RSI Road to Ruin

On 15 November 2014, Australia’s Prime Minister — along with 20 of the most powerful world leaders — signed a financial ‘death warrant’…

…what we believe is a secret plan to FREEZE every dollar you own when the next financial crisis hits.

My brand new book — that I’ll send to any eligible Australian who responds — reveals what I believe is the globally coordinated ‘Ice-Nine Plan’…and three counter-measures you could make right now to protect yourself.

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Hello, Jim Rickards here…

You may know me as the author of two New York Times bestselling books — Currency Wars and The Death of Money — warning about the coming collapse of our financial system…

Or you may have read my most recent book, the bestselling modern-day authority on the importance of gold, The New Case for Gold

Indeed, as well as being recognised for my bestselling books, I have a high profile on popular financial television, print and online media outlets…

RSI Road to Ruin

Turn on the TV and tune into CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg or Russia Today and you’ll likely see me on the channel.

But that’s where my similarity with other financial commentators ends.

My work as a currency war advisor for the Pentagon, CIA and US national intelligence brings me into direct contact with the top echelons of the global power structure.

I’ve even been given top-secret national security clearance, too.

And what I’ve discovered as a consequence of my access has FLOORED me.

It’s why I’m writing to you today:

If you have a single dollar to your name…

A stock brokerage account or retirement fund…

Or if any payments are paid direct into your bank, whether they’re welfare payments...your salary…your pension…or any other income you might have…

I believe your wealth, your freedom and much more are at grave risk right now.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m rushing a copy of my brand-new book, called The Road to Ruin: The Global Elite’s Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis, to the doorstep of any eligible Australian with a valid mailing address.

Look, I’m not saying you should close all your bank accounts right now…

But it is fundamentally important that before you let another dollar hit your bank account…you read this book.

You see, I believe, without doubt…

This is my most important
work to date

Before I tell you why I’m sending this book to any eligible Australian reader who responds to me today, let me be clear about what my new book — The Road to Ruin — is NOT.

  • My book is NOT a doom-and-gloom account of how the world’s coming to an end — you can find thousands of those kinds of blogs online for free…
  • It is NOT a tip-sheet that’s going to give you a list of stocks to run out to buy to ‘get rich quick’ — its contents are worth far more than 100 amazing stock tips…
  • And it’s NOT a political piece about what the global elites and President Trump need to do to save the economy — the financial system is already past the point of no return…

Instead, it reveals a terrifying plan, which I believe policymakers and influencers intend for your money.

This is a plan the elites have been preparing for years…

It’s a plan with a key Australian connection.

In fact, Australia has a very big and important role in this secret plan. It was right here, in this great country, that the new rules of the game were drawn, signed and sealed.

It happened at the G20 summit, held in Brisbane, on 15 November 2014...

RSI Road to Ruin

Source: ABC News

This meeting included President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the then Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott…and 189 other world leaders and the heads of their central banks.

At the end of it, they had a final communique where they agreed, in writing, the plan for how to deal with a new crisis.

I’ve managed to uncover this plan purely as a consequence of my high-level access and connections.

It goes by two words…

And please remember these two words, because you’re hearing them here first. I call it…


Here’s how I like to explain it…

If the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’ goes into effect, the money in your bank…the money in your stock brokerage account…the money you’ve got set aside for retirement could, in effect, become like a jewel in a glass case at a museum.

You’ll be able to look at it…

But you won’t be able to touch it.

And even more worrying, you won’t actually own it…

Sounds scary, right?

During the next financial crisis, I’m convinced there will be a coordinated worldwide plan to freeze everything you own.

I’m talking about savings accounts…FROZEN. Imagine not being allowed to withdraw any cash from ATM machines.

Brokerage accounts…FROZEN. Picture not being able to sell and liquidate any of the stocks you own.

Retirement accounts…FROZEN. All that money you thought you had saved up — access denied.

Your market accounts…safe deposit boxes…bank-owned vaults…


But that’s the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’.

The elites have actually done this before on a localised scale, as I’ll show you below.

Think Greece…think Cyprus…think about US President Roosevelt’s outlawing of gold ownership in the 1930s.

