Jim Rickard's Currency Wars Trader



Brexit . Trump . But this third shock prophecy from our Jim Rickards advisory is much
closer to home…

The ‘Big Australian Short’

A staggering — almost-overnight — personal payday ranging from 353% to 590% could be on the table

Just be prepared for nastiness if anyone finds out you placed this bet…

Dear Reader,

Hi, Kris Sayce here.

In 11 years, we’ve yet to put out a trade opportunity this big.

Or this urgent.

So I’ll be brief.

I’m not sure if you know this, but we publish a low-profile service that generates targeted trades from ‘shock events’ the mainstream gets wrong. Last year, for instance, this service flagged a trade that generated a 103.7% gain for Aussies from the shock Brexit result.

It’s helmed by best-selling author, ex-Pentagon advisor and financial warfare expert, Jim Rickards.

This service — which utilises Jim’s proprietary IMPACT system — has just green-lit a new and, I have to say, extraordinary trade.

I’ve only seen anything like it once before…

The person who made THAT trade made so much money from it, a broker once called to remind him he had an account with $5 million left in it. He’d become so mind-bogglingly wealthy from this one trade, $5 million was barely worth thinking about.

A comparable trade set-up may have just presented itself here in Australia. And you don’t need to be a high-flying hedge fund manager or millionaire investor to take advantage.

But timing is crucial.

In fact you only have until midnight, 28 February 2017 to get this trade on. Here are the details…

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Big Short’, right?

It’s widely hailed as the single greatest trade of all time.

John Paulson was a relatively obscure fund manager before 2007.

By the end of that year alone he’d made $15 billion.

By comparison, George Soros’s famous short against the British pound in 1992 made him a billion dollars.

Paulson did this by being one of the few on the planet to make a concentrated bet against the US subprime mortgage market.

I’ve authorised the publication of several critical alerts to our Australian readers over the last 12 months.

They include controversial — but 100% accurate — advance predictions by Jim Rickards of both the Brexit vote and Donald Trump results.

But I need you to drop whatever you’re doing and read this one immediately.

This is BIGGER.

Much closer to home.

And potentially far, far more profitable.

Because Jim’s proprietary trade radar, IMPACT, has just pinged a trade of ‘Big Short’ magnitude, right here in Australia.

It could morph into the single greatest money move you ever make.

That is no exaggeration or hyperbole. I’ll give you the facts, and you can judge for yourself.

But the window to put this on is closing. The quicker you get this trade on BEFORE 28 February, 2017, the more effective it should be.

If you want to benefit from this, you must act decisively and swiftly, NOW.

I’ll explain…

Paulson made his magnificent fortune betting big on the largest global economic event in 70 years.

The bet I’m going to propose to you now is on the biggest Australian economic event in 26 years. 

But, just like Paulson, you need the guts to go against almost 100% of mainstream opinion.

Back in 2007, the titans of Wall Street were still greedily gobbling up all kinds of financial assets backed by subprime mortgages. At the same time, Paulson placed a trade against them. A BIG one.

Then he sat back.

And waited.

The crisis snowballed. And Paulsen’s funds were up a mind-blowing $15 billion as stock markets began to tumble. One soared 590%. Another 353%.

It was one of the boldest feats in recent investing history.

A two-year ‘mega-trade’ that bet on impending financial calamity.

Plenty of people were uncomfortable with the moral dimension of Paulson’s big short. As a profile on Paulson titled The Man Who Made Too Much asked:

‘If he saw all of this coming, was it right for him to keep his own counsel, quietly trading while the financial system melted down? Do traders who figure out a way to profit from our misery deserve our contempt or our admiration, however grudging?’

It’s an interesting question.

Let me ask you a few more…

If misery is coming to the Australian economy in 2017…would YOU have a problem profiting from it?

Do you have the gumption to make a concentrated bet against Australia?

On the proviso that this bet is loaded with the potential to make you a three-percentage-digit return in months?

If such moral dilemmas when it comes to investing tend to make you squeamish, you may want to stop reading now.

If not…

Jim Rickards’ ‘Third Prophecy’

Like I said, this urgent opportunity comes directly from the research team of none other than Jim Rickards.

That should make you sit up and take notice straight away.

Jim was one of the few on the planet with the foresight (and guts) to go public with predictions of both the Brexit vote and the Donald Trump victory last year.

We have adjusted to those realities now.

But it’s easy to forget just how contrarian those calls were at the time.

Jim was the loneliest man in the world on Monday, 20 June, 2016, standing in front of cameras on the London Eye Ferris wheel.

It was three days before the Brexit vote.

And Jim was just across the Thames from the UK Houses of Parliament, standing with a film crew to record an urgent warning. He said pretty much everyone in the world had it wrong. And that, in three days’ time, a political earthquake would send shockwaves around the globe.

Jim and his analysts then recommended exact strategies to avoid losses and to profit from the catastrophe to come. These strategies included shorting sterling, buying gold, and increasing cash allocations so our readers could ‘go shopping among the ruins’.

As a result, his readers were prepared for what happened — unlike the elites and so-called ‘smart money’, who were totally unprepared.

Several months later, Jim Rickards did it again.

Jim was here with us at our Port Phillip Publishing conference in Port Douglas in the lead-up to the 8 November American election.

He did a raft of press interviews while in Australia, including one with The Business on ABC Australia.

In each he was unequivocal: While everyone thought Hillary was a lock for the White House, Jim insisted Trump would win.

Like John Paulson, Rickards knows there is SERIOUS money to be made if you bet against the mainstream, and you got it right.

Which brings me to:

 ‘The Big Australian Short’

This chart is a visual representation of what you already know…

Source: Business Insider

You know that, for the first time since 2011, the Australian economy shrank in the September quarter last year.

And not by a tiny amount. By 0.5%. That’s the biggest fall since the darkest days of the global financial crisis.

It wasn’t Brexit or Trump.

But it was still a shock. Australian treasurer Scott Morrison declared it ‘more than a warning for Australia’.

Most ‘experts’ in the economic community were expecting a fall of little more than 0.1%. It saw year-on-year growth plummet from 3% to 1.8%.

Nothing lasts forever.

Not even 26 years of economic growth.

