’ whistling along the highway…or auto-planes flying you to your business meetings and family holidays across the world.

But, whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

And there is no turning back the tide.

The beginnings of it are here…

  • In 2016, the US government has invested $4 billion into driverless car tech…
  • Market leader Google has put in $1 billion…
  • GM is investing $500 million…
  • Ford has committed $4.5 billion to its own driverless models…
  • Volvo, Microsoft, BMW, Audi and Honda have invested billions more…
  • Volkswagen has even launched a brand new company dedicated to autonomous mobility. I was there in person for the launch!

The market itself is expected to be worth over $900 billion by 2025.

With this much investment flooding in…and with these major players battling it out to become the dominant force…

This is a good old fashioned land grab!

These giants are desperate to claim as big a slice of the driverless car ‘money mountain’ as they can.

I expect this wealth explosion to rival that of the early years of the motor car…when speculative investments on a market leader like Ford could have multiplied your money 20 times over.  

Imagine the gains when an entirely new industry explodes into life…  

Big business is igniting this
$900 billion ‘mobility revolution’

For years now, companies like Volvo and Caterpillar have used driverless trucks at mines all over the world.

There’s a simple reason why: It’s cheaper — and can be safer — than hiring drivers.

Big business will take any opportunity it gets to reduce costs.

As long as man has sold things, the act of selling has been dependent upon the transportation of goods.

Whether you’re talking about ox-driven carts of food, caravans of merchant goods across the desert, or truckloads of cheap goods from China…nothing is sold unless it can move from point A to point B.

Starting in 2017, the very nature of how things make that move from point A to point B is starting to change forever.

And that could change the retail industry as much as it did the creation of the Roman merchant fleet, the opening of the transcontinental railroad, or the birth of the modern highway.

Think of all the ways that driverless vehicles will improve the world of retail and business:

  • Logistics: While a parent of small children may not want to send their darlings off in a robot car to school…your local clothing store or meat packer has no such qualms. The decision will be based purely on costs; and, without a driver, they could save business-changing amounts of money.

    Transport companies like DHL and FedEx are always struggling for skilled drivers. Driverless tech could solve that problem immediately.
  • Home deliveries: While there’s a lot of buzz in the press about plans for drones to start delivering DVDs and pizzas to your doorstep…the legislation to make that a reality is years away. Enter the driverless delivery car…there are reports that Google hopes to use driverless cars to trump Amazon’s same-day delivery service.

    Uber has already launched a food delivery service, and is testing robot delivery vehicles in Pittsburgh. And Dominos in Queensland is already trialling an autonomous delivery vehicle to deliver pizzas.
  • Customer service: Forget loyalty cards…what if your favourite store picked you up from your home in a driverless car and dropped you off at the shop? Driverless tech offers companies the chance to continue the trend of targeted marketing — and it could make it easier than ever to get us to part with our cash.
  • Never hail a taxi again: Volkswagen is already in partnership with Gett to develop fleet-based commuter shuttles and, eventually, autonomous on-demand transportation. GM is working with Lyft to test self-driving electric taxis. And Ford has already announced plans to make driverless cars for both Uber and Lyft.

To me, it’s inevitable…a network of cheap, driverless vehicles will alter the way people move through cities forever.

That’s just four ways driverless tech has the potential to change the face of the way we buy our goods and interact with the world around us.

This is a new market, with gigantic potential for early investors to make pioneering REVOLUTIONARY profits.

Because, whatever you think of the idea of self-driving cars, frankly, it doesn’t matter…

It’s coming, and it’s closer
than you think

We’re approaching the tipping point of the Sixth Revolution ‘mobility wave’.

Legislation is being passed all over the world, clearing the way for fleets of driverless cars to take the road…

  • In the UK: The government recently released £20 million of funding to get self-driving cars onto roads as soon as possible.
  • In the US: Google’s driverless cars have been given the green light. The government has ruled that the cars themselves qualify legally as ‘drivers’.
  • In China: BMW and internet giant Baidu have partnered to bring driverless cars to Beijing in a race with Google to bring autonomous consumer vehicles to market.

    Toyota says its first autonomous cars will hit the road in 2020…Baidu is aiming for 2019…Tesla 2018…and Audi 2017!
  • And then, in AUSTRALIA: Volvo is piloting a scheme in Adelaide…

We want to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift towards an industry which is anticipated to be worth more than $90 billion globally by 2030.

South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill

Look. You’d have to have your head in a bucket not to see which way this market is heading.

Investors who move now could be at the foot of the most explosive market in the world…perhaps in industrial history.

We’ve already seen driverless car suppliers hit tremendous gains in recent years.

For example, robotics experts Bosch are assisting Google by providing sensors that detect other vehicles.

And it has rocketed 171% in the last five years.

Delphi Automotive is another big company that’s been boosted by the driverless revolution…climbing 203% over the last five years:

Source: Bloomberg

That’s the power of this revolutionary tech wave.

Bosch and Delphi aren’t tiny little start-ups.

