Introducing Greg Canavan’s three WILDEST stock speculations for 2019

See this critical natural resource?

This one right here

It produces 11% of the world’s electricity supply…

Without it, major economies like the US, China and the UK would instantly grind to a halt

Greg Canavan's Element U

And thanks to an expected 24,000 ton shortfall in 2019

Every country could be about to pay through the nose for it!

But I’m not going to lose a wink of sleep over this situation. No way.

Quite the opposite.

I’m smiling from ear to ear.

The last time a vast supply deficit popped open in this niche resource market…clued-up investors had the chance to sock away short-term stock gains of 73% right up to 7,542%.

I believe history is about to repeat. But to have a shot at these potential gains, you should act immediately on THREE specific ASX stock recommendations below…

Dear Reader,

Greg Canavan here.

Want to know the fastest way to a potential fortune in the resource markets?

Back the listed miners digging up a hot mineral resource. It’s the simple formula that’s turned everyday investors into millionaires.

Take lithium for example.

In 2016, prices for the critical battery ingredient more than doubled. But shares in key lithium miners went absolutely ballistic.


  • Altura Mining 550% (in less than six months)
  • Kingston Res. 500% in THREE months
  • Galaxy Res. 287% in six months

Or go back a little further in time when gold was the ‘in’ metal to own.

Between April 2004 and October 2007, the yellow stuff doubled in price.

But small gold miners like Novagold and Seabridge Gold jumped 394% and 1,103% respectively.

Two in-demand minerals.

Huge gains clocked.

Of course, those investment opportunities are long in the past. The gains have well and truly been made.

Today, I want to show you what I believe is the next potential resource fortune-maker that’s heating up as I type this letter.

If you get in now, before the wider investing public catches a sniff of the opportunity unfolding here…you could make some serious money.

The opportunity in question concerns the most downtrodden resource niche of the last decade. The last time this sector showed any signs of life was in 2006.

Back then, quick-thinking investors had the chance to rack up gains between 73% right up to 7,542%, in as little as a year.

And if my analysis is right...history is about to repeat.

It’s about to repeat in a big, BIG way.

I’m talking about uranium.

Make no mistake.

What you’re about to read involves three of the wildest ASX speculations I’ve recommended in my 20-year career.

If these three Aussie uranium punts don’t pan out…you could lose money here. That’s for sure.

But if they DO pay-off…

You could make gains in the order of 282%...right up 1,243%...

That’s short term. Inside the next 6–12 months.

If the uranium story really picks up steam…you could even TRIPLE those numbers.

So, what’s going on in the uranium markets that qualifies such outlandish profit predictions?

As I type, a massive world-wide uranium deficit is underway. I think it’s going to trigger a widespread supply crisis and shoot uranium prices sky-high.

You see, one of the world’s biggest uranium producers is about to shut down its largest mine.

And with it…

24,000 TONNES of uranium is
about to disappear into the ether

That’s 16% of global supply GONE in a single blow.

But a uranium supply shock is only part of the story. See, uranium demand is expanding rapidly.

At last count, there are 57 nuclear reactors under construction (19 in China alone) and 154 planned globally.

And every single one of those reactors coming online needs uranium. TONNES of uranium.

According to Uranium Participation Corporation, the global annual appetite for uranium in 2018 was 194 million pounds.

But by 2035, annual uranium demand could spike upwards to 250 million pounds.

A potential 29% increase!

And it’s this urgent supply and demand story that has opened up a prime profit opportunity for Aussie investors.

As Palisade Research reported on 26 November 2018 (emphasis added):

‘For uranium investors — the suspense of a nearing bull market must be maddening. . .

‘We keep hearing — and being promised — that the uranium bull market’s “right around the corner” — only to be left deeper in the red.

‘But things actually have fundamentally changed in the uranium market recently. . .

‘And in terms of an asymmetric… investment idea – there’s nothing quite as attractive as uranium today’.

Again, the last time uranium markets looked this sweet was over a decade ago, in 2006.

You could have made a tasty profit just by betting on the uranium spot price. In less than a year uranium prices spiked 278%.

Almost QUADRUPLE your money.

But the REAL money was in the small uranium miners.

In fact…

The last time uranium was in short supply, you could have turned every $500 down into $37,710…in under 12 months

On one stock!

Over 75-times your money on a single small-cap uranium play.


Now, here’s what you need to pay attention to as a hot-blooded investor…

All my research and analysis tells me you could see similar gains cascade from this sector again in the next 6–12 months.

But whether you’re around to catch them depends on how quickly you get involved.

Speculative profit plays like this do not hang around long. The 2006 uranium bull market was done and dusted inside 12 months.

You could be looking at the same expiry date. Uranium has already started to move.

It’s unfolding right now as you read this letter.

Since April, the uranium spot price has spiked 27%.

I believe there’s far, far more upside to come.

Still, most investors aren’t looking at uranium or uranium stocks.

And that’s exactly why almost everyone missed uranium’s lift-off in the early 2000s and the huge gains that followed.

Bottom-line: The same factors that triggered an unprecedented uranium bull run a decade ago are bubbling just below the surface right now.

Follow my lead on the three ASX uranium opportunities I’ll unwrap for you today…

…and I believe it could be one of the most profitable investing decisions you ever make.