But here’s the thing…

Just like Brexit…and just like Trump…the ‘experts’ are blindly assuming that normal activities will resume shortly.

And that an Australian recession is pretty much impossible.

Annette Beacher, head of Asia-Pacific research at TD Securities Ltd:

We’re still confident that this is just a perfect storm of negatives and we shouldn’t be talking about technical recessions — we should be talking about what rebound we can expect for the fourth quarter.

Shane Oliver, AMP Capital:

‘…there is no reason to get too gloomy… We expect GDP growth to lift back to around a 2.5% pace in the current quarter and through 2017.’

Felicity Emmett, ANZ:

‘There has undoubtedly been some loss of momentum in the economy, but there are a number of temporary elements to the weakness. We expect that today’s numbers overstate the underlying weakness in the economy.’

Paul Dales, Capital Economics:

‘…we doubt that the first recession in 25 years has begun. The odds are that GDP will rise in the fourth quarter.’

Alan Oster, NAB:

‘…our assessment is that the headline figure is probably overstating magnitude of the decline in the economy. Indeed, we do not anticipate another negative print in the December quarter...’

Stephen Walters, Australian Institute of Company Directors:

‘The fall in GDP in the last quarter probably is not the start of another sustained leg down for the economy, so should not require a policy response from the Bank.’

Well, that’s OK then. Nothing to worry about!

But here is the crucial point…

What if these ‘experts’ are wrong?

Just as almost every professional forecaster was wrong last year with Brexit and Trump?

Is that ‘impossible’?

Many Australian mainstream commentators will openly scoff at you for even mentioning the ‘R-Word’.

As Peter Switzer wrote before last Christmas: ‘…there are plenty of reasons to believe the country’s best economists that we are largely doing OK... So, if anyone wants to use the R-word in your company, I suggest you scrooge them with: “Bah, humbug!”’ 

You were met with the same kind of derision if you entertained the ideas of Brexit or Trump victories last year.

Jim Rickards was one of the only analysts who called Brexit in advance.

Some of his readers were able to double their money overnight on the ensuing volatility.

Before the American election, Rickards insisted that, ‘The mainstream media, pundits, markets and betting venues all say that the election is practically over and Hillary Clinton has a victory in the bag. But scientific polls and powerful anecdotal evidence all say the opposite. The election will definitely be close, and we see strong evidence that Trump will win.

Now the same antennae used to predict Brexit and Trump are twitching once more…

If the experts are wrong again — this time about the Australian economy — make this trade now

We’re calling it ‘The Big Australian Short’.

It’s a trade you need to make before 28 February, 2017.

That’s the day the next National Accounts data is released. If it’s another GDP contraction, BOOM. It will be a bombshell every bit as shocking as Brexit and Trump.

Australia will officially be in its first recession in 26 years.

The experts will have universally gotten it wrong — again.

And you could be looking at a small fortune. A potential three digit percentage gain at least — more if you use leverage — from one single trade. I’ll give you details on the specifics of this trade shortly.

Another ‘Big Short’
opportunity has arisen…

Is it a sure thing?


But the potential pay-off is so big, it’s a tantalising proposition if you’re opportunistic and have some spare ‘fun money’ to wager between now and 28 February.

Remember, this trade strategy comes from the research desk of Jim Rickards. And his record for predicting outlier events extends back much further than Brexit and Trump.

In 2009, Jim testified in front of Congress about financial modelling and the 2008 crash.

You remember Long Term Capital Management, the giant hedge fund that blew up in the 90s...and almost took down the entire world stock market.

Jim was the lead attorney on that case, called in by the Fed to negotiate the bailout.

A few years later, the CIA called him in just after planes hit the Twin Towers in New York. They wanted Jim to help scan the markets for strange, big trades...like big bets on airline stocks.

In 2010, Jim did something similar involving New Scotland Yard. They used Jim’s risk models to uncover a terror plot in London, just days before it was about to happen.

Listen, the bottom line is this — Jim has spent years cultivating sophisticated risk analysis tools that are coveted by security agencies and media organisations around the world.

So when his Australian research desk flashes a giant alarm bell, you’d best listen…

Especially when that alarm bell’s paired with a shot at a gain
in excess of 500%

The ferocity of Australia’s economic decline could be 2017’s Trump/Brexit-shock.

That is the essence of this ‘Big Australian Short’ trade.

But if you’ve read Jim Rickards’ The Big Drop or The Road to Ruin, you know it’s just part of a wider global financial puzzle…

A puzzle you could trade…for ultra-fast double and potentially triple-digit wins.

Right now, a financial war is raging.

And it is a war that’s being conducted, primarily, through CURRENCIES.

Finally, Australia’s economy is weakening. That means the Reserve Bank of Australia is going to keep interest rates as low as possible for the foreseeable future.

As econotimes.com reported,

‘Given the continued subdued inflation pressure, additional rate cuts are not yet off the agenda. After all, the strong Australian dollar continues to be an issue for the Reserve Bank of Australia. The RBA has reiterated that a robust currency might “complicate” the process of necessary economic adjustments.

‘A weaker dollar might assist in compensating for the negative effects of declining commodity prices that had put significant pressure on the Australian terms of trade. Furthermore, it exerts upward pressure on inflation by stimulating import prices.’

The point is:

Australia is now in a dogfight to stay competitive.

And a weak Aussie dollar is prime ammunition.  

Then there’s what happens in China this year.

That’s what could make ‘The Big Australian Short’ REALLY explosive.

As the Irish Times reported on 6 January, 2017, China now has ‘a debt crisis, a property bubble poised to burst, turmoil on the financial markets, sluggish economic reform, a depreciating yuan and slim prospects of recovery in the export business that drove China’s remarkable rise in the first decade of the century.

If the situation in China worsens, that places even more pressure on the RBA to cut interest rates.

Meanwhile, the Irish Times reports, China’s own central bank is going to be doing the opposite. It wants to STRENGTHEN its currency. And it has ‘stepped up its efforts to support the yuan currency amid concerns over capital outflows and to deter speculation.’

The point is:

In 2017, the currency wars Jim Rickards has forecast for years will rage like never before

And while most investors will continue to be shocked and blindsided...YOU now have an opportunity not only to protect your flank from what could happen, but also to book triple-digit gains.   