They are big firms being propelled upward by the developments in the driverless car market…developing and supplying the tech to make it possible.

And that’s where I believe the REALLY big money is set to be made…on the companies making the Sixth Revolution possible.

At our recent Great Repression conference, I described these companies as the breadcrumbs coming off the 21st-century ‘MAFIAA’ — Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Intel, Amazon and Alibaba.

And, over the last two years, I’ve scoured the market for the very best of these ‘secret suppliers’…companies that I believe are set to get a huge financial uplift from the driverless revolution.

I found three such opportunities.

In my view, they are the absolute cream of the crop…

Superstar Tech Play #1

You could potentially turn every $5,000 you invest into $25,000 with the ‘lynchpin’ of the self-driving revolution

You see, driverless cars have one unbeatable edge over regular vehicles…

One that will convince any husband, wife, mother or father of its value…


According to the US Department of Transport, 94% of accidents are caused by driver errors.

Compare that statistic with this one…

Google’s self-driving cars have logged 2.23 million miles on US roads over the past six years.

They have been involved in just 12 accidents while in autonomous mode.

However, it was only in February 2016 that Google reported the FIRST accident caused by their autonomous car.

Meanwhile, human error kills over a million people on the roads every year.  

There is only one way to dramatically reduce those numbers — by letting machines take human errors out of the equation.

Advances in sensor technologies means that — for the first time in history — the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of machines far surpass human capabilities.

Dangers can be anticipated, responded to and dealt with before we are even aware of them.

And that is where this ‘lynchpin’ company I want to tell you about comes in.

They are a market leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)…a market already estimated to be worth $43.5 billion. 

They have developed patented tech we’ll call ‘the all seeing eye’, which enables real time input into the car’s ‘brain’.

In simple terms, it gives a driverless car the ability to ‘sense’ possible dangers on the road instantly, making the necessary adjustments to avoid them.

Without tech of this calibre, the self-driving revolution could never have gotten off the ground.

And let’s not think of this coldly.

Every single time one of those dangers is spotted and avoided, it could save another human life. The life of a child. Your child.

And this company has market-leading tech to make this incredible reduction of road deaths a reality.

It’s not just a pipedream, either…

Partnered with the biggest
names in auto-technology

This company is working with General Motors and Volkswagen, and there is every indication that Tesla could also have a deal in place to start using this tech.

One leading name in the auto industry referred to this company’s ‘all seeing eye’ as ‘the best part in the world at what it does.

With endorsements like these, with money in the bank, and with the $2-trillion auto market RIPE for a big disruption over the coming few years…

This is my number-one play right now.

Like all cutting-edge tech opportunities, it’s high-risk.

But that’s why the potential rewards are so high.

You could be sitting on a potential 500% return on your money in as little as 12 months.  

ADAS is the fastest growing sector in the auto industry.

And if this firm establishes an even stronger foothold, they will be in a sweet spot.

They will feel the full force of the eruption in driverless tech. 

A calculated punt on this perfectly-placed driverless-car supplier could turn a punt of $5,000 into $25,000!

My advice is simple: TAKE YOUR POSITION NOW.

Because now is the time that car companies are signing contracts for tech suppliers.

They ‘are lining up their ducks’…and so should you.

Everything you need to know about this firm…including its name, and my detailed analysis and calculations…is in a special report I’ve put together called: ‘Four Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’.

Three of the stocks in this report relate to the developments and advances taking place in this area.

I’ll tell you how to get your hands on that in just a moment.

But first, I want to tell you about another bleeding-edge tech firm set to rocket on the back of the driverless car revolution…

Superstar Tech Play #2

This automated ‘mind reader’ could QUINTUPLE your stake

The driverless revolution will not happen overnight.

It will happen in stages.

We already have semi-autonomous cars now…like the Mercedes E-Class…and, in 2017, Audi’s new A8 will be ‘Level 3’ autonomous, with features that will allow drivers the ability to relax and completely take their eyes off the road.

While some may think the move to full autonomy will be gradual, I don’t. I think it’s already here — because it is!

However, there still will be a gradual process to appease regulators and society as a whole. And that’s where I expect another company on my hotlist to capitalise.

You see, it has developed ‘bridging’ technology. By that, I mean that it has created a system which helps you, the human driver, become dramatically more aware of any dangers on the road.

It is able to track your eyes and read your facial expressions, head movements and perspiration to determine your level of fatigue and distraction while on the road.

That’s why I call this system a ‘mind reader’.

It knows you’re in trouble before you do.

Remember, there is a huge market to slice up here.

The ADAS sector is worth $43 billion. If this company — which has the best tech of its kind currently available — captures even 0.5% of the sector, investors should be in for a windfall…

I’m anticipating a 578% upswing in just 18 short months.

But the longer-term potential upside on both these companies simply cannot be calculated…

Both of these companies could be at the foot of a sensational run-up in the value of their business and the price of their stock.

They are ideally placed to ride it as high as it goes.

All I will say is this:

Unless you take a small stake, you’re locked out from all the potential gains.