Here’s what’s happening…

Back in 2006 a flood hit the Cigar Lake, the second biggest uranium mine in the world, owned by Canadian giant, Cameco.

The Cigar Lake uranium mine

Alone, this giant uranium mine was projected to fulfil 10% of the global supply of uranium.

But the 2006 flood shuttered operations.

The mine had to be shut down.

And 10% of the global supply of uranium never made it to market.

In a single blow, the world was thrown into a sudden and unexpected uranium shortage.

As a result, the Cigar Lake mine flood triggered a desperate buying frenzy.

Prices for uranium soared from around US$36 per pound in January 2006…up to US$136 per pound by June 2007.

Have a look…

Source: Index Mundi

A near quadrupling in price.

Had you bet on the uranium spot price (and jumped ship just before the inevitable crash), you could have turned $1,000 into $2,780.

$10,000 turned into $22,780.

But you could have done even better on the small uranium players.

Take Denison Mines.

The tiny Canadian uranium firm capitalised on the uranium shortage…and made investors 214% between June 2006…and May 2007.

And turned every $500 invested into $1,070…in under a year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Between December 2005 and April 2007, shares in Aussie uranium player, Paladin Energy climbed 508%.

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s a respectable gain.

Respectable enough to turn $500 into $2,540.

Commodities investing legend Rick Rule was an early Paladin backer. He called his investment in the Aussie uranium junior: ‘The single most important financial event of my career.

Rick Rule speaking to Port Phillip Publishing readers in 2013.
Source: Port Phillip Publishing

Again, Paladin’s five-fold gain was enough to make any hardcore investor smile. I’m sure you’d be smiling ear to ear had you captured that big gainer for yourself.

But none compare to the small fortune you could have made from one tiny US-based uranium outfit.

Between 18 December 2005 and 8 April 2007, Energy Fuels soared 7,542%...


Source: Yahoo Finance

Enough vertical momentum to turn every $500 into $37,710.

Of course, these are past examples. And they don’t necessarily indicate future results.

But let me make it clear. All the pieces have aligned. And I truly believe…

…we’re on the verge of a uranium resurgence reminiscent of the mega-boom that erupted in 2006.

Better than that…

The imminent uranium bull market
I see coming could be TWICE as big…

The Cigar Lake flood triggered a uranium supply crisis that saw 10% of the global yellow cake market disappear.

In December 2017, the world’s largest uranium producer, Kazatomprom, announced it will cut production by 11,000 tonnes over the next three years, beginning January 2018.

Then on Thursday, 26 July, Canadian uranium giant, Cameco suspended production at its Macarthur River mine for an ‘indeterminate duration’.

That’s another 13,000 plus tonnes removed from global supply.

Between the McArthur River and Kazatomprom projects, the world has lost up to 24,000 tonnes of uranium.

That’s a FULL 16% of global supply rubbed out. Nearly double the amount of uranium that triggered a buying frenzy 12 years ago.

Now look, I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t promise you the coming uranium shortage will push uranium or uranium stock prices to the like we saw in 2006.

And I certainly can’t guarantee you’ll see another 7,000%-plus stock price surge should uranium prices spike once more.

But the facts don’t lie.

The simple truth is, we’re barrelling head-first into a major uranium shortage…at a time when uranium demand is rising in a big way.

Again, the global annual appetite for uranium today is set to spike 29%. Yet, global reserves are about to shrink by 24,000 tonnes.

It doesn’t take a genius to work it out. As the current supply and demand dynamic continues to play out…

Uranium prices are set to surge.

When this shortfall ripples through the energy markets…I think you could see uranium prices head skyward incredibly fast. Prices could double to around US$60 per pound.

I’ve seen other experts forecast prices of US$70–$80 per pound. Even then, it’s still around 40% below the US$140 per pound highs of the 2007 bubble.

But it’s not the bubbling price of uranium that has me excited…it’s the stocks mining the stuff that have me on my toes.

Just like in 2006, should uranium prices rise…it’s the stocks where you’ll potentially make the most profit.

Assuming you’re quick to act, of course, because opportunities like this are never open for long.

The 2006 uranium boom petered out less than 12 months later. That’s why, if you want in, I think you need to act now.

And look, I’m not the only one who shares this hyper-bullish view on uranium stocks.

As veteran energy researcher Doug Casey admits:

The real profits, however, will be in the shares of uranium exploration and mining stocks. It's not unrealistic to expect the group to move 10 to 1.

Some individual stocks will do much better. In past markets, there have actually been 100-to-1 shots.

Again, I’m not promising you’ll see 100-to-1 shots unfold from the emerging uranium bull market.

There are no guarantees in the stock market.

Still, there’s a golden opportunity to seed yourself inside this potential uranium jackpot…and it’s sitting right under your nose.

I’m about to hand you THREE ASX-listed plays heading up a world-class initiative to extract thousands of tonnes of uranium.

And on 2 July, it officially kicked-off
in the South Australian desert

Position yourself in these three miniscule Aussie diggers today, and I believe you could make gains exceeding 1,750% inside the next 16 months.

And that’s just the first stock!

If you’ve got an appetite to risk $500 on EACH one, I believe you could be counting $16,375 by December this year.