You see…

There is a mechanism for sifting great trade opportunities from the ongoing currency wars.

It’s called the IMPACT system.

And, put simply, it’s a way for you to potentially lock in massive gains from the weird events you see unfolding in politics and the markets right now.

2017 is shaping up to be a very strange year in the financial markets.

You have the great Black Swan of a Donald Trump presidency.

You have the real prospect of a trade war breaking out between America and China. (Donald Trump has threatened to declare China a ‘currency manipulator’ on day one of his presidency.)

You have Britain breaking away from the EU.

You have stock markets at all-time highs.

And, closer to home, you have Australia’s 26-year run of growth sputtering to halt.

You may not realise it, and the media is certainly not reporting it, but at the crux of it all is the heightening currency wars.

As Dailyfx.com reported on 7 January, 2017:

'Currency wars' is a strong description to use for the state of the markets, but it is increasingly appropriate given the developments in the global financial markets over the past days, weeks and months.

The question facing you is:

What should you do?

Sell up and hide as the global financial system becomes increasingly unstable?

Or actively trade the uncertainty for huge potential rewards...

Few investors realise how currency wars impact countries, economic output, inflation, and most importantly, their own portfolios.

Fewer still realise that currency warfare could be a great producer of trade opportunities.

That’s what Jim Rickards’ IMPACT system is all about.

And that’s why I’m so excited to officially introduce it to Aussie investors.

This is truly ground-breaking stuff. Because if you believe — like Jim Rickards does — that the currency wars are here to stay and will only intensify in 2017 and 2018...

This is a way to ride this trend — from here in Australia — starting right now...

I have appointed two of my best Australian analysts — Shae Russell and Jason Stevenson — to work with Jim Rickards on an exciting project: bringing the IMPACT investing strategy to Australian investors.

IMPACT investing is centred on the ongoing currency wars, and the currency markets.

But — as you will see — this isn’t just about currency trades.

The ‘Big Australian Short’ trade I want to introduce you to shortly, for instance, is NOT a currency trade.

It’s basically for someone who is looking at all the craziness going on in both politics AND the financial markets right now and who thinks...

‘There’s gotta be a way I can
take advantage of this...’

A currency war is where nations seek to deliberately depreciate the value of their currencies, in order to stimulate their economies. 

As you probably know, Jim is the pre-eminent global expert on this topic.

He literally wrote the book on it.

He was even called on by the Pentagon to a secret facility just outside of Washington DC to conduct financial wargames.

As Rickards wrote in his book Currency Wars:

‘…about sixty experts from the military, intelligence, and academic communities arrived at APL on a rainy morning in the late winter… The only weapons allowed would be financial — currencies, stocks, bonds, and derivatives.’

Jim has said for five years that we are in the third great global currency war of the last century. And that this will end in an even bigger catastrophe than the last two.

But until now the wars have been bubbling under the surface.

In 2017, that all changes…

The currency cold wars could be about to go WHITE HOT.

Donald Trump is saying he’s going to slap tariffs as high as 35% on certain Chinese goods.

China, in turn, could allow its currency to free-float.

As Forbes reports:

‘If the U.S. slapped punitive trade tariffs on products deemed important to China's massive working-class labour market, China could weaken the currency and make it impossible for U.S. competitors to compete on price outside of the U.S.’

It’s all on, reader.

And the potential for big trade opportunities in the coming year is almost endless.

But what do I mean by that?

Jim Rickards has designed IMPACT to be the ultimate system for the world we now find ourselves in.

It’s calibrated to do two things.

First, protect you from what are going to be increasingly violent and erratic currency manipulations in the months and years to come.

And second, to show you how you could lock in huge potential gains from currency war movements — potential gains far greater than what you might get from the stock market.

Let me give you an example...

A quick win from a plunging
Aussie dollar

On 5 August 2014, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a policy to devalue its currency.

Here’s what happened in a security called FXA, which tracks the Australian dollar:

Investors in FXA got crushed!

But according to back testing, investors who used IMPACT could have banked a fantastic trading win.

The size of that win would have depended on your risk tolerance.

If you’d gone conservative and used NO leverage, you could have made 32.4% in less than four months.

But the great thing about IMPACT is you can really push the boat out, depending how much you’re willing to put on the line.

CFDs, for instance, are a highly leveraged tool that can be applied to IMPACT trades.

Now, using 50 to 1 leverage is the quickest way to the poor house. We would never recommend that. But using small amounts of leverage could double, triple or even quadruple that 32.4% in four months.

For instance…

  • Using one-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 64.8% gain.
  • Using two-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 97.2% gain.
  • Using three-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 129.6% gain.
  • And using 10-to-one leverage could have seen your gain pop out to 324%.

Now, I’m not for a minute suggesting you should leverage that much. To my mind, that’s dangerous and a severe risk to your wealth.

However, I know that many traders have a higher risk tolerance than me, so they’re prepared to take the risk. If that’s you, fine.

Just remember the risks. CFDs are risky. Never expose yourself and your trading account to more than you’re prepared to lose.

The great thing about IMPACT is that you can tailor the risk…and rewards…to your own preferences. As a rule of thumb, our ‘house rule’ is to never recommend more than three-to-one leverage. But ultimately, how much leverage you decide to use (if you decide to use leverage at all — you don’t have to) is up to you.

That’s not all, the same IMPACT approach could also have generated...

70% from the cratering ruble

This one concerns Russia. Thanks to aggression by Putin, Russia was sucked into a currency war at the end of 2014.

As a result, Russia’s currency, the ruble, cratered...

Take a look at this security called RSX, which closely tracks the valuation of the ruble:

You’ll notice how RSX took a nosedive.

That was bad news for the ruble, and for Vladimir Putin...

But it could have been fantastic news for you — once you got to know the secret behind IMPACT.

Because using Jim Rickards’ proprietary IMPACT trading strategy without leverage, you could have made 70%...in less than 30 days.

If you choose to use leverage using CFDs (we issue a primer on how to do this) you could make three or even four figures from a trade like this.

For instance…

  • Using one-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 140%
  • Using two-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 210%
  • Using three-to-one leverage could have resulted in a 280%
  • And using 10-to-one leverage could have seen your gain pop out to a 770%

And keep in mind: This is without trading the actual currency, and without the hassle of setting up foreign exchange bank accounts.