Well, this time, when the next crisis happens, as I think it surely will, I believe we’ll see this happen on a GLOBAL SCALE.

And it could be coming into effect very soon...

But don't worry...
there is no need to panic…YET

Look. I realise this plan sounds extreme.

It’s essentially removing your independent ability to control your own money. But at the same time, you already know that we are living through extreme times.

That’s a fact.

You’re seeing more proof of that every day — from gradual banishment of high-denominated banknotes to negative interest rates. Extreme events many would have thought impossible are already becoming a reality.

We can no longer ignore the fact that the global financial elite have ditched the rulebook and seem willing to ‘try anything’.

In The Road to Ruin, I provide specific analysis and official documentation of this secret ‘Ice-Nine Plan’.

Most importantly, though, I reveal what I believe you should do to start protecting your money.

That’s why I want to send you (as long as you’re eligible) a brand-new copy of The Road to Ruin today.

And because I think it’s so important you read this book and prepare for the many dangers ahead, I don’t want any money for the book itself.

I’ll explain how you can claim your copy in one moment…

But first, it’s vital you understand that no matter what you matter whom you vote for at election time...and no matter what your current financial circumstances might be right now...

We are in a worse position
than we were in 2008

Now, you may be wondering: why would the financial elite even want to introduce something like the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’ to control your money?

It’s a good question.

But let’s face it...

You don’t have to be a Nobel laureate in economics to see that the greatest financial crisis in history is about to hit us all like a giant tsunami…

And those ‘in power’ need a way to fix the situation after disaster strikes.

I know this better than most…

In 1998, I was the lead negotiator of the bailout of the hedge fund Long Term Capital Management (LTCM). You may remember that story. It was at the height of what’s now known as the Asian Currency Crisis.

But few people realise it almost wreaked more destruction on the global economy than the subprime mortgage crisis 10 years later.

I know how bad it really was...because I was there, at the centre of it.

Most of the Western losses from this liquidity crisis ended up on the ledger of LTCM.

They were losing, literally, tens of millions of dollars AN HOUR.

Total losses were US$4 billion.

But that was nothing.

Beneath that iceberg was a TRILLION dollars in derivative trades spread across the books of the biggest banks in Wall Street and London.

If LTCM failed, those trades would have imploded. Wall Street’s biggest names would have fallen like dominoes. And global markets would have completely collapsed.

In fact, we were hours away from shutting every market in the world.

Fortunately, we negotiated a secret, behind-closed-doors bailout with 14 of the world’s biggest banks, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citibank.

We got US$4 billion in rescue money. The US Federal Reserve was involved too. But we were close...a hair’s breadth...from systemic global financial Armageddon.

Same thing in 2008...

We were just days away from the sequential collapse of every major bank in the world.

Bear Stearns had failed in March 2008…the mortgage agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failed in June 2008…Lehman Brothers in September 2008.

Morgan Stanley would have been next…then Goldman Sachs, then Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan…

That collapse didn’t go all the way because the US Federal Reserve stepped in by printing tens of trillions of dollars…setting up complex ‘swap’ lines with the European Bank, cutting interest rates and guaranteeing deposits.

But here’s the point… 

In 1998, Wall Street bailed out a hedge fund...

In 2008, the central banks bailed out Wall Street…

In 2018, if not sooner, who’s going to bail out the central banks?

You see, everything that made 2008 terrible is EVEN WORSE today…

  • THE FACT IS all of those ‘too big to fail’ banks that acted so recklessly and caused the 2008 crisis grew 38% bigger after the crash, according to US Senator Elizabeth Warren. They didn’t learn, and now could be set to fall even further.
  • THE FACT IS all the risky bets that those same banks made in 2008 are more numerous and riskier than ever before. Greed still runs rife in the sector and is not being stopped.
  • THE FACT IS, according to respected business analysts McKinsey & Co, debt has risen by around $57 trillion since the 2008 crisis, and the general feeling — even in the mainstream media — is that it will only continue to rise...

But there’s one BIG difference between the crisis up ahead and the Great Financial Crisis of 2008...