Up that to $2,000 on each one, and you could be looking at a potential $65,500 profit (before tax).

I can tell you this Aussie-centric uranium operation has already caught the eye of high-profile, clean energy advocates.

Like Jessica Lovering, director of energy at The Breakthrough Institute. She says Australia could be a ‘major player’ in the global nuclear industry.

Vimy Resources’ CEO Mike Young believes this Aussie-led uranium project could front-run a new national mining boom that will be like: ‘iron ore on steroids’.

I think he’s spot on…

Geologists have confirmed Australia is home to more than a quarter of global uranium deposits.

And the three firms I’ll showcase for you today have gobbled up a portfolio of the finest uranium leases both on home soil…and around the world.

So, when it comes to exploiting the imminent uranium boom I see coming, I believe the three ASX-listed companies in this letter hold all the cards.

Let me show you…

Aussie uranium ‘ground zero’

The story behind this world-changing energy venture begins on the sun-scorched sands near the Strzelecki Desert, 400 kilometres north of Adelaide.

This is ground zero for Aussie uranium…

And home to the most important national energy project since BHP hit the monster Bass Strait gas field in 1965.

Source: The Sophisticated Investor

In early 2019, this company is set to move into phase two of its re-start operation. It’s timing its run to re-enter the uranium market to perfection.

As uranium prices rise, this firm can pump out tonnes of yellow cake in short order.

TWO MORE Aussie-owned production facilities, just like it, are also doing the ground work to ramp up production just as the uranium price starts to take off.

Look, I’ve studied these projects from every angle…

I’ve scrutinised the case for a uranium bull market and the effect it could have on these mining juniors…

And I’ve come to a single conclusion: the time to lay down a little ‘punting money’ on each of these three stocks is NOW.

Ravenous demand and a massive supply shortage have triggered a ‘perfect storm’ for the NEXT uranium mega-boom.

And this boom won’t strike in a year or two…I believe it’s unfolding right now.

Since bottoming in late 2016 at around US$18.50/lb, the uranium price has rallied more the 50% to nearly US$29/lb.

But I think this is just the start.

And here’s the really exciting bit for you as an investor…

When a pent-up energy boom like this finally erupts, it packs the potential to make you a LOT of money.

You’ve already seen the stock gains you could have clocked when the last uranium boomed kicked-off.

Tiny uranium stocks like Energy Fuels soared over 7,000%.

That’s why I’m so excited about the three ASX resource players in this letter. If you’ve got the cash to spare, I believe the long-range gains could be as life-altering as early investments in the small uranium players that dominated the 2006 boom.

Should uranium prices nudge 2011 highs — around $75 per pound — I believe they hold the profit-power to make you as much as 1,750% by December 2019.

That’s the potential gains I believe you could collect from the first stock.

The additional TWO uranium players I’ll clue you up on today could make you 282% and 1,243%.

Long term, the gains could be far greater.

As you saw during the last uranium surge, prices for the metal soared past $130 per pound. And it was the smallest uranium stocks that set the market alight and grabbed the biggest share of the gains.

Each one of the ASX players I’ve sourced for you is — for the moment anyway — priced at sub-50 cents.

And I believe you could eventually see all three play out in the same kind of fashion as their counterparts during the 2006 uranium surge.

I’ll expand on each of these three Aussie uranium daredevils in a moment.

First, let me introduce myself…

An ALL NEW uranium boom is triggered to blow wide open at any moment. Let me show you how to take FULL advantage of the situation (and potentially bank stock gains exceeding 1,000%)

My name is Greg Canavan.

I’m probably one of the most understated analysts at Port Phillip Publishing.

I rarely bang the table about an investment opportunity. I believe successful investing is about following a consistent process.

Taking risky punts with a slim chance of success won’t give you a long-term, sustainable edge.

But that doesn’t mean I’m one of these over-conservative bears, either.

I don’t believe for a second that staying out of the market and keeping ALL your capital in cash is a sensible move.

Here’s how I see it: bull and bear markets come and go.

You never really know what’s going to happen.

What looks obvious sometimes isn’t obvious at all.

You should simply ignore the noise and invest according to a reasoned, disciplined investment process.

That means carefully and closely analysing the market to spot investments you can buy at the right price and at the perfect moment…and then sit back and watch them make steady gains over the medium to long term.

That’s exactly what I help my members do.

I have set up a system that scans the market on a daily basis. This scan highlights promising stocks for me to do more analysis on.

Using this methodology, I have built one of the best long-term track records in the business.

But don’t take my word for it.

Not for a second.

Let my readers prove it to you…

…it’s a no-brainer

Greg, A short note to encourage those thinking whether or not to subscribe to the Crisis & Opportunity service; For investment advice that costs around $50 per year (yep only $1 per week in round numbers) it's a no brainer. I don't invest on every recommendation but the more recent one I did buy has returned over 60% which has paid for many years subscriptions and more — and whilst that may sound like a car sales type encouragement, for a mere $50 there's only one way you'll find out. The analysis and presentation is very clear, well researched and the vast majority of recommendations are very fruitful. I've been with Port Philip Publishing nearly 10 years and these guys know what they're doing. Just do it!


I have made around 25% pa return

I have made around 25% pa return on Greg’s C&O recommendations over the last three years’.