All the details and deep analysis of this play is in your complimentary report, ‘Four Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’.

And like I said, that’s not all… I’ve also included a THIRD driverless tech pioneer that I believe could see its stock price explode over the coming two to five years.

Superstar Tech Play #3

Creating the ‘brain’ of driverless-car tech

In all honesty, the technology these guys are developing is so cutting edge that there’s no way to put an accurate price target on it.

By ‘brain tech’, I mean the neural network of the self-driving car world.

It’s the capability that allows one car to ‘talk’ to another vehicle.

For example, when you’re driving, and you see a pothole, you steer around it. Inevitably, the car behind you does the same. The one behind them does the same, too.

You know the pot hole will be there the next time you drive on that street.

With a ‘neural network’ of self-driving cars, the first car to ever see that pothole drives around it, and, INSTANTLY, every other car on the network knows about that pothole…and knows to avoid it.

In this way, the neural network of self-driving cars would be constantly learning and adapting…getting better and better as the influx of information makes everything operate more efficiently.

Like I said, cutting edge.

And if this company can commercialise this tech to its full potential, every driverless car in the world will rely on it.

Do you see the potential?

Just a small stake in one, or all, of these three companies could transform your financial life forever

And that’s the thing about these plays....

Because I believe the potential gains are so big, you don’t have to risk a lot to potentially make a lot.

Even the ASX minimum $500 stake could be enough to turn your money into a four or five-digit dollar gain.

And if just two of them come off, I believe you could have tens…even hundreds…of thousands of dollars hitting your trading account over the coming years.

In a moment, I will show you precisely how to get your hands on your exclusive and complimentary report, ‘Four Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’.

For now, understand this…

This technology could change human existence and civilisation in the same way the light bulb…the telephone…and the car changed civilisation at the beginning of the 20th century.

And a few small investments in it could be more profitable today than the invention of the personal computer…the internet…and all the multi-billion-dollar empires they gave rise to.

Better still, they are just the first three of six revolutionary investments I want to introduce you to — so read on…

The breakthroughs in self-driving cars, and all the related innovations that come with it, are just one of the trends coming in the Sixth Revolution.

Here’s another that will unleash fundamental changes in society, economics and politics…and even the world

Sixth Revolution Wave #2

Man and Machine

How a breakthrough 150,000 years in the making could generate more wealth than Apple, Google and Intel COMBINED


In 1811, something crucial happened.

Something pivotal to the industrial world.

Something that could lead you to the biggest stock market jackpot of your life.

Up and down the factories of Great Britain, skilled wool weavers were replaced with mechanical looms…


These machines were cheaper, safer, and didn’t take a lunch break.

The protests that followed were in vain.

There was no stopping the mechanical revolution.

It’s just like Bernard Marr wrote in Forbes in May:

Around 200 years ago the industrial revolution immutably remoulded society. Today another revolution is underway with potentially even further reaching consequences.

He’s right.

That other revolution is Artificial Intelligence. And it will change everything about the way we produce, manufacture and deliver goods.

Cognitive computing…machine learning…natural language processing — all these terms have emerged as development of technology has progressed in recent years.

But they all encapsulate the idea that machines could one day be taught to learn how to adapt by themselves, rather than having to be spoon-fed every instruction for every eventuality.

Now, according to many of the industry insiders I’ve spoken with…


Over the next 200 years, the story of industry will be told through the machines that make it faster and more cost effective to produce products and build other machines.

From the motorised vehicles that plough our fields and pilot our planes…to the robots that prepare our meals, build our cars and computers, and produce practically all consumer goods…

Almost any industrial process that CAN be automated IS being automated.

Every major tech company is investing heavily in AI-oriented technology…from autonomous cars to robotic border control agents.

And it isn’t limited to simple, repetitive tasks.

Many jobs done by humans could be replaced by computers in the near future…

Google has even recently announced the creation of an AI system which can write poetry!

AI is also a fundamental part of the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’ — a world where machines and devices all communicate with each other to get work done, leaving us free to relax and enjoy life. 

In fact, the Tesla car manufacturing plant is 99% populated by robot workers.

But 2017 is the year that the machines leave the factory floor to enhance the white collar world…

It doesn’t eat, it doesn’t sleep, and it won’t stop until it’s picked up your trash!

According to The Economist, over the next 20 years, machines could claim 47% of ALL human jobs.

That’s a stunning statistic, isn’t it?

And I’ll admit, to some people, perhaps a frightening one.

But, as I explained to the Great Repression audience in October, it needn’t be.

We’re not looking at just a few niche industries being automated.

We’re talking about practically all industries, as machines develop skills that not only match human ability…but exceed, and ENHANCE, it.

If this sounds like speculation, you’re flat wrong.

This shift in the global labour force — from human to machine — is already underway.

Here are three white-collar jobs AI robots are already helping us with:

  • Financial and sports reporters:

    Gathering information, interviewing people — answering who, what, when, where, why, and how — and writing the results. It’s the daily grind for journalists. But Associated Press already uses automated software to generate a huge portion of its content.
  • Online marketers:

    Does it take a human to understand how to craft a message that will motivate someone to make a purchase, or even open an email?