It’s a question of how governments will fix it.

Will they be able to spend their way out of trouble again?

No. They simply cannot.


As a trusted financial threat advisor to the US government, I can tell you I’m convinced that:

Governments and central Australia, the UK, China, Europe and the US...are pretty much tapped out and have used all of their options.

The fact is, when crisis hits again — as I believe it surely must — they may not have the money they need to bail out the financial system again.

But here’s the thing...


The collective wealth of the people could be enough to cover their backs...

I’m talking about the money in your savings account...your salary each month...the money you have in broker accounts...with trading firms...hell, even the money you have stowed away in that old-fashioned, porcelain piggy bank.

All of that money could help them bail out the system again...

That’s why they need control of it.

And that’s why the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’ is a very real possibility.

To put it bluntly, if I’m right, they could use the control of your money to effectively STEAL it.

Of course, it’s more nuanced and secretive than that.

These elites don’t want you to know what they’re up to…they’d never admit to that or leave a trail to their real desire.

Fortunately, we have some recent, real-life examples to study.

It’s happened before…

As I’ll show you in The Road to Ruin, the elites have been conducting a series of ‘dry runs’ for years leading up to Ice-Nine.

Cyprus is just one example…

A few years ago, the Cypriot economy was in trouble, especially the banks.

The IMF stepped in and loaned Cyprus €10 billion. But the loan came with strings. In exchange for the capital injection, the IMF demanded control over the Cypriot banking system.

More specifically, the IMF froze the entire system — literally every bank in the country.

And it did that to ensure that the IMF’s demands were met, including strict capital-controls.

So how did all of this impact regular citizens?

Local ATMs went dark. And even the bank branches closed — permanently in some cases.

Citizens couldn’t withdraw their cash. They couldn’t even transfer funds from one account to another.

What came next?

Wealth extraction on a grand scale

The IMF basically ‘stole’ between 6% and 10% of ALL cash in Cypriot bank accounts.

How did the elites justify this?

They called it a ‘levy’…the price regular citizens had to pay for their government’s missteps.

Keep in mind: These asset confiscations were done at the balance-sheet level — with the institutions themselves. They never had to confiscate individual accounts. They simply froze EVERY account by controlling a handful of the country’s biggest banks.

When the next crisis hits, I believe we’re going to see this all over the world…in the US, in Europe, and right here in Australia.

Like I said, Australia holds a very important role in the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’. It held the presidency when these ‘Brisbane Rules’ were drawn up, signed and sealed.

It’ll be a highly coordinated, simultaneous global attack on the entire system.

Now, you might be thinking…

Surely, Cyprus is an isolated example of the globalist elites taking over a nation’s
banking system?

Not so. The same thing has happened in other places.

It’s happening in Greece right now.

As you know, Greece has been navigating a massive debt crisis for years.

In 2015, the IMF and its partners moved in to recapitalise Greece’s banks.

That just means they agreed to pump capital back into the stalled system — like priming a pump.

In return, the IMF demanded control of the banks — and citizens’ individual accounts, by default.

Suddenly, Greek families weren’t allowed to withdraw more than $460 per week.

Imagine trying to pay your mortgage, fuel and groceries on less than $500, let alone your medical insurance.

Of course, it led to widespread panic, rioting and worse.

RSI Road to Ruin

Source: Zerohedge

RSI Road to Ruin

Source: CNBC

RSI Road to Ruin

Source: Zerohedge

And that’s exactly what I believe we’ll see — on a global scale — when the next crisis hits.

And this is why I wrote The Road to Ruin.

To expose what I believe is the global elites’ secret plan for your money and your family…

And make sure you have the resources to prepare and protect what’s yours…

Claim your special, limited-print-run, AUSTRALIAN copy NOW

Yes, this book may scare you.

It may shock you.

But I truly believe it’s going to help protect you, too.

The price of a hardcopy of The Road to Ruin is $26.75.

That’s the price right now on (if you found it listed outside of Booktopia, it will be $35...)

On Amazon in the States, it’s already the #1 bestselling book on economics, and it’s only just been released in bookstores.