…increased my Superannuation
income by around 20%

I would like to say that if you are considering a subscription to the Crisis & Opportunity Advisory service. Go for it! Greg’s easy to understand advisory philosophy has increased my Superannuation income by around 20% on what I have invested.

John H

[Greg has] made my professional investment advisor green with envy.

‘[Greg’s] thoughts and tips have turned my portfolio around and made my professional investment advisor green with envy.


These are just a few of the verified testimonials from happy subscribers. I could show you many more.

Point is, the opportunities I bring to my readers are brimming with profit potential.

And right now, I don’t think there’s a better (and potentially lucrative) stock market play you can make than in the uranium market.

I’ve got three, very special ASX-listed uranium companies I think you should add to your portfolio immediately.

The way I see it, we’re on the cusp of a world-shifting energy transformation that many thought impossible even just a few years ago.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, America. Every country you can name is transitioning away from fossil fuels and into clean energy sources, like uranium-fuelled nuclear power.

And thanks to the unfolding supply crisis in the uranium market, I believe — just like 2006 — the yellow mineral is slated to once again become…

The most coveted natural resource on the planet

The current uranium environment looks eerily similar to 2006, just before uranium prices soared three-fold.

And just before some uranium stocks shot-up thousands of percent.

You could have made a certified fortune just betting on small uranium stocks across the 12-month period between 2006 and 2007.

It’s the kind of boom market that gets investors hot under the collar, waiting for the next great surge to appear.

If I’ve pegged it right, we may have arrived at that point.

I think you’d be blind not to see uranium is set for a huge run-up.

When you add it all up, the spiking demand and decade-low supplies, it all points to uranium prices heading in one direction: UP.

And right now, you can buy into the best uranium stocks super cheap…before the uranium bull-run I believe is imminent gets underway.

My gut instinct on this is so strong, I’ve decided to put together a NEW special investor on this opportunity.

Inside, I lay out compelling analysis on why I believe you could see a significant uranium price spike inside the next 12–18 months.

And how this spike could send three specific, ASX-listed uranium stocks through the roof.

This report is called: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Let me spell it out, this is not a story where you can sit on your hands and mull over your decision to buy in or not.

This is as URGENT as they come.

You don’t want to be left behind in the event of a potential 2003-esque uranium boom.

As you’ve seen in this letter, that period birthed stock gains exceeding 7,000% inside four years.

I can’t promise you’ll see a repeat performance.

But even if you collect just 10% of those gains from the three uranium stocks I’m about to unveil, you could turn every $500 down into $3,500.

But before we get to that…I want to bring you up to speed on why I believe…

Today is the perfect time to jump back into fast-moving uranium stocks (honestly, I think you’re a little mad if you don’t!)

The world is again welcoming uranium and nuclear power with open arms.


Simple: We’re DESPERATE for clean energy solutions.

And there is no cleaner, greener source for electricity than nuclear power.

The reason is simple: when it comes to powering cities on a large-scale with CHEAP, clean electricity.

Uranium has no match.

In fact, this natural resource packs vastly more energy than coal, oil and gas combined.

Source: Port Phillip Publishing

And unlike those dirty, environment polluting fossil fuels…uranium burns 100% clean. It doesn’t leech an ounce of nasty carbon dioxide into the environment.

In fact, according to Carbon Brief, over its lifetime, a nuclear power plant will record a carbon footprint 33% smaller than a comparative solar power farm. In other words, uranium-fuelled nuclear power is cleaner than solar power.

That’s why nations are diving back into nuclear programs…it’s the perfect solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You might have heard about the Paris Agreement. On 12 December 2015, 179 nations drew up plans to reduce 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

By design, the Paris climate deal will: ‘eliminate use of coal, oil and gas for energy.

That’s triggered a global rush into nuclear power — it’s the only energy source that can fuel entire nations efficiently and with zero carbon emissions.

Take China for example. The Middle Kingdom’s appetite for nuclear power is huge.

And it will only increase from here on in.

Beijing has allocated $2.4 trillion to expand its nuclear power generation by 6,600%.

There are 36 operational nuclear reactors today. Each one generating clean, green electricity.

Wind and solar together provide less than 2 percent of the world’s energy, and they aren’t growing anywhere near fast enough to replace fossil fuels.

What’s especially strange about the failed push for renewables is that we already had a practical plan back in the 1960s to become fully carbon-free without any need of wind or solar: nuclear power.’

PayPal co-founder
Peter Thiel

(Published in The New York Times)

But China isn’t stopping there. There’s another 19 reactors under construction…and more than 43 planned.

Its estimated China will have 58 gigawatts of nuclear powered electricity ready to tap by 2020.

Almost double the 30.7 gigawatts available now.

You can see on the chart below, the Chinese are on a path to challenge America as the home of atomic power…

Source: Investor Intel

China isn’t the only country expanding their nuclear footprint at a rapid rate.

Not by a long shot.

India is set to grow its nuclear power capacity 11-fold by 2030. India expects to generate 63,000 megawatts of electricity from nuclear reactors…up from 5,000 megawatts today.

Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy firm, Rosatom, has drawn out plans that will see 45–50% of national electricity derived from nuclear energy by 2050.