    Apparently not. Citibank and Neiman Marcus already use ‘semantic algorithms’ to write sales emails that attract business.

    In fact, do you know for sure that a robot didn’t write this letter?
  • Doctors:

    You might think that doctors represented the ultimate in hands-on human expertise, but that isn’t the case. Johnson & Johnson’s Sedasys system, already FDA approved, can automate delivery of low-level anaesthesia at the fraction of the cost of a person with the same skill.

    IBM’s Watson computer has already demonstrated a far more accurate diagnosis rate for lung cancers than humans — 90% versus 50% in some tests.

    Surgeons already use automated systems to aid in low-invasive procedures. Right now, the doctor is in charge, but, eventually, machines might do simpler procedures themselves. According to MIT researcher Matt Beane, there have already been demonstrations of how a robotic system could potentially remove tumours from tissue.

If big business can produce products cheaper, more efficiently, and to a higher standard — and that is what intelligent machines bring — then it’s a no-brainer.

The money pouring into this industry is spell-binding…

According to Forbes, the AI industry is already a $70 billion market. The industrial control and factory automation market could hit $202 billion by 2020.

And the automated financial services market (say ‘hello’ to your robot financial adviser!) will top $100 billion by 2019.

My point is…

If you have any ambition to seed your money at the start of a truly explosive, new market THIS IS YOUR CHANCE

Now, of course, you could treat this as a big, scary threat to the status quo of your working life.

OR…you could recognise this shift and position yourself to PROFIT from it.

Those with the foresight to see the benefits AI offers…and take a punt on the best companies behind this labour force disruption…could potentially make a ton of money.

In fact, the early movers are already raking it in

Investors in surgical automation experts Intuitive Surgical, for example, have seen the pure money-making power this development brings…

Source: Bloomberg

A stake of $5,000 in 2003 would be worth over $4,182,505 today.

And a $10,000 punt would have put more than $8 MILLION in your investment account.

This is what’s possible with revolutionary technologies.

Early investors could have jumped out plenty of times for a profit…but, if they’d let this trend carry their stake higher and higher, that’s where they could have hit the high-end profits.

Well, I have my eye on one company in particular that I believe is perfectly poised to ride the AI revolution higher over the coming 12–24 months.

Let me tell you about the absolute pick of the bunch right now…

In fact, it’s so good, I simply call it…

‘The Most Exciting Stock in
the World Today’

How to invest in the world’s first ‘true’ Artificial Intelligence technology

You see, real, human-like AI is dependent on a premise known as ‘unsupervised learning’.

For example, when you were a kid, you might have accidentally touched a boiling kettle and burnt your hand.

You might not remember the experience exactly, but you knew from that time forward that, when you touch something extremely hot, you hurt yourself.

Hence, you don’t do it as an adult.

Or perhaps you were given a book as a one-year-old.

You saw a picture in that book of an animal with orange hair around its face and sharp teeth in its mouth.

The word above the picture said ‘lion’. You saw a similar picture in another book, again with the word ‘lion’.

Your brain quickly learnt to associate the word ‘lion’ with an animal looking like the ones in the pictures.

Without any other input or assistance — from mum, dad or anyone else — you learnt what a lion is.

That’s how the human brain works.

We receive a range of sensory inputs — visual, audible and physical — which our brain processes, analyses and learns from.

This process is exactly how the world will arrive at true artificial intelligence: To develop a machine or hardware that can REPLICATE the human mind and its process of learning from a child to an adult.

Rather than trying to build a machine with an adult human brain, we need a child-machine that can learn from experience and sensory input, so that it can develop into real intelligence over time.

The main difference, though, between this child-machine and a real child is that the machine might take minutes to achieve what a child-into-adult achieves over a lifetime.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of AI

In 2016, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook about AI.

Here is the key point from his post:

My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI — like Jarvis from Iron Man — to help run my home and help me with work.

Simply put, today’s AI is good at recognizing patterns and bad at what we would call “common sense”.

You can teach an AI to diagnose melanoma by showing it thousands of photos of tumours. You can even teach an AI how to drive a car and automatically brake by showing it thousands of examples of people and obstacles it might encounter on the road.

But there are lots of limitations of this approach.

‘For one, to teach a person something new, you typically don’t need to tell them about it thousands of times. So the state of the art in AI is still much slower than how we learn.

The founder of the world’s fifth biggest company has a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about.

Facebook has been pursuing AI because it knows how important it can be to the development of the world.

Google, IBM, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft — the world’s biggest and most powerful tech companies — are also pursuing real AI because of what it can achieve. And, of course, because of the competitive edge it can give their companies.

At the foundation of it all is unsupervised learning.

But, in January, when Zuckerberg posted his prose, he also said this:

Since no one understands how general unsupervised learning actually works, we’re quite a ways off from building the general AIs you see in movies.

In this case, Zuckerberg was wrong.