RSI Road to Ruin

Considering that The Road to Ruin gives you advance warning about what we believe is the secret plan the global elites have in store for your wealth, it’s probably worth 100 times that price…

But you know what?

I will send you my book right now, to your doorstep, WITH MY COMPLIMENTS. I don’t want any money for the book itself. It’s yours to keep forever.

All I ask in return is you take a 30-day, no obligation trial of my Strategic Intelligence newsletter.

The goal of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is simple — help you prepare and profit from what I believe will be the biggest global financial crisis of the last 80 years…and, crucially, what the elites plan to do about it.

I’m talking about ‘Ice-Nine’…it could trigger a worldwide ‘freeze’ in the global monetary system, and eventually a collapse in the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

RSI Road to Ruin

I’ll give you insights on exactly how this collapse could play out, what stocks might fall, and what assets could benefit as a result. In this monthly publication, I’ll be writing directly to you, keeping you up to date on how the dollar’s collapse and replacement is unfolding.

I’ll warn you about the potential triggers that may set off the coming crisis. And my team of Australian analysts will give you specific investment recommendations and wealth protection strategies aimed to help you grow your wealth even during the meltdown.

For 30 days, you’ll get full access to the full Strategic Intelligence archive; on a 100% test-run basis. 

That means one months’ access to my latest predictions and my team’s analysis and investment recommendations, which are usually only circulated among paid subscribers.

If you like what you see, stay on as a subscriber. If, for any reason, you don’t, that’s fine. You can keep the limited-print run copy of The Road to Ruin which I’ll ship you right away, with my compliments. Consider it a gift for giving Strategic Intelligence a try.

Before you request your copy, though, let me tell you a little bit more about the revelations between its covers…

A glimpse at what you’ll
uncover in The Road to Ruin

I like to think all of the books I’ve produced so far have provided value to my readers…

But I think this is my most valuable and comprehensive book in the series so far.

You see, inside you’ll discover shocking revelations like:

  • The full lowdown on the ‘Brisbane Rules’ that could instantly transform any cash you have into what’s called ‘Forced Shares of Stock’. It’s exactly that…a piece of paper you don’t want and never asked for, which basically steals your money. (Obama approved these rules with then Prime Minster Tony Abbott and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 15 November 2014, with few, if any, people knowing about it.)...Page 26.
  • The secret program for controlling citizens that the global financial elite have already used, including world leaders from Caesar and Napoleon to Rockefeller and Roosevelt...through both Bush presidencies and Obama. (The elites peddling this program today will shock you.) If you think this is some conspiracy theory, you should flip to page 51 immediately. I expose these elites and their agenda by name.
  • On page 186, I reveal how the actions of the global elite is having a major impact on the supply of physical gold.

And that’s not all...

  • A powerful global money from last century that was linked to gold. (It’s still in existence today, but has been mutated into a different and dangerous beast. It’s a tool to facilitate the transfer of wealth that, when revealed, will cause confusion, stealth financial losses and dismay.) Start at the top of page 53 to get the full story...
  • Page 61 explains why 18 December, 28 July, 4 August and 15 August are four crucial dates that mark the elites’ quiet ongoing crusade for world money. Then, flip to page 176 to see why, by the FIFTH date I list, the elites could finally reach their goal. You MUST take immediate and specific action before that. Hurry.
  • Pages 72–81 reveal the new world tax regime that the elites’ technical secretariat has prepared to squeeze as much tax as possible from you and every corner of the globe.
  • What may be called the ‘World Citizens Database’ (prepare for your unique global identification number). It will help the global elites make sure you pay your ‘fair share’ in taxes and much more. Seem like a conspiracy theory? It’s not, and I show you all of my analysis and research on this, starting on page 75.