And WITHOUT trading in the traditional foreign exchange (forex) markets.

This is a way for ordinary investors to play the ructions in the currency markets in 2017.

The beauty is YOU control the risk.

You can bet lower risk, higher risk, or crazy high risk on each IMPACT trade, banking potential gains between 30% and 100% or more, if the trade works out as we expect.

Depending on your attitude to risk, you could ramp up those potential gains into the many hundreds of percent…in a matter of weeks or months. Provided you are aware of and comfortable with the RISK of leveraging your IMPACT trades.

Now remember, if Jim Rickards’ thesis for 2017 is even half right:

The opportunities for IMPACT profits 
could only spread and intensify...

At the end of 2016 the American Federal Reserve hiked interest rates for just the second time in a decade.

But according to Jim, the Fed will soon be cutting them again.

He told CNBC’s Squawk Box in December that President Donald Trump’s stimulus plans will be a bust. And that, faced with either a recession or a massive stock market crash, the Fed will be forced to cut once more:

They will raise (rates) in March and then something will hit the wall, either the economy or the stock market or both. Then the Fed will backpedal from there, starting with a forward guidance then perhaps a rate cut later in the year,’ Jim said.

And followers of Jim’s IMPACT method will be ready and waiting…

It’s designed to help you anticipate and profit from events just like this…

The Fed Trade

On 3 November 2010, the Fed announced it was purchasing $600 billion of longer-dated Treasuries, at a rate of about $75 billion per month.

This massive money-printing program — popularly known as ‘QE2’ — was set to expire in June 2011.

Look at what happened to a security called GLD:

From July to September, GLD went up as high as 27%.

Now, that’s a nice return.

But consider this: even if you’d taken the one-to-one leveraged approach to Jim’s IMPACT strategy, you could have doubled that...and made 54% in the same three-month period.

And if you’d taken it one step further...and ramped up your leverage to two-to-one, you could have made an 81% gain. And if you had ramped up the leverage to 10-to-one, you could have bagged a 297% speculative gain.

Just remember, we’ll NEVER recommend using such explosive leverage. But if you’re happy to use leverage, you understand the risks, and you know not to create a loss exposure for more than you can afford to lose, then this trading strategy could be just the approach for you.

Now, I’ll remind you once more these are not live market trades but results achieved from back-testing.

But with results this promising, you can see why we’re so keen to unleash IMPACT on the markets from here in Australia.

Now, if you’re sceptical, you have every right to be...

But I encourage you to keep an open mind. Because I’ll show you exactly how IMPACT works, in the simplest way I can, right here in this message.

Here’s the story...
It begins with the CIA...

As I’ve said, Jim has spent the last 40 years advising major banks and hedge funds on global finance.

For the past 13 years, he has also advised the CIA, Department of Defence and the wider intelligence community on financial threats to US national security.

As a Forbes magazine columnist put it,

History may well view Jim Rickards as the Paul Revere of the Currency War...

Right now the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and other central banks across the globe are all trying to devalue their currencies.

Since currencies are intertwined with virtually every aspect of the global economy, these moves end up creating ripple effects on the stock market...commodities market…and foreign exchange market...potentially leading to some very profitable trades.

Play these currency moves correctly, and they could make you big gains — fast.

For example, a 2014 study from MIT estimated that some Wall Street bankers have made as much as $653 million thanks to these currency wars.

There’s a lot of money at stake.

But don’t just take my word for it...

Here’s another example of what happens when these currency battles break out...

37.8% in just 14 days

On 15 January 2015, the Swiss National Bank suddenly announced that it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro.

(In technical terms, the Swiss franc was ‘de-pegging’ from the Euro).

That was good news for holders of FXF, a security that closely tied with the performance of the Swiss franc. Take a look...

In 30 days, holders of FXF would have made around 12%...

Not too shabby.

But investors using IMPACT could have done better.

Much better, in fact...

IMPACT investors using one-to-one leverage could have made 24%...in only 14 days.

Again: if you applied more leverage that gain in a single fortnight could have been much, much bigger: 48%, 96%, 144% or more, depending on the amount of leverage employed.

Just remember, this strategy isn’t risk free. If for example, you were on the ‘wrong side’ of the FXF trade, that big move could have resulted in big losses…especially if you had used leverage in your trading.

Like getting a ‘secret key’ to unlock 
currency war profits...

An effective trading strategy must include four things:

  1. Reliability
  2. Predictability
  3. Risk aversion
  4. Speedy returns

In a nutshell, that’s what Jim’s IMPACT strategy is all about trying to achieve...

It is a predictive system and a hedging strategy to give you the opportunity to profit from currency wars.

And it’s been designed specifically for reliability, predictability and speed.

But I have to tell you...it’s the speedy part that I find most exciting.

I mean, look at how quickly you could have grabbed these gains:

37.8% in less than 14 days from moves related to the Swiss franc.

70% in less than 30 days from moves related to the Russian ruble.

51.5% in 60 days from moves related to the Turkish lira.

47.8% in five months from moves related to the US dollar.

34.44% in six months from moves related to the Aussie dollar.

54.7% in seven weeks from moves related to gold.

And those are from playing the trades without using leverage.

If you use the leverage available with CFDs on these trades, you could significantly up the stakes.

Depending on the amount of leverage you use, you could put down 10% of the value of the trade, but make the same return as if you had put down the full value of the trade.

That’s leverage. It could be amazingly lucrative. But it is extraordinarily risky too.

So these super-fast gains above could balloon into triple or even quadruple-digit figures. Trades than could turn a $5,000 stake into $40,000 in the blink of an eye.

Of course, this kind of leverage can also completely blow you up if the trade goes against you. A 10% fall can mean 10 times the loss. So you need to approach with extreme caution.

Never underestimate the risks. But if you’re the kind of experienced trader we’re looking to have join this service, you should already know all about the risks.

But the beauty of leveraging IMPACT trades is YOU control the leverage, so YOU control the risk.

The point is...if you know when and where these currency battles happen, you could walk away with a small fortune.

The problem is most people have no clue how to start.