Seven years after the Fukushima disaster, Japan has begun to switch on its dormant nuclear reactors. 42 are operational…and a further 17 have applied for re-start permission.

In the United States, nuclear energy provides nearly two-thirds of the country’s carbon-free electricity. The US government has plans to grow those numbers rapidly.

On 25 June, the US Senate voted through a new $145 billion spending bill.

Tucked into that bill was $1.2 billion for nuclear energy research and development.

That’s more than a billion dollars earmarked for the development of new advanced reactors.

Even on home soil, where nuclear power has reigned as a taboo subject for decades…the attitude toward nuclear power is turning from a straight out ‘no’ to a ‘maybe’.

As reported in The Australian on 9 October, 2018 (emphasis added):

Scott Morrison has thrown the door open to allowing nuclear power generation in Australia if evidence was provided that it would lower power prices.

The Prime Minister said he would do “whatever it takes” to make electricity cheaper and would have no problem overturning a ban on nuclear power generation if he was convinced it would lower household bills.

But the Australian slow-burn on nuclear power is just the tip of the iceberg…

Saudi Arabia dumps oil…for uranium?

Take a look at Saudi Arabia.

The country is the world’s biggest oil exporter.

It’s home to the second largest proven oil reserves on the planet.

A golf ball sized amount of uranium can power your
home for THREE YEARS!

Brace yourself…

This is going to sound completely bonkers.

But stick with me here. See, because uranium packs so much energy…it’s also very heavy.

One kilo would be around the same size as a golf ball.

And for that amount you’re paying around $10.35.

Compare that price to coal. A kilogram of coal costs just 12 cents.

So, at first glance, uranium looks expensive.

But get this…

Harnessed in its purest form, that 1kg golf ball of uranium could power your entire home — ALL your electricity needs — for the next three years!

Care to guess how much coal you’d need to produce the same amount of electricity?


When it comes to producing clean, green energy, there’s simply nothing else on earth that compares to uranium and nuclear power.

You can see why people like clean energy evangelist and Breakthrough Institute co-founder Michael Shellenberger said:

‘Nuclear is the only option to replace coal and gas on a global scale.’

In fact, Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves are so massive, they could power Australia for the next 667 years.

Yet, Saudi Arabia is selling off its vast oil assets as fast as it can.

The House of Saud has hung a $2 trillion ‘for sale’ sign on Saudi Aramco, the country’s oil company and the source of all its wealth.

And where do you think a big chunk of those oil trillions are headed?

You guessed it, straight into uranium and nuclear energy.

The Saudi royal family has earmarked $80 billion for atomic energy projects over the next 25 years.

By 2040, the country plans to generate 17.6 gigawatts of nuclear fuelled electricity.

Enough to power 15% of the country.

According to a Bloomberg report: ‘The Saudis see atomic energy as a way to ease their dependence on finite fossil fuels.

The same report concludes the Saudi government is actively diversifying out of oil to: ‘prepare for the day when oil and natural gas wells run dry.

As an investor, when you see the world’s biggest and wealthiest oil nation head for the exits on the crude game, pouring billions into a new primary energy source…

You should sit up and pay close attention.

VERY close attention.

There is an undeniable, and potentially lucrative energy mega-trend unfolding right before your eyes.

Everything points to a full-blown, GLOBAL stampede into uranium.

Today, there are 450 nuclear reactors operating in 31 countries.

Those power plants consume about 63,000 tonnes of uranium every year.

But with global demand for electricity expected to soar 57% by 2050, the world is going to need more uranium.

A lot more.

154 new reactors are set to come online…and they’ll gobble up approximately 21,800 tonnes of extra uranium every year!

The world needs an additional 21,000 tonnes of uranium to supply those new reactors.

That doesn’t even include the yellow cake required to feed the 445 reactors already up and running.

Yet, two of the world’s biggest uranium producers have cut supply by 24,000 tonnes per annum.

And there are very few active uranium producers today. According to The Outsider Club a few years ago, there were around 500 active uranium producers.

Today, there’s just 20.

Thanks to the uranium crash, 96% of producers have either gone bust or are barely showing a pulse.

Now 80% of the world’s primary uranium supply comes from just 10 mines.

You can’t just waltz onto a uranium rich lease and dig it up. Opening a new uranium mine is a time intensive and costly exercise.

The mined supply of uranium will struggle to keep pace amid rising demand and falling secondary supplies’.


Worse, today there’s little exploration underway anywhere in the world. That means very few companies are on the lookout for fresh uranium supplies.

And it’s this drastic shortfall, lack of uranium exploration and huge incoming demand that has opened up the window on an all-new uranium boom that could be twice as big as the Cigar Lake fiasco in 2006.

Back then uranium prices went vertical. From US$36 per pound of yellow cake…to over US$130 per pound. A 278% price jump.

But it was the tiny uranium miners where the REAL money could be made for investors. These stocks shot to the moon. Turning some uranium punters into millionaires.

Just like in 2006, today uranium is dirt-cheap. In fact, the price per pound for uranium is lower today than it was in 2006.

All my analysis and research says a similar price explosion could erupt at any moment, as this new uranium supply crunch spreads throughout the world.

So, the time to strike is right now.

My sources have identified three tiny, Aussie uranium miners that hold all the cards as this new uranium shortage blows up.