Plus, I think you’ll be genuinely shocked and deeply worried when you read about:

  • The New World Order the elites plan to impose on the entire planet. Put away the tinfoil hat. This is very real, and could undermine individual governments and your personal liberty. The well-documented facts I present on page 81 is much more frightening than any fiction I could ever dream up.
  • My frightening finding about what’s coming for the economy and market in 2017. The US government granted me a special clearance to report on the similarities between atomic reactions and financial collapses, which led me to this terrifying conclusion. I’ve carefully published this information starting from page 92. Please brace yourself before reading.
  • Why the US has been detonating thermonuclear bomb tests in cyberspace. If this reads like a typo, it’s not. (Read about it on page 98 — especially if you feel strongly about worldwide nuclear war.)
  • One simple sentence that will help you forecast the economy better than 99.99% of the world’s central bankers. (Hint: most economists use a ‘coin toss method’, but that’s not how the real world works. I show you how I believe it REALLY works on page 90. This secret could give you a big leg-up over all of your investor friends.)

Look, I won’t lie to you…

You need to start preparing
for ‘Ice-Nine’ NOW

Most people say to me:

Jim. Do me a favour…call me at 3:30 the day before this secret ‘Ice-Nine’ plan will go into effect and I’ll move my money to safety.’

I wish I could.

But the truth is — I don’t know what minute or second this danger will befall you.

And even if I did, you might not even be able to protect yourself so easily.

You need to understand the risks to your wealth RIGHT NOW…and take steps to prepare.

That’s what The Road to Ruin is for — I believe it will give you the guidance you need to protect yourself and prepare.

Believe me, if you don’t…no one else is going to do it for you.

The global elite are already looking out for themselves. They’ve got a Plan B for when the ‘Ice-Nine Plan’ goes into effect and the everyday citizens of the world revolt.

Think I’m not serious?

Take a look at this major news headline in the Daily Mail:

RSI Road to Ruin

And this one from

RSI Road to Ruin

And this one from the Hollywood Reporter:

RSI Road to Ruin

The point is, the financial system is unstable and ready to collapse.

The elites have their safe hideaways all in order…and what I believe is a plan to steal your wealth when the crisis hits so they can maintain their positions of power all over the world.

But do YOU?

Most likely, the answer is no.

That’s why you need to get ready…right now, before it’s too late.

And no, I don’t believe you need to hunker down in a safe house with years’ worth of canned food, and enough guns and ammo to outfit a small army.

That’s not how I live my life by any means.

I go on with my day-to-day affairs with peace of mind because I’ve taken steps to understand the problem, and personally take several steps with my money to help protect it.

And you can do the same…simply by reading my new book, The Road to Ruin.

RSI Road to Ruin

The only real question now is…

Do YOU qualify to claim a complimentary limited-print-run
copy of The Road to Ruin today?

OK, here’s the situation…

My Australian publishers at Port Phillip Publishing have stuck a deal with Penguin.

Through this deal, they’ve printed 10,000 copies of my book.

You will not find this edition anywhere else. Why? because, it comes with access to a bonus chapter specific to Australian investors.

And you can ONLY reserve one here, via this offer today.

Remember, others will pay as much as $35 for a standard copy of The Road to Ruin.

But today, you have the opportunity to claim a copy at no extra charge. All you have to do is take up a 30-day no-obligation trial of my newsletter, Strategic Intelligence.

As soon as you do, I’ll ship this limited-print-run edition to your door, anywhere in Australia. And you can KEEP IT, even if you decide Strategic Intelligence is not for you.

But there are two conditions:

  1. First, you are only eligible to be mailed this book if you are new to my research.

If you are an existing Strategic Intelligence subscriber, you are not eligible for this book mailing.

  1. Second, as I’ve said, we’ve only printed a limited number of these books that have access to the bonus chapter.

Because we’re shipping them to any Australian who’s eligible to trial Strategic Intelligence, we LOSE money on every copy we ship.

So this offer is strictly limited.

They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


We don’t expect copies to last long, and here’s why…

If you meet the above two requirements and are eligible to claim a copy today, not only will you be among the first in Australia to receive it (and at a substantially reduced rate)…

You’ll also receive the very special additional chapter of the book in a separate PDF document, which will never be available on Amazon or any mainstream outlet.

This extra Australian chapter is packed with information you will not find anywhere else…

And as you’ll see below, this is truly exclusive...

NOT available on Amazon:
A Roadmap to Survive the
Road to Ruin

You see, I don’t just want to send you a book for practically nothing today.