That’s why you can think of IMPACT as your ‘secret key’ to unlocking profit from the ongoing currency manipulations of every central bank in the world...

66% in 90 days from
the Fed’s war on oil

Another example...

One of the immediate casualties of today’s currency war is the oil industry.

Specifically, I'm talking about junk bonds issued by the banks to oil producers back in 2011, back when everyone expected a weak US dollar.

But thanks to actions by the Fed that started last year, the dollar has skyrocketed versus the price of oil.

What does that mean?

Well, as Jim told his readers:

The next financial collapse, already on our radar screen, will not come from hedge funds or home mortgages. It will instead come from energy-related corporate debt.

In short:

According to IMPACT, these aggressive moves by the Federal Reserve are bad news for highly leveraged oil drillers.

But that’s good news for savvy investors like us...

Because using IMPACT, we could have picked up a quick 66% return in 90 days...

And that’s using IMPACT without leverage.

Now, placing these IMPACT trades can be a straightforward process, providing you follow the instructions, and you know how to place trades using your CFD provider’s online platform…

You just make the trade, bide your time and then grab your potential gains.

The currency wars are global, and affect everybody. IMPACT is a global trading system that can be used by almost any trader. 

And you don’t need to be a Wall Street whiz or hedge fund guru either.

Imagine a three sided coin...

I.M.P.A.C.T. by the way, stands for:




Analysis and



It might sound complicated. But it’s really a flashy term for a trading strategy based on very simple concepts...

Try to imagine a three-sided coin.

This might be hard for you. And that’s OK. Because we’re been trained since birth to believe there are only two sides on a coin.

Heads or tails.

Win or lose.

One currency goes down. Another is going up.

The dollar wins. Other currencies lose.

Simple concept, right?

Call it binary or zero-sum thinking.

But the thing is...coins do NOT only have two sides.

In fact, every coin actually has a third side.

(Yes, even the coins in your pocket.)

The third side is the edge of the coin.

You see, if you stand a coin on its edge, you’ve found its third side...see for yourself:

And you know what? Once you stand a coin up on its edge...something amazing happens.

You can see both sides of the coin at once.

This might seem strange — but this is a perfect metaphor for the life-changing power Jim’s IMPACT strategy could open up for you...

For example...the ‘currency war’ being fought between the euro and Swiss franc.


As you can see, the security tracking the Swiss franc is way up...

While the security tracking the euro is way down.

To most people, this looks completely zero-sum.

Heads or tails. The Swiss franc wins while the euro loses.

But I’m here to tell you:

Most people only see one side of the coin...and they are completely missing out.

Because if you look for the third side...if you stand the coin on its edge using the IMPACT strategy...then you can see both sides of an opportunity...

Jim has designed IMPACT to let you potentially profit from both sides of a currency war simultaneously.

That’s why this isn’t just about a strategy. This is about a new mindset.

IMPACT is about opening up a whole new world of creative trades, while trying to help you profit from an increasingly chaotic world.

Using CIA-derived systems and methodology, Jim’s team of analysts first narrow down the outcomes of the ripple effects that could make you money.

Then using IMPACT, we will show you how to collect potentially double-and triple-digit gains (or more), sometimes in a matter of weeks, thanks to these ripples.

Now I will stress again...

This kind of trading is NOT without risk. Even if you take the conservative route to IMPACT trading. If you can’t afford to have losing trades go against you, this is probably not for you.

You should CERTAINLY not use leverage unless you are entirely aware of the increased risk.

And while leverage could produce much larger gains, it can also produce much larger losses. We’ll walk you through every step of using leverage, and help you figure out whether you’re comfortable with using it. If you’re not — you should not use the leverage side of IMPACT investing.

But whether you use leverage or not, I believe IMPACT investing is the best way to potentially profit from the currency wars.

Let me show you how we’ll do it...

Jim Rickards has given Port Phillip Publishing permission to share his proprietary strategy with Australian investors.

We’ve launched a research service designed to help Australians take advantage of the moneymaking opportunities from the ongoing currency wars.

It’s called Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Trader.

There is no other trading service we offer that is more in-synch with what’s going on in the markets right now.

The ‘Big Australian Short’ is just the first mega-opportunity of this service for 2017.

There will be many more…

If you’re adventurous, and keen to exploit these strange and unprecedented markets in the months ahead, don’t delay.

You should take a test run of this service immediately.

I’ve arranged for you to do it, at no obligation to stay on as a subscriber, for 60 days.

If you do, you’ll get immediate details on how to place your ‘Big Australian Short’ bet.

To begin your 60-day, no-obligation trial of Jim Rickards Currency Wars Trader, just click here.

I have appointed Shae Russell and Jason Stevenson as Jim’s on-the-ground research team here in Australia. They will work in conjunction with Jim to bring you actionable IMPACT trades throughout the course of the year.

We’ll shoot to collect potential double and triple-digit gains in a matter of weeks and months (with rare chances for gains in the thousands of percent using leverage).

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no other publication in the world that uses a strategy like this to potentially profit from the global currency wars.

In total, you can expect at least two trading recommendations per month.

But if the opportunities exist for more trades, we’ll send them to you. Currency Wars Trader isn’t a service that’s restricted to just one ‘story’ and idea per month.

This is a fast-paced trading service, with no limit to the potential trading opportunities.

But trading alerts aren’t all you’ll get...


Trading like this might sound hard. But that’s the beauty of IMPACT...

Investing the IMPACT way isn’t that hard, once you get the hang of it.

How exactly does IMPACT trading work, then? I wish I could show you here...

But you can get immediate access to all the details in our recently published guidebook, The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Every member of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Trader will get this bonus slim volume, just for trying out this new trading research service.

In fact, this handbook is the very first thing you need to read if you want to take advantage of the power of investing the IMPACT way.

In this no-nonsense guide, we will spell out everything I’ve laid out for you today in plain, easy-to-read English.


  • The complete story behind IMPACT investing, and how it could allow you to make systematic profits from currency swings...without trading the currencies themselves.
  • Why CIA-derived methods and techniques let Jim spot currency swings months before they happen, putting you in the perfect position to use IMPACT...
  • The step-by-step instructions on how to make an IMPACT trade, using multiple ‘real-world’ examples...
  • The biggest mistakes amateur investors make trying to capture profits from these situations…
  • How to set up IMPACT trades in no time flat using your existing trading account...
  • An amazingly intuitive ‘hedging trick’ that could protect you from a falling dollar or a dropping stock market.
  • The top three currencies that we believe let you take the most advantage of the IMPACT strategy.