Someone DOES understand how unsupervised learning works…

He’s a little-known Dutch computer scientist who’s been working on a piece of technology that HAS ALREADY ACHIEVED unsupervised learning.

Even MORE important for you is that he took this technology and created a company from it.

And this company — one of the most exciting companies in the world today — is listed right here on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Not only is it working on developing its unsupervised learning technology…it achieved it in February 2016.

And it recently inked a commercial deal to roll out its artificial intelligence hardware.

The upshot is this: The time is right to buy into the only company in the world that’s on the brink of real AI.

And now you can.

This firm is developing proprietary technology that is the foundation of
true artificial intelligence

The technology is called the ‘Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor’, or SNAP for short.

What’s important to note about SNAP is that it is hardware. 

It is not advanced software, or a bunch of complex algorithms.

It is not deep learning.

And it is not machine learning.

The SNAP replicates the neurons in your brain.

It is the foundation of a neural network, and it can learn unsupervised.

In other words, it is the beginning of real artificial intelligence.

Just like a child, the SNAP processor learns by experience.

It can receive input, and then process the input itself. It can figure out what information it’s receiving, and then categorise that information WITHOUT human programming or any other input.

I cannot even begin to describe how exiting…and revolutionary…this development is.

Imagine what possibilities are available if this company can commercialise the SNAP and roll it out to the mass market…

It will have a massive impact on everything from smartphones and robotics, to self-driving cars and the exponentially increasing ‘Internet of Things’.

Now, before you jump in and say that this is all predicated on whether this firm can commercialise the SNAP, I can tell you that this has already begun…

On 29 September, 2016, the company made an exciting announcement.

It announced that it would roll out new, innovative security technology at one of Las Vegas’ biggest casinos, following the successful completion of the phase one trial.

This security technology is powered by this company’s SNAP technology.

Now, I shall leave the details on how it all works for your special report.

The point is: This company has a watertight patent over this AI tech.

The scope for its use is unparalleled.

The market uses and opportunities for it include:

  • Smartphones — voice and image identification capabilities…
  • Internet of Things — environmental monitoring, manufacturing, and energy management…
  • Robotics — interactivity and intelligent machines…
  • Gaming…
  • Self-driving cars…
  • Cyber security…
  • Visual and audio implants and prostheses; and
  • Financial forecasting and possibly even investment.

Within each of those opportunities is a market that could benefit from this technology.

But, the truth is, every industry in the world is an opportunity for this AI tech.

Imagine if, in a year or two, you pick up a brand-new smartphone and the box says ‘Powered by SNAP’.

That’s the kind of potential this has.

Now look, this story is so unique, and so potentially powerful for your future wealth, that I’ve devoted this story to a report all on its own.

It’s called: ‘Winning the Imitation Game: The Brain Behind the Future of AI’.

It’s definitely one of the very first things you should be doing with your money right now.

And I would love to tell you more about it.

But — and forgive my frankness — I have spent too much time researching this opportunity simply to give the details away in this open letter.

However — I’m willing to send you the exclusive report on this stock right now, as a gift — along with my ‘Four Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’ report — if you’d like to become a member of my exclusive investor letter, Revolutionary Tech Investor.

With Revolutionary Tech Investor, you won’t be limited by geographic boundaries.

I’ll search for the best, leading-edge technology stocks worldwide.

How do I find them?

How to spot revolutionary trends

Predicting the trends and events of the next few years, let alone decades into the future, and then honing in on the stocks that will lead those innovations, is not easy…

But it’s possible.

In 1863, the great writer Jules Verne wrote a prophetic novel called Paris in the Twentieth Century.

At the time, kings and emperors still ruled ancient empires.

Impoverished peasants performed backbreaking work toiling in the fields.

The US was in the midst of a ruinous civil war that would nearly tear the country apart.

And steam power was just beginning to revolutionise the world.

Yet, with all this going on in the background, Verne predicted that Paris in 1960 would have glass skyscrapers…air conditioning…TV…elevators…high-speed trains…petrol-run cars…fax machines…and even something resembling the internet!

With uncanny accuracy, Verne depicted life in modern Paris.


By consulting the forward-thinkers of his time.

And that’s exactly what I spend every waking hour of my time doing in the pages of Revolutionary Tech Investor.

For example, just recently, I secured a meeting at CES — a global consumer electronics show — with the executives of one of the companies I’m following.

What my current readers have to say

‘Sold 1/2 my stock at 3.50 (entry 21 cents) and then invested in BAL for a 600% increase then sold enough at $10 to be free on board the remainder. It has turned my portfolio around. Well done and keep up your good work.’

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— Marlyse

I’m also meeting with the president of a private company that is developing world-leading biometric technology.

I was recently at ‘The Next Web’ event in Amsterdam, and also at FinovateEurope. I scoped out start-ups…and spoke with the CEOs of emerging tech firms.

I also spoke to the team at Volkswagen about their new mobility company, MOIA, which launched in early December.

My point is, I get around.

In this game you have to.

It’s the only way you can be confident the tech you’re investigating and the companies bringing it to market could be the real deal…or just a big talk-up.