That alone won’t be enough to help you navigate the coming months.

I want to arm you with the facts…the information, analysis and insight that will help you make better decisions and understand what’s going on in the economy and financial markets...

And lead you to a higher quality of life for you and your family...

That’s why my Australian-based team – led by chief investment analyst Shae Russell – and I have created a special bonus chapter of The Road to Ruin SPECIFICALLY FOR AUSTRALIAN INVESTORS — revealing a roadmap for navigating one of the most severe bear markets in history we see up ahead.

This bonus chapter includes what my Australian investment analyst, Shae Russell, believes is the #1 Aussie investment to own ahead of this scenario I expect to play out.

This investment is not a stock, CFD, bond or option. Yet it’s just like buying in a basic brokerage account as any company’s share.

And it’s specifically designed to GAIN from contractions in the Aussie stock market.

It’s also ‘geared’, which means a 1% drop in the Aussie market could be anywhere from a 2–3% rise in this specially tailored fund.

Of course, if the market goes up, this investment will fall in price. So Shae doesn’t recommend this play for ALL of your money. But it could the perfect way to hedge your portfolio with a small percentage of your investable wealth.

Right now it’s trading well below its high of last year, after stocks in general went up in the wake of Donald Trump’s election win. But as Shae explains in this special bonus chapter, we could be approaching an incredible buying opportunity into this play.

And if we do enter a renewed crisis, as I expect we will, and stocks do fall from these high levels…Shae thinks this is one investment you should be looking at.  


You won’t find this bonus chapter
on Amazon or Booktopia

The public could pay as much as $35 for a copy of The Road to Ruin from Amazon, Booktopia or a traditional bookstore — and that’s WITHOUT this bonus PDF chapter with my team’s #1 investment to own for the next 12 months.

That’s why this is a special edition.

And again, so we’re clear…

Access to this special bonus WILL NOT be available at any Australian bookshop or website — ever.

And there is an extremely finite number of hardcopies — just 10,000.

We have them stored at a distributor’s warehouse, ready to send.

If our previous Australian book launches are anything to go by, they’ll run out within weeks.


Now, here’s where this gets REALLY interesting…

There’s another incredibly valuable resource I also want to give you.

At no extra charge.

Praise For Jim Rickards’
PAST Bestselling Work

Strategic Intelligence

This excellent book proves that, contrary to the propaganda of fiat currency apologists, gold is real money. Rickards makes a compelling case for why those looking for a way to protect themselves and their families from economic chaos created by central bankers should consider gold.’ Ron Paul, former congressman and US presidential candidate

Strategic Intelligence

The most important book on gold yet.— Nomi Prins, former managing director at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns, and author of All the Presidents’ Bankers

Strategic Intelligence

We can’t trust the Federal Reserve to do the honest work that Jim Rickards has done in writing this book. When the monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system — and that will be gold. Essential reading.— David A. Stockman, former OMB director and author of The Great Deformation

Strategic Intelligence

A terrifically interesting and useful book…fascinating.— Kenneth W. Dam, former deputy secretary of the US Treasury and advisor to three US presidents

Strategic Intelligence

A crucial primer for investors for what lies immediately ahead for the US and a world that remains entirely dependent upon the dollar…an important new book for those who worry about the future of our country.— R. Christopher Whalen, ‘America’s #1 bank analyst’ and author of Inflated

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There’s nothing Wall Street doesn’t like about free money.

That’s why leverage on the New York Stock Exchange is at an all-time high.

People like to say, ‘Oh, well, the stock market has more than tripled since the low in March 2009.’

But that was then, and this is now.

We’re now nine years closer to the next collapse. Is this the time to be jumping in, or is it time to get out, at least on a selective basis?

RSI Road to Ruin

Besides, it has more than tripled with easy money, enormous leverage and very little participation.

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But that’s not all…

There are two more ‘crisis situation’ opportunities you’ll discover…

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What most people don’t realise is that the US Federal Reserve won’t be able to save the global financial system a second time.

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That’s because the next financial collapse will be bigger than 2008.