The Currency War Trader’s Handbook has everything you’ll need to get started with IMPACT. If you’ve ever traded a stock, chances are you can make these trades.

You can get your copy of this handbook — NOW — by agreeing to try out this new trading research service.

I suggest you read it as soon as you get your hands on it. Our research team already did the hard work for you. You just need to read the handbook, learn a few steps, and then start trading the IMPACT way.

Here are some answers
to questions you might have...

Look, I don’t blame you if you’re a bit overawed.

All this is a lot to take in. After all, the markets have hardly been placid lately.

With so many unknowns in play in 2017, it doesn’t seem like a great time to aggressively attack the market. But that’s the beauty of it. IMPACT is tailor-made to work in these exact conditions!

The more volatile, uncertain and bearish things get...the more tradable IMPACT opportunities present themselves!

You probably have a few questions. I’ll try and answer them for you...

Question #1:
Is This Too Difficult to Learn?

Answer: This strategy might seem hard, because this proprietary approach truly is a brand-new way to invest. And when you try ANYTHING new (from riding a bike to buying your first stock)... it takes a little bit of practice at first to get it right.

That said, as I’ve tried to show you today, the basic concepts behind IMPACT can be understood by almost anyone who’s familiar with the stock market and trading.

We have laid everything out for you (in plain English) inside your copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Even better, if you join us as part of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Trader, we’ll break down the process 1-2-3 so you can learn IMPACT in as little as 30 days:

First, we will identify and break down a scenario of an ongoing currency war, just as I tried to do for you today using ‘real-world’ examples.

Second, watch your email. When an IMPACT trade presents itself, we’ll fire it to your inbox. These emails will contain everything you need to do to set up an IMPACT trade in step-by-step instructions.

Third, make your IMPACT plays, get in, get out and potentially collect your profits. Then decide whether you’d like to roll over your profits into another IMPACT trade or enjoy the money you earned.

Full disclosure: It’s possible you may need to open a new type of trading account, or make a few modifications to your existing trading account in order to properly use IMPACT.

But have no worries here. Because we’ll tell you exactly how to set up your trading account (or any trading account) to trade using IMPACT the instant you join Currency Wars Trader.

Question #2:
Does this involve FX or Forex trading?

Answer: This service will use a combination of trading instruments. But it will involve CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and foreign exchange. The IMPACT system gives traders the potential to profit from currency moves and trends without trading currencies. We will NOT be recommending trades or advice on the Forex Exchange.

If you’re an experienced share trader, or even if you’ve just dabbled in the odd trade here or there, it’s likely that you already have the ability to trade using the IMPACT system.

If you don’t, we’ll show you exactly how to gain access to these trades the minute you join Currency Wars Trader.

Getting access to these trades could be as easy as ‘flicking a switch’ on your existing trading account. Or, it may take just 10–15 minutes to fill out an online form to get access. Or, you may already have access to these trading instruments, and be able to begin right away.

But whatever is involved, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take in order to begin profiting and protecting your wealth from the currency wars.

Question #3:
What Happens if the US Dollar Crashes?

Answer: The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Jim has predicted an outright crash in the US dollar in his books...and global financial calamity because of that. If this happens, could this trading strategy still work?

The answer is YES.

If the dollar crashes, then you could also have the chance to make a boatload in profits...

That’s because IMPACT aims to let you profit from a rising or falling dollar, big time.

Remember, I told you earlier there’s a hidden third side of the coin — the edge.

Using IMPACT, you’ll sit right there on that edge of the coin...

Letting you potentially profit from whichever side is the most lucrative (or even both sides, as I’ve shown you).

Question #4:
What Happens if Global Stock Markets REALLY Crash?

Answer: If the stock market crashes, then we could be in the perfect position to profit from any consequences for the Australian dollar, the US dollar and other currencies.

And the fact is, the craziness we are seeing in the global stock markets is directly tied to the currency wars.

A strong US dollar is one side of the coin — a side that we believe IMPACT could help you directly profit from right now.

But if stock markets crash, led by the US, then the US dollar could be in real trouble...and we can play the other side of the coin.

For example, think back to what we saw in 2008 when the markets crashed.

Everything went to hell in a handbasket.

But using IMPACT, you could have played this a number of ways...including a play on the Russian ruble that could have netted you 70% in 30 days.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if the markets go up, down or sideways. We believe there is always a way you could make money using my proprietary IMPACT system.

To begin your 60-day, no-obligation trial of Jim Rickards Currency Wars Trader, just click here.

You are welcome to try out IMPACT investing without risking any money in the markets.

The fact is, you don’t need to risk any money to get started trying IMPACT out, because you can paper trade as many of the recommendations as you like, for as long as you like.

By paper trading, you can accomplish two things: First, you won’t risk a single penny. Second, you can prove to yourself that this is the real deal.

Of course, if you want to capture actual dollar gains, you’ll need to invest actual dollars in the strategy. The choice is entirely up to you...

Also remember, you can take advantage of our ‘no-questions-asked’ 
guarantee for 60 days.

If, for whatever reason, you want to cancel your subscription in the first 60 days, just let us know by giving us a call or shooting us an email.

We'll give you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

And no matter what happens, you can still keep your copy of The Currency Wars Trader’s Handbook with my compliments.

But how much will Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Trader cost should you stay on after 60 days?

Classes like Pro-Trader will put you back $5,100 and spend seven days showing you ‘how to treat your capital with respect.’ Market Essentials run popular trading seminars that claim to help you recognise patterns in charts and trade them. Two days will cost you over $4,000, plus travel costs to the US.

That’s a LOT of money.

If you’re lucky enough to come away with some useful knowledge, you’ll be left to yourself to apply it to your trading. That $4,000–5,000 won’t provide you with actionable trade instructions.

For more direct, specific and ongoing trade advice you could go to one of Australia’s 200-odd boutique money management firms. But to be frank, you really need to have a trading portfolio of over $2 million to afford the kind of fees they charge.