This is what I’ve been doing for my Revolutionary Tech Investor readers for the last three years.

And now we’re really starting to hit our straps.

For example, in May 2016 we sold robotic firm KUKA AG for a 140% gain after just 21 months…

We also sold half our holdings in a security and encryption tech firm in January for a 229% gain. The other half is still on the table to let the stock run…

Similarly, we sold half our holdings in a wireless charging company in September for a 108% gain…

And, as of 9 December, we’re sitting on open-position gains of 500% and 295% in two robotics stocks…168% on a cyber-tech firm and 205% on another biotech company.

Of course, I cannot promise all recommendations will end up gainers. That would be impossible, especially when we’re taking about revolutionary tech.

This sector is by nature higher risk.

But that’s also why the rewards could be so great too.

The rest of our open positions are a mixed bag of double-digit gains and a few paper losses. I’m hoping the former will come good, but of course there are no guarantees.

I CAN promise you this though…

I’ve undertaken the strictest due diligence on each and every stock. And those that are below my recommended buy prices are, in my view, even GREATER opportunities.

Like I said, by coming onboard today, you can read up on every single one of them — and you can take the next 30 days to consider them before you commit to anything.

If you do, you’ll be at the forefront of these tech waves.

Waves like this one…

Sixth Revolution Wave #3

Man and Matter

How molecular science will conquer ageing and eradicate disease — with huge benefits for patients and investors alike


In the US, 15% of the population — more than 57 million people — will die of heart failure, cancer or stroke.

In fact, 2,000 Americans die of heart disease every single day.

But what if, starting tomorrow, we could bring that number down to ZERO?

Sound impossible?

It’s not.

The technology that could make this happen already exists.

It started in 1953…

James D Watson and Francis Crick made a discovery that opened the gateway to a future that’s already revolutionising medicine.

They unravelled the mysterious double helix structure of DNA — the building blocks of life.

Finally, we had in our hands the molecular blueprint that makes up our physical form.

Today, scientists can map out the entire human genome for just $1,000 in 10 days…a task that took 13 years and $2.7 billion to accomplish during the Human Genome Project.

Where DNA is the building block of each of us…the genome is our own personal instruction manual.

It tells us what colour hair we’ll have…how tall we’ll be…the colour of our skin, eyes and hair, and more.

It can also tell us what makes us sick…

And, even more importantly, what might make us sick in the future

Never get ill again

Using rapid sequencing and advanced computing power, scientists are already able to systematically detect cellular variations in our genes.

They can predict harmful traits and diseases that lurk within our genetic make-up.

Be clear: This is NOT about trying to treat disease after you get sick.      

I’m talking about identifying and destroying the harmful cells within your body before they even have a chance to attack!

For example, Parkinson’s disease causes certain brain cells to degenerate and die.

But imagine if you could pinpoint those ‘danger cells’ and re-arm, or even replace, them with entirely fresh ones.

Or, say you suffer a compound fracture of the leg — one of the worst types of bone injuries imaginable.

Usually, these kinds of breaks in the bone never heal properly.

But what if brand new cells could replace the damaged tissue and repair the bone to its former glory?

Think of Alzheimer’s patients whose brains regenerate…

Think of every child having a map of their own genome to anticipate and prevent the diseases they’re most prone to…

Think of returning war veterans who have hands and legs they can use to replace the ones they’ve lost…

The science behind these ideas is getting more advanced by the day.

Consider the recent case of Breagha Patterson…

‘The girl with no pulse’

Breagha was dubbed the girl with no pulse last July when she became the first Australian to receive the smallest mechanical heart device in the world — the MVAD — while she waited for a heart transplant.

She was now about to receive a heart that had been brought back from the dead.

You see, transplant units usually have to rely on donor hearts from brain-dead patients whose hearts are still beating.

But the ground-breaking ex-vivo organ care system, coined the ‘heart-in-a-box’, can reanimate hearts donated after circulatory death and keep them beating long enough to reach the patient waiting for a transplant.

Breagha Patterson, first Australian to have a heart transplant from a 'reanimated' heart
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the technique could slash the waiting list for donor hearts, increasing supply by up to 50%.

This is the march of science and technology continuing at the next level.

And it’s just a taste of what’s coming…

Medical and biological breakthroughs
that will blow your mind

In the next 20 years there will be medical and biochemical advances that will create specially-designed treatments for our own personal cellular make up.

What’s more, they’ll be able to target and eliminate all the wear and tear our bodies and minds suffer with ageing.

Think that sounds too far-fetched?

I promise you, it isn’t.

New breakthroughs in this field are happening all the time.

For example:

  • Injectable ‘nano-robots’ that detect and prevent blindness…

They’re so small that they’re invisible to the human eye.

But these tiny, glowing robots could be injected into the eye to alert doctors of low oxygen levels that can lead to blindness…

Again, this is only the beginning…

The possibilities for this technology could have much further-reaching applications…

Nano 'robots' will release disease-slaying drugs straight to dying cells

  • Finally, the end of cancer could be in sight…

Right now, researchers at Harvard University are developing medical nano-robots that identify and attack individual cancer cells.