But there are two specific investments that could actually go up while the market is melting down. In this report, you’ll discover...

RSI Road to Ruin

  • A way to potentially make 80% in the next crisis.(During the last crisis when the S&P dropped about 50%, this investment went up by 75%. And, as I say, this next crisis could make the last crisis look positively tame...)
  • An investment my analyst says could soar 500% as the International Monetary Fund tries to ‘bail out the world’.This company went public in December 2007, right before all hell broke loose. Yet while the S&P was losing half its value, investors in this unique company doubled their money. Overall, it has gained more than 250% since it started trading.

As I’ve said, I believe the IMF is going to try and ‘bail out the world’ during the next crisis...and if my team’s analysis is right, this company could soar even higher as it happens.

Now, here’s where this special book deal gets REALLY interesting…

There’s another incredibly valuable resource I also want to give you.

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I’m talking about one of my previous books.

In 2015, I authorised a heavily subsidised print run to make it available to any Australian subscriber who requested a copy.

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This book is EXCLUSIVELY distributed by Port Phillip Publishing.

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While the Road to Ruin reveals how the global elites plan to DEAL with the coming financial collapse…The Big Drop explains WHY I believe the single biggest financial watershed moment of your lifetime simply HAS to happen.

It then explores what that could mean for you here in Australia between now and 2020. It also explains how you could modify your investments to prepare for it, along with several other unconventional protection and profit techniques.

It’s called: 

BONUS #4 The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse

As we’ve already noted, the contagion is spreading.

The timescale of this global financial contamination is not necessarily limited to days or weeks. These panics can play out over months and years.

What look like unconnected distant events are actually indications and warnings of something much more dangerous to come

What began as a slowdown in China has now spread to almost all emerging markets.

And now the other Western markets are being affected, as investors dump risky assets such as stocks, and jump into more liquid assets such as money market funds, Treasury securities and bank deposits.

RSI Road to Ruin

But as you will see in The Big Drop, this time Australia won’t be spared from the spreading contagion.

You will, however, discover even more ways you could protect your wealth — and even grow it — as the crisis goes mainstream, including:

  • Monthly debt deductions:America’s former Treasury Secretary’s plan to have the US government simply deduct the money it wants from American citizens’ bank accounts every month. Don’t think this affects you? At least 20 other governments are also seriously considering this strategy as a way to deal with their debt. 
  • A new and dangerous type of Chinese capital flight from Beijing to Australia. You’d think new capital coming into Australia would be GOOD for the economy. But this isn’t helpful mining investment. It’s the oligarchs taking all they can, like pigs at the trough, and then funnelling it out to cities like Sydney and Melbourne. All of this is happening on a massive scale. And, as I show you in The Big Drop, it could make the coming collapse even more devastating.
  • One ‘virtual cash vault’ investment that should hold its value even as currencies crumble.No, it’s not gold. But it IS almost like ‘cash sitting in a safe’ inside your brokerage account, ready at the click of a mouse to buy assets that others are panicking to sell.
  • What you should know about Warren Buffett and how he seems to be betting against the US dollar, even though his company, Berkshire Hathaway, holds over US$50 billion in cash. Warren seems like the all-American success story who is rooting for US stocks, but what he is actually investing in tells a different story.
  • Introducing the PMC Ounce:One investment that gives you physical ownership of gold, silver, platinum and palladium all in one. The best part? It can give you higher returns with less volatility than if you owned all the metals individually.

Plus, the dangers of owning bitcoin between now and 2020, one hyperinflation insurance play, two markets to buy that will weather ‘the Big Drop’ the best...and much more…

You’ll get all that, and much more, in The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse.

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But as I said earlier, it doesn’t just stop there with these reports.

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I hope it’s obvious that The Road to Ruin book, and its accompanying resources, reports and recommendations, are something you need to read...

But here’s the thing. It’s more than a book package.

You’ll need an ongoing guide through all the mess.

Someone to help you protect your wealth. Someone to alert you early. And someone to show you how to shield and grow your wealth through uncertain times…

And that's what Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is all about.