And I don’t believe many of these people have an understanding of the currency wars, how they are influencing the investment markets, or how to spot the tradeable opportunities they’re producing. 

Currency Wars Trader is unique.

As such, it’s not cheap.

But you won’t be paying anywhere near $4,000–5,000.

An annual subscription to Currency Wars Trader is $3,499.

But...if I hear from you right now...I will do you a very special deal.

$1,499 for your first year

That’s a massive 57% discount on the annual subscription.

Meaning you’re getting a full year of Jim Rickards’ IMPACT trading methodology for well under half price!

Given what a pivotal year this is shaping up to be in the global currency wars, this should be a no-brainer.

And remember — I will even refund that massively discounted $1,499 IN FULL if you contact us within your 60 day trial period.

So now it’s decision time.

You have two choices...

Run and hide as the global financial system continues to unravel... Or use the situation to your advantage...

If you’ve read Jim’s books you’ll be familiar with his theory by now.

He specialises in combining geopolitical intelligence with dynamic systems analysis. He does this to identify instability in capital markets before the instability results in an actual collapse.

These collapse points are called ‘phase transitions’ by physicists who study the same phenomena in other systems.

Jim believes a massive, global ‘phase transition’ is about to occur in 2017.

And that the escalating currency wars are the biggest indicator of this.

His books were written for people who want to learn about what’s unfolding...and protect themselves from it.

Jim’s proprietary IMPACT strategy is for investors who want to exploit the situation...for potentially significant trading gains.

If that’s not your cup of tea, no problem. 

But if you’d like to try out IMPACT trades at no obligation for 60 days, simply click here

Fill out our secure order form and you can dive into Currency Wars Trader and Jim’s proprietary IMPACT strategy.

Again: this is a unique chance to get in the door on this for WELL UNDER HALF PRICE!

That’s an enormous 57% discount.

Chances are we won’t be able to hold that discount open for long.

CLICKING HERE TO START YOUR TRIAL doesn’t obligate you in any way.

You can fully review your order before you confirm it.

Just imagine how it feels to have the edge over central bankers for once in your life...completely turning the tables and putting this strategy to work as you attempt to bank consistent gains...even if we see more shocks like Brexit and Donald Trump in 2017.

It all starts with your ‘Big Australian Short’ trade.

Click the SUBSCRIBE NOW link below to get started.


Kris Sayce,
Publisher, Port Phillip Publishing


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final


‘I’ve never heard of “IMPACT investing” before...why is that?’

Answer: It’s because nobody has told you about this strategy before today.

The fact is most people don’t know this opportunity exists. Including stockbrokers, financial television pundits and mutual fund managers.

And that’s a very good thing, for our purposes. Because it’s this lack of awareness that allows investors to profit from these situations on a predictable and regular basis.

Jim designed IMPACT from the ground up as a new way to potentially profit from currency wars...using systems and techniques developed for the CIA and US Department of Defense to detect and predict terrorist activity.

We’ve spent thousands of hours back-testing this strategy to make sure it works...

And here’s something else: I’ve tried to be completely transparent throughout this entire presentation. I’ve tried to put out all of our cards on the table. With what I’ve given you today, you are more than welcome to continue investigating this on your own...

But that said, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by simply responding right now and getting your copy of the The Currency War Trader’s Handbook and seeing these plays laid out step by step.

We’ve already done the hard work for you in this handbook. You can try it out  for 60 days. Just hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button for all the details.

Hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You’ll just be directed to another page with additional information about this offer.

‘This all seems to be too good to be true...what’s the catch?’

Answer: Of course you should be sceptical. First, this is a new system. Second, it’s a system centring on profiting from the global currency war. That’s not exactly a mainstream idea.

You should investigate before you jump into anything. That’s why we are giving you 60 days to check out this opportunity. I want you to see first-hand — that Jim’s IMPACT strategy could make you money from currency wars.

Remember, Jim and our team have designed this strategy specifically for reliability, predictability and speed.

Once you’ve studied it and you’re totally confident it works, you can start making money at your own comfortable pace. You have 60 days to test everything out, either with paper trading, or with as much money as you want to risk.

If you don’t get the results you want, just ask for a refund of the subscription price. What could be easier than that?


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

‘Can I use my regular trading account?’

Answer: You may be able to, however that will depend on what trading account you have.

When we send out a Currency Wars Trader Alert, we’ll give you the advice, but it’s up to you to decide how you implement the idea. As I said, it will depend on your risk tolerance and the gains you hope to make.

This means, that if you have an ordinary share trading account, you may still be able to use it. However if you want to try out our other strategies, you may need to open a CFD trading account, to give you access to these trades.

Thankfully, most of this is quite straightforward and can be done online in minutes.

Hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button to find out how...

‘Is your IMPACT strategy difficult to learn?’

Answer: I don’t think it’s hard at all. As I said, the concepts behind it are incredibly simple. Of course, when you try out ANYTHING new (from riding a bike to buying your first stock) it takes a little bit of practice at first to get it right.

But we’ve tried to put everything you’d need to know in your bonus copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Plus keep this in mind: there’s a phenomenon described by science as ‘the curse of knowledge’. It’s a cognitive bias that leads better-informed people to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people.

That’s why you’ll often see ‘beginner’s luck’ come into play. Because someone coming into something brand new can still see all the angles — without the bias.

By coming into this IMPACT strategy brand new, you won’t have the ‘curse of knowledge’ at all...

Instead, you’ll be coming at this fresh and ready to see all the opportunities from currency wars, the very same way Jim looks at these opportunities.

Who knows? You might even get a taste of ‘beginner’s luck’ that could not only give you back the money you pay for this service within a few short weeks, but possibly enough money to put you on the path to financial freedom that you deserve.

But that’s only if you hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button right now and take advantage of this limited and generous Currency Wars Trader charter offer while you still can.

‘Does this strategy involve trading risky derivatives?’

Answer: In short, to get the most from this service, and to have the best opportunity of cashing in on the biggest gains, you’ll need to consider using CFDs.

CFDs can give you access to a wide range of markets we’ll trade in Currency Wars Trader — stock CFDs, index CFDs, commodity CFDs, and FX CFDs.