Built from our own DNA, these robots may deliver medicine where no doctor has gone before.

The nano-robots would be able to sense when they encounter a cancer cell, before releasing its molecule-sized payload of cancer-fighting antigen.

But even if that fails…

  • 3D ‘bio-printing’ will save countless lives!

You’ve probably heard of how 3D printers are revolutionising manufacturing.

These three dimensional printing machines are already being used to make a range of material goods…from lampshades and eyeglasses, to custom-fitted prosthetic limbs.

Now they promise to revolutionise surgery, too.

That’s right; scientists are using the inkjet printing technique to layer human stem cells.

The result? ‘Bio-printed’ organs that could save thousands of lives.

In fact, this technology already is saving lives…

For example, in June 2016, doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong successfully conducted the world’s first ever heart surgery involving the replacement of two valves through blood vessels in a single operation.

Doctors conducted the operation on a 77-year-old woman.

The eight-person team used 3D-printing technology to recreate a detailed model of the patient’s heart.

This allowed them to better plan and practice, thus ensuring more precision during the actual procedure.

And that’s what this letter is really all about…

Landmark operation in Hong Kong
Source: South China Morning Post

Hope and promise…

Great health and even GREATER WEALTH

The future will be better than anyone expects.

And there are two ways you could benefit from it…

You can sit and wait for these technologies to improve your life — you’ll be part of an incredible surge in living standards and healthcare…

Or you can be right at the forefront of these developments in molecular science…and position yourself to FINANCIALLY BENEFIT from the ‘new age’ companies leading this revolution.

My current readers are already doing this with one of the companies I’ve discovered in this field.

Back in March 2014 I unearthed a company called Innate Immunotherapeutics [ASX:IIL], which is making major advancements in the field of molecular bioscience.

Check it out:  

Source: Bloomberg

Readers who took my advice and placed a small, calculated stake in this firm are now sitting on a 203% gain.

Today, IIL is above my recommended buy-up-to price.

But don’t worry…you haven’t missed the boat.

There is another, even more exciting, and potentially profitable, company making waves in this field.

It’s the fourth Superstar Tech Play of the Sixth Revolution. In my view, it’s an absolute MUST for your portfolio in 2017.

And I believe it could TRIPLE your money in the years ahead…

Superstar Tech Play #4

Two brothers…one product…and
potential global tech domination

It’s a biotech company listed on the ASX.

But it’s not your typical Aussie biotech.

It began back when two brothers decided to start their own medical device company.

One was a private practice PhD physiotherapist who had previously worked with the Melbourne Football Club. The other was an experienced IT consultant.

Together, they combined their talents to create something truly special.

A product that could quite literally be world-changing in the area of bio-mechanical research.

The market opportunity for their devices is massive.

And I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you what these devices are here, because you would instantly be able to identify the stock (and that would be wholly unfair on my current Revolutionary Tech Investor readers).  

But I can tell you that each one contains a system that combines wireless-sensor technology and very unique proprietary software.

This allows doctors and physios to measure how a person moves, what, if any, problems they might have, and ways to combat problems in case they do.

Previously, you could only find this type of analysis in million-dollar sports-science labs.

These labs are hard for the average person to access. They cost too much. They’re too specialised, and just too complicated.

This company’s fully-patented system takes complex and expensive biomechanics and makes it affordable, accessible and simple.

It’s ground-breaking tech in the analysis of human movement.

Now consider this…

  • Australia has over 24,000 physios and 25,000 doctors.
  • The UK and Germany combined have over 178,000 physios and 52,000 medical centres.
  • The US — the holy grail for this firm — has 284,000 physios and 661,000 doctors.

That’s over 486,000 physios in those initial target countries alone.

If this company can get their product into just 1.5% of those physios (7,290) at an average licence of $5,750, that would amount to potential revenues of $41,917,500.

How’s that for a $29 million stock?

Now look, in the last month alone, it’s already started to move…

It has shot up 40% in the last six months. I believe this is just a tremor. And it’s still way below my buy-up-to price.

Like a sprinter jumping the gun in the 100m dash, the market appears to be anticipating a major, major share price eruption here.

My advice: Do not hang about on this one.

Over the longer term, considering the vast reach of this company’s business into the wider sector, its technology, and the patents it has over them…

You could be counting $10,000 for every $1,000 you put in.

Now, I’d like to tell you more here…but why not just read about it in your report: ‘Four Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’ (I can tell you that I anticipate this fourth profit play to potentially earn you around 125% over the next year. But, as they begin to tap the lucrative US market, in all reality, this return could be well in excess of that as they expand the company.)

The bottom line is: If you are serious about making money from the market — you should get this report in your hands ASAP.

And you can download it today with my compliments.

Like I’ve said, all you have to do to get it is become a trial member of my newsletter, Revolutionary Tech Investor, with a no-obligation, 30-day trial period.

If that interests you, here’s what you need to do...