A full-blown uranium renaissance…
in the Aussie outback!

Uranium demand could climb by as much as 250 million pounds in the years ahead, according to Reuters.

Thanks — in part — to the 154 brand new reactors scheduled to be constructed across the globe.

Demand for those extra tonnes of uranium…and shrinking reserves are exactly what makes the three uranium players I’m about to show you so insanely valuable…

Each company is in a position to take full advantage of the coming uranium boom.

The first is readying its uranium production facility in the far reaches of the South Australia outback.

This firm sits on 63.3 million pounds of high quality uranium. Its production plant is built, and currently undergoing modifications to incorporate the latest technology.

Source: The Sophisticated Investor

That means these guys don’t have to wait decades to be up and running.

They can pounce on a renewed uranium bull market very quickly.

Your second uranium play already has a uranium production pilot plant up and running. And the third is backed by one of North America’s most successful and deep-pocketed resource investors.

More on that in a moment.

Point is, if my analysis and research is on the mark, I think the financial rewards for you as an investor could be massive over the next few years. I’m not the only one who thinks there’s a potential fortune to be made in the coming uranium revival…

The ‘smart money’ is pouring in, too.

Bill Gates has poured a fortune into advanced atomic energy projects since 2010…

He was one of the early seed investors in a company called Terrapower.

A firm that is working on a new style of nuclear reactor that runs on the usually dangerous and toxic depleted uranium used up by traditional nuclear reactors.

But Gates is far from the only rich-lister with money on the line.

Source: Terrapower

PayPal founder Peter Thiel dropped $2 million into a start-up called Transatomic Power. A company that has designed a nuclear reactor to run on molten salt and nuclear waste.

Quantum Fund founder George Soros has invested as much as $126 million in uranium stocks.

And Warren Buffett has backed a Kazakhstani uranium ‘fuel bank’ to the tune of $50 million.

Speaking to National Public Radio on his fuel bank investment, the Oracle of Omaha said:

This is an investment in humanity. You can't roll the dice on humanity's survival’.

Today, the entire uranium industry weighs in at just $301 billion. It’s a tiny, tiny player in the $9.1 trillion energy business.

But according to energy analysts, in the next decade, the spectacular rush into uranium and nuclear energy could…

Blow this entire industry up to $677 billion!

That’s more than DOUBLE today’s market size.

And those fresh billions are piling up quicker than I can type.

America alone will invest more than $100 billion into this sector. India plans on tipping in $150 billion. And China plans to invest more than $2 TRILLION.

There’s a LOT of money at stake here.

But you can’t just dive into any old stock with plans to extract uranium and cross your fingers you’re onto a winner.

That’s the fastest way to lose your shirt.

Many of these companies are tiny. They’re a fraction of the size of big players like BHP, Woodside or Rio Tinto. That means the share price can move up or down double-digits in a single trading session.

You need to tread carefully when it comes to laying down your money on stocks leveraged to uranium.

You only want to select companies with superior credentials.

You only want to invest in the companies positioned to become massive beneficiaries as dependence on uranium and nuclear energy explodes.

Good thing is, you don’t have to sweat over any of those details.


Because I’ve already done all the hard work for you!

The three ASX uranium stocks I’ve short-listed could become headline acts come December 2019.

They’ve timed the coming boom PERFECTLY, and quietly built up some of the finest uranium assets on the planet.

I believe they’re all firm BUY NOW propositions. They’re also very cheap. The recent bout of market volatility has sent the short term speculators scurrying. This just makes the potential gains that much juicier.

But I doubt they’ll remain that way for long.

Remember, uranium is the heart of an industry that’s expected to DOUBLE in size in the next few years.

Heck, if demand for uranium really picks up as my research suggests, you could soon be counting a potential 10-fold gain…just by grabbing and holding an early stake in these three stocks.

That’s why you need to grab your stake in each one PRONTO!

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. There’s a chance it won’t turn out as well as I expect. You could even lose money here. Which is why you should only risk what you can afford to lose.

I’ve packed my full analysis and research on each stock into a just-published, special investor report.

It’s called: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Inside, you’ll discover why I think these Aussie listed companies could soon possess an unshakeable stranglehold on the uranium industry.

And why I think with a well-timed investment in each one today could make you as much as 1,750% on your money inside the next 16 months.

This password-protected report is ONLY available to members of my private advisory.

I’ll show you how to download a PDF version of this password-protected dossier onto your computer in just a second.

If you want to steal in on the next round of potential ‘uranium riches’ coming your way…you MUST act on this invitation without delay

If I’m right about the medium-range outlook for uranium…I don’t think it will be long before each one shoots through my maximum buy-up-to price.

It could be just weeks before I’m forced to push each of these three golden uranium plays onto my hold list.

So, even if you’re only mildly interested in the opportunity laid bare for you today, you owe it to yourself…and your personal wealth, to at least look at my analysis and decide for yourself whether you add these three uranium players to your portfolio.

As I’ll show you in a moment, you have a full 30 days to decide whether my research will make you money or not.

Everything you need to know about all three uranium players is packed inside your special energy investor report, ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.Let me tell you, stitching this report together has been an interesting and eye-opening project for me.