And because we’ll recommend using CFDs, you should know that CFDs are a leveraged and risky trading instrument.

Now, leverage is a double-edged sword. Sure it could give you bigger profits, but it can also increase your losses significantly if the trade goes against you. If you wish to trade using leverage you must be comfortable using leverage.

In the Currency War Traders Handbook, we explain in detail what this involves and just how it can affect you.

Each alert you’ll receive in Currency Wars Trader will tell you exactly what specific strategy you can use in each particular situation, and the associated risks.

But remember, IMPACT trading is like no other trading system you’ve ever seen before. IMPACT isn’t a very complicated trading strategy. Instead, it is a predictive system and hedging strategy designed to be simple, yet elegant.

IMPACT is also a new mindset. The same mindset that Jim uses...one that could help you unlock profits from currency markets...from multiple currencies at once...without trading FX. What’s more, you can use this system in any market — up, down or sideways.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to put this mindset to work for you...hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button, right now...


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

‘How is Jim able to use “CIA techniques” with investing without getting in trouble?’

Answer: Because IMPACT is Jim’s proprietary strategy...

It is true the predictive system part of IMPACT is based on many of the techniques and methods used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, such as the use of complexity theory, Bayesian technique and causal inference.

These intelligence-gathering techniques are direct from the most heavily classified activities of the US government.

But the fact of the matter is you could apply these techniques for both national security AND to help make money in the markets. Thus there are no conflicts of interest here. That said, if a conflict of interest ever arises, we reserve the right to take down this offer at any time.


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

‘I'm not a big risk taker. Is this the right research service for someone like me?’

Answer: All investing is risky, so we’re not about to tell you that this is risk-free. However, the amount of risk you choose to take will be entirely up to you.

This system will provide you with the trade ideas. You’ll get to choose which trades you take and which trades you’ll leave alone. And you’ll also decide for yourself how much leverage to use, if any.

For instance, if you have a relatively low risk tolerance, you may choose to trade without leverage (bearing in mind that all CFD trading is risky, so we’re talking in relative terms here). Or, if you have a higher risk tolerance, you may choose leverage at a level where you’re comfortable.

It’s really up to you.

But remember one more thing. The purpose of Currency Wars Trader is also designed to help reduce your overall portfolio’s exposure to the risks inherent in the global currency wars. So you shouldn’t view this as a standalone service.

You may choose to use the recommendations in Currency Wars Trader as a way of hedging your portfolio. That could involve making a loss on a particular stock in your main portfolio, but recording a gain on the trades in Currency Wars Trader, or vice versa.

Does that mean Currency Wars Trader is right for you? I can’t answer that. But that’s why we offer the 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try it out for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied that this service is right for you, just give us a call and we’ll refund your subscription, no questions asked.


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

‘Does this involve using a load of technical mumbo jumbo and complicated charts?’

Answer: In order to illustrate and justify a trade, it may be necessary to show you charts and technical analysis. But we’ll always do so using plain English, so that each trade is clear and understandable.

As part of this, you’ll get the specific play, and when to get in and when to get out. We do all the hard work for you. Each alert will tell you exactly what to do. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what we recommend!

‘I’ve heard trading systems never work, because it’s impossible to beat the market — what makes this different?’

Answer: We don’t agree it is ‘impossible’ to beat the market.

And if you’ve stuck with me to this point, I’m pretty sure you don’t believe this either...

First off, we all know it’s possible to beat the market. You and I could both name several famous investors who beat the market all the time.

Second, our extensive back testing shows that large gains from IMPACT are possible.

We’ve tried to show you all the proof here in this message. It is entirely up to you if you believe our research or not.

But whatever you decide, you’re still covered by our 60-day guarantee. Just hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button now. Hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You’ll just be directed to another page with additional information about this offer.

 ‘What promise do I have that I’ll make money?’

Answer: I can’t promise that. To be completely honest, if you choose NOT to invest in IMPACT recommendations, then I can guarantee that you will not make any money on them — and this service will be nothing more than education.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with paper trading to learn the IMPACT strategy — but the simple fact is that you can’t make anything unless you’re willing to invest with actual dollars.)

But I do guarantee this service for a full 60-day period. And during that time, if you’re sceptical — which is completely understandable — then please do feel free to paper trade.

By paper trading, you can accomplish two things: First, you won’t risk a single penny. Second, you can prove to yourself that this is the real deal.

And if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide you’ve made a mistake in the first 60 days, just let us know by giving us a call or sending us an email.

We'll give you a refund, no questions asked.

 ‘Do I have to have a large amount of money to invest?’

Answer: No. In fact, you don’t need to use any money to get started, because you can paper trade as many of the IMPACT recommendations as you like, for as long as you like...

That said, if you want to make actual money you can spend (or reinvest), then yes, you’ll need money to get started. How much is up to you. You can get started with as little as a few thousand dollars to invest.

You have to remember, that a ‘small’ or ‘large’ amount of money is subjective.

There is one rule when it comes to investing: NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose. That’s especially true when using leverage.

In fact, to make the most of this service, we suggest having a pot of $10,000 for our most basic strategies. If you plan on using the more advanced strategies, $20,000 would be a good start.

You can certainly start with less if you wish. But that’s up to you.

Remember that you get to trial this service for 60 days to see if this works for you.

‘If I have questions or am unsure about anything about my membership, can I speak to someone?’

Answer: Absolutely. Immediately after joining, we will give you a special customer service number that you can call with any questions you might have about how your membership works and what you’re entitled to. You’ll also get a special email address for the same purposes.

We don’t outsource our calls overseas. We want members of Currency War’s Trader to experience the world-class service they deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hit the ‘Subscribe Now’ button and get started today...


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final

‘How soon until get my materials like my Currency War Trader’s Handbook and first Currency Wars Trader trading recommendations?’

Answer: Within 10 minutes of responding today, you can download everything right on your computer, phone, tablet or other device. Just click the button now to get started.

‘How often will you be making recommendations?’

Answer: We plan to make at least two trading recommendation every month. This number could increase based on what’s happening in the markets, and especially during currency wars.

‘Is your ordering process safe and secure?’

Answer: It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We are using the latest complex encryption technology we can find to protect your data though the entire ordering process.


You Can Review Your Order Before It’s Final