Every month, my Australia-based Strategic Intelligence team and I will update you on the status of the markets, any risks we see in the financial system, and unique opportunities to help you prepare for the future and protect the wealth you’ve already created.

This will include specific, actionable investment advice designed to give you a balanced portfolio from our Chief Investment Analyst, Shae Russell.

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: To help everyday investors like you cut through the deception you’re being fed by political figures and economists…and to avoid — and prosper in — the next collapse that’s coming.

In the past, I’ve personally only provided this kind of research to my high-net-worth clients and members of the US intelligence community.

Now it’s available to you.

Strategic Intelligence is the perfect way to stay up to date on the crisis unfolding in the global economy, prepare, and potentially make a fortune as it all unfolds.

Globally, over 150,000 Strategic Intelligence subscribers consider me their eyes and ears in the world of elite finance and politics…

My work takes me across the globe as I leverage my network of high-profile contacts in Wall Street, the intelligence community and the highest levels of government.

We publish our monthly newsletter in over eight countries and four different languages.

Collectively, we spend $3 million annually to publish the boldest forecasts and information about the international monetary system…the coming crash…and steps you can take to protect and grow your wealth.

Like I said, to claim your complimentary copy of The Road to Ruin today, all you have to do take a 30-day trial of my advisory service, Strategic Intelligence.

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As I say, you can keep everything regardless of whether you wish to remain a subscriber or not.

You don’t have to return your copy of The Road to Ruin. It can stay on your bookshelf.

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So let’s sum all this up…

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  • A complimentary copy of The Road to Ruin, including access to my exclusive bonus chapter. Remember, this retails at a full price of $35 Australian.
  • One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time-bombs to Avoid (digital edition).
  • Two Investments that Could Jump 100% in the Next Crisis (digital edition).
  • The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse (digital edition).
  • Extra bonus: A Way to Invest and Profit with International Stocks
  • A 30-day trial to my monthly intelligence briefing, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

Why have I allowed Port Phillip Publishing to give away so much of my latest research and so many recommendations at such a low price?


I consider it my duty to prepare as many people as possible for what I’m calling the ‘great asset freeze’ planned by the global elites.

Because no one else is doing it.

What’s about to happen could well be the most explosive and potentially destructive financial event since the Second World War.

You are living through it.  

But few are talking about it.

Let alone preparing for it.

Like I’ve said more times than I can count…

To viewers on the BBC, CNN, NPR, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, in interviews with The Wall Street Journal…and in my latest book, The Road to Ruin

As you read through The Road to Ruin, The Big Drop, your accompanying reports and my newsletter, you should repeat in your head the words of the Financial Times’ review of my forecasts:

Let’s hope he’s wrong.’

But remember to prepare as if I’m right.

I admit the situation is grim.

But I also make it clear that there are unique and potentially lucrative opportunities.

And that’s what Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is all about.

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Once they’re gone, that’s it. Due to the lead times, we don’t plan to order more. And even if we did, it would be months before they arrived.

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Second, you need to have your financial house prepared for this NOW. Because when Ice-Nine gets implemented, and the freeze hits, it will be too late to act.

I don’t pretend to know when this could happen.

It could be next year.

But it could be TOMORROW

Or of course, it may not happen at all. In fact, I hope it doesn’t!

But here’s what we do know…

Central banks are at the outer limit of their ability to deal with a new systemic financial crisis because they’ve extended their balance sheets, and they never normalised them.

My aim is to ensure you’re well prepared for the worst outcome.

There’s only one clean balance sheet left in the world.

That’s the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And in my view, it is going to print ‘world money’ — something called the ‘special drawing rights’ — if and when the new crisis unfolds.

This is likely to be highly inflationary.

And it could mean the end of the US dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency.

So you can expect inflation. 

But the other part of the solution will be to actually shut down the system.

Close banks...

Close stock exchanges…

Drastically reduce and limit the daily withdrawal amounts from ATMs.

I believe this will be far worse than the prior panics.

So you need to get ready for it.

In The Road to Ruin, we’ll explore how together.


Order your limited-print-run copy right here.

To your wealth,

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Jim Rickards,
Editor, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence
January 2017




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RSI Road to Ruin

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