As Head of Research, I work closely with all Port Philip Publishing’s editors.

From income stocks to high risk speculations, it’s my job to scrutinise and greenlight every recommendation our paid-up subscribers receive.

Now, this may come across a little cheeky, but I don’t believe a single opportunity on the current Port Phillip roster comes close to the potential of the three uranium players I’ve packed inside your uranium investment report.

Again, that may sound a little cheeky. But I stand by it.

I stand by it because the current uranium supply and demand equation is far, FAR too tantalising to ignore.

And if my analysis pays off, I believe you could see each stock rack up oversized gains in a short period.

You’ll find every skerrick of analysis and research on each pick inside your uranium dossier report.

Let me be clear, this is a high-risk proposition. It’s certainly no sure thing.

As I show in the report, there are several risk scenarios that could cut short a uranium bull market and send these three stocks south.

First off, the uranium price may not turn higher as I expect. Or if prices do edge upwards, they may not hit levels higher enough to make mining operations economical. If that’s the case, prices of these three uranium stocks could head lower and you could lose money.

Look, I want you to go into this with your eyes open. If you’re not comfortable taking a calculated risk, then my three uranium stock plays are probably not for you.

But while there IS risk here, there’s also the opportunity to make a small fortune.

Few investors understand the REAL story unfolding in the uranium market right now.

But that’s your opportunity. That’s your edge.

A fresh uranium bull market is closing in…and in my view, NONE could benefit more than the three ASX-listed uranium plays I’ve ring-fenced.

Which brings me to your first uranium play…

Aussie Uranium Daredevil #1: Is this tiny $84 million ASX miner sitting on the most precious patch of land in the country?

Your first stock is the owner of a state-of-the-art uranium production facility that borders the Strzelecki Desert, about 400 kilometres north of Adelaide.

This company is perfectly geared to a rising uranium price. On 2 July 2018, this company launched its re-start strategy.

Prior to this point, the production plant was on care and maintenance. That’s not a big deal, mining companies do this all the time when commodity prices are below profitable levels. Such has been the case with uranium in recent years.

But thanks to this facility’s set-up, this firm can quickly take advantage of a uranium price spike.

They’re no slouches either. While plans are to initially extract three million pounds a year, they can easily ramp up production and slot into a top 10 global producer position inside four years.

But that’s just one reason that makes your first uranium play such a mouth-watering investment proposition.

See, this firm has a distinct advantage over other junior uranium producers. It’s one of only four Aussie miners with government permission to export uranium into international markets.

Again, just three other Aussie uranium producers have the same privileges. That’s a huge tick in my book.

And it’s not just me who can see how much of a gem this tiny company could soon be. Boutique fund manager Tribeca Partners snapped up 75 million shares in March. They increased their stake again in November. They now own nearly 10% of the company.

I’ll just come right out and say it. I believe this firm is perched to profit in a big way as rising uranium prices come into play.

I think it’s only a matter of time before shares in this tiny uranium wonder start to lift…and the Strzelecki Desert production facility becomes hot property.

In fact, by December this year, I believe you could pocket as much as 282% from a stake in this firm. That’s enough to near-quadruple your investment.

You need to grab you stake before that happens. Before these shares become hot property on the ASX.

The best way to do that is to immediately download your copy of: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Inside, you’ll find this firm’s ticker symbol. Alongside my full analysis and research, and why I think this firm could be a massive winner during the imminent uranium boom.

Before you download this PDF though, there is one thing you need to be clear on.

If I’m right here…and the uranium price kick-starts a sharp, long-term resurgence over the next 12–18 months…these stocks I’ve selected could roar higher super-fast.

You’d be amazed at how reactive certain uranium companies are to inflection points in the market.

Let me show you what I mean…

On 28 November 2016, uranium hit a low of $17.72 per pound. For the next five weeks, it rebounded more than 50% to $26.75.

Here’s how four Aussie uranium small-caps reacted in those five weeks up to the end of January 2017…

  • Cauldron Energy +100%
  • Aura Energy +83%
  • Crossland Uranium Mines +80%
  • Summit Resources +810%

Look at those stocks.

Each soared between 80% and 810% in just five weeks, as soon as the uranium price came back to life.

My point is: you need to get ahead of this story NOW.

You need to claim your stake in each uranium play (minimum $500 on each stock is all you need) immediately.


If this story develops as I predict,
all three could bolt before you know it…

The four stocks above show you just how much upside there could be if I’m right about these three pint-sized uranium picks…and that’s just in the short term.

The long-range gains for your three uranium stocks could be many multiples of the figures you see above.

Which brings me to:

Aussie Uranium Daredevil #2: How ‘Paladin 2.0’ could earn you 1,243%

Paladin Energy was perhaps the greatest ASX success story of the early 2000s.

Priced at just 1-cent per share in 2003, this tiny miner took advantage of low uranium prices and quietly amassed over 530 million pounds of high quality uranium from 21 deposits in five countries.

But when uranium prices did eventually start to rise, the payoff for early Paladin investors was extraordinary:

Source: Bloomberg

The Paladin share price shot from 1 cent…to over $9.50 inside four years. $1,000 on Paladin at sub-1 cent would have turned you into a millionaire…in just 48 months!