How to become a member of
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In short, you get an early-bird advantage each and every time a stock alert triggers.

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I’m here to help you as much as I can.

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Over the coming 12 months, I will expand on these ideas in every issue…offering you what I believe to be the best ways to potentially profit from them.

  1. The Way to Invest and Profit with International Stocks’.

Of course, when you’re looking at the world of technology, some of the stock opportunities will be listed overseas.

But far from being complicated, buying international shares can be straightforward to do.

This complimentary report will show you how.

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Before you do, though, let me briefly tell you about the fourth major wave of the Sixth Revolution…and how you could profit from it

Sixth Revolution Wave #4

Man and Money

Since 2009, the growth of Bitcoin has been unstoppable. But this is just the beginning. Its impact on the world’s monetary system will be revolutionary. Here’s how to buy some… 


Most people still don’t realise Bitcoin will be part of an entirely new global financial system, the ‘Cryptoconomy’.

But I’m telling you…that’s where we’re heading.

It may still be early days, but, as it flourishes and becomes a way of life, you’ll look back and wonder why anyone ever doubted it.

I’ve been on this story since those early days.

When I first started researching Bitcoin, it was worth just one dollar.

Today, a single Bitcoin is worth US$763.

But here’s the thing…

I believe it’s only going to go higher.

Much higher, as you’re about to see.

A free recommendation
to act on right now

Before I get to that, a bit of background…

Early in 2014, I was a guest on The Rick Amato Show on the One America News Network TV station.

Amato was interviewing me as their technology expert.

But little did I know that they were also bringing in Andrew Blount (at the time he was a nominee for governor of California and the Mayor of Laguna Hills).

I was explaining the long-term benefits of Bitcoin as an alternative monetary system that could be used to pay for a whole range of goods and services in time.

We had a bit of a debate as to the legitimacy of Bitcoin.

Blount likened Bitcoin to bubble-gum wrappers. That was all they were worth in his eyes.

He forecast that, by the end of 2014, Bitcoin wouldn’t exist.

I think it’s clear who was right!

My position was, and still is, that Bitcoin will be around far longer than either he or I would be alive.

In fact, I don’t envisage a day in the future when there isn’t Bitcoin.

Considering all coins won’t even be in circulation until 2140, that’s a good indication of its longevity.

Bitcoin is, and always has been, a unit of exchange over the internet.

It is, in its purest form, anti-government, and anti-central bank. It provides the perfect basis of an alternative financial system.

I also believe the fiat currency value of Bitcoin is unimportant for the future.

It matters little long-term what Bitcoin is worth in USD, CNY, AUD, GBP or whatever currency you choose.

One day, you will be able to freely spend Bitcoin as you do the currency you’re paid your wages in.

However, there is a transitional period to this day where the fiat value is important, giving us perspective as to the purchasing power of Bitcoin.

For example, while the current price of Bitcoin is US$763 (AU$1,018), long term, I can see it being the equivalent of US$50,000 (around AU$67,500).

That’s a potential 6,453% gain on
the cards if you act now

Now, in these invitations, I don’t usually reveal the specific recommendation.

To find out the stock, you need to come on board my newsletter.

That’s only fair.

But because this is such a new field…and a very different kind of recommendation…I’m going to reveal it right here.


I don’t mind telling you this free bit of advice in this case.

You see, the idea of Bitcoin might be completely foreign to you. Or perhaps you’ve heard about it before, and you simply have no idea how to get into it.

So I’m going on the assumption that you simply don’t know much about Bitcoin, let alone how to get some, store them, and maybe even spend and sell them.

That’s why the third complimentary report I want to send is very different from any other I’ve prepared before.

It’s called ‘Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know to Invest Today’.

It’s advice on Bitcoin. It’s a look into its past. It’s about the future potential I think Bitcoin has, and how you should view and treat this alternative financial opportunity.

Of course, Bitcoin doesn't come without its risks either. They are high. No doubt about that. So was the early and varied currencies used within the United States when it was a fledgling nation.

The dollar survived and eventually became the world's reserve currency. But it had to compete with many other forms of exchange before that, just like Bitcoin is doing today.

There are now hundreds of 'crypto currencies'. What makes Bitcoin the one I think will win and endure?

You'll find out in your report. I'll walk you through all the risks involved so you are completely informed. 

‘Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know to Invest Today’ is yours, with my compliments, if you trial my newsletter, Revolutionary Tech Investor, today.

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Remember, I’m scouring the technological field working solely for you, hunting down these ideas, week in, week out…

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I clock up tens of thousands of air miles each year traveling to various tech expos and conferences, meeting with those at the forefront of scientific innovation.

This kind of expertise and work does not come cheap.

So, if $1,499 for one year sounds like too much money, I can tell you right now, this research is probably not right for you.

I suggest you stick with Australian Small-Cap Investigator...which is dedicated for people who are just starting out.

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  1. ‘Six Breakthroughs That Will Astound the World, Transform Your Life and Unleash Powerful Fortunes’
  1. ‘The Way to Invest and Profit with International Stocks’

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