You’ll be lucky to see a moon-shot like this unfold in a hundred years. But if your second uranium daredevil plays out like I think…

You may not have to wait anywhere near that long to see this company hit a ‘Paladin-sized’ windfall.

For now, this uranium player is on my watch-list. However, based on my in-depth analysis, it won’t be long before this stock shifts to an active recommendation.

At $38 million market cap, it’s about half the price as your first uranium stock.

This firm’s key asset is a 95% stake in one of the world’s largest undeveloped uranium projects in Namibia, South Africa.

At more than 500 square kilometres, this mine holds an estimated 271 million pounds of uranium.

That’s a mammoth-sized deposit. And should uranium prices begin to rise as I suspect, it could soon become a very, VERY valuable deposit, too.

So, what you have with this company is:

  • A natural resource that, based on current economic factors, looks set for a huge rise…
  • A majority stake in one of the most exciting uranium deposits
    on the planet…
  • And for the moment, you’ll pay just four cents a share!

There are no guarantees, of course, but if this little company can replicate one hundredth of Paladin’s payday…

You could turn $500 into $6,215!

Up your stake to $1,000, and you could potentially cash out with $12,430.

Again, there are no guarantees. There are a lot of moving parts to this company’s Namibian project. And if uranium prices don’t rise as I expect…or even fall from here…then it’s likely this miners’ share price will follow.

BUT…if uranium prices rise and this monster uranium mine quickly becomes fully operational, well, I believe you could make a small fortune from this stock.

Remember, for now this stock is a hold recommendation. I’d like to see price climb upward a little more before I’m confident it’s time to jump in again. I don’t think it will be long though. Become a member of my private advisory today and you’ll be updated the second this potential big winner is back on the buy list.

You’ll get the full backstory behind this company in your report: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to collect your stake in uranium plays #1 and #2 immediately.

Instructions on how to download your copy are coming up in the next few pages.

First, I’ve got ONE MORE ASX-listed uranium miner to share with you today. I’m going to keep this one brief and save all the juicy bits for your report.

Uranium Daredevil #3: Canadian ‘kingmaker’ could turn this tiny uranium junior into a billion-dollar superstar (and potentially make you 1,750% on your money)

Your third and final stock tip is setting itself up to be a dead-set beauty.

This miner owns two key operational projects in Namibia. These projects could hold as much as 150 million pounds of uranium.

But that’s not why I’m smiling ear to ear about this junior uranium play.

The reason I’m excited about this tiny miner is because a 15% stake was recently picked up by none other than Canadian billionaire investor, Eric Sprott.

Sprott has made a name for himself by backing key commodities and miners just before shares rocket higher.

His ‘magic touch’ can be all a junior miner needs to shoot to multiples higher in record time.

Look at a recent example, nickel miner Garibaldi Resources.

Source: Financial Post

Sprott purchased his first round of shares in mid-2017, just as Garibaldi released favourable updates on nickel assets in British Columbia.

Source: Yahoo Finance

From there, the stock took-off.

At one point, shares were trading 3,378% higher. That was back in October 2017, as news of Sprott’s investment made headlines.

As of 1 August, Garibaldi shares are STILL up 1,914% since July 2017.

Could your third uranium digger put in a Garibaldi-style performance over the next 12 months?

I can’t promise anything, of course. But with Sprott’s standout track record for picking winners, it’s possible.

If my long-range forecast pays off, by December 2019 I believe you could be counting $8,750 for every $500 you lay down. A potential 1,750% gain.

There’s more to this stock’s story. But like I said, I’ll save the full details for your report

You’ll get everything you need to know about all three uranium dynamos, including ticker symbols and full risk/reward analysis inside your special energy dossier called: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

As I have said, extreme speculations like this aren’t my usual beat. And that’s probably a good thing.

You can’t have a mad punter in charge of research at the biggest independent stock newsletter publisher in Australia!

But I truly believe…

These three Aussie uranium plays are NEXT LEVEL

These ARE NOT stocks you sock away in a play-it-safe long-term portfolio.

They’re small, they’re high risk and they move faster than a harrier jet flying at full-speed.

I’ll keep a close eye on them and update you regularly on where they’re positioned. If the prospects for any of the three uranium stocks you‘ve seen today changes, you’ll be the first to know.

And look, I think it goes without saying, but I will anyway: Do not bet a cent more on these three uranium stocks than you’re prepared to lose.

The risk profile for each is right up there. You don’t want to bet the farm on them.

All three uranium players I’ve got locked up for you are TINY. That makes them susceptible to extreme price swings. If you don’t have the stomach for high-speed stocks…these might not be the opportunities for you.

Let me be crystal clear: These stocks are ultra-high-risk. They easily rank as the most speculative picks on my open buy list.

And I don’t want you go into this with any preconceived ideas. There’s no easy gains here. If my analysis is right, you could make some sizeable gains. But if uranium doesn’t take off as I suspect it’s about to, you could lose money.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to download a password-protected PDF version of ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Read it, study the analysis, and act upon my recommendations if you believe that analysis is sound…and my selections are worth punting on over.

There’s no big fee for this report. I’m not trying to hook you into some expensive trading service.

I WOULD like to ask in return that you take a little look at my newsletter, Crisis & Opportunity.

Don’t worry: there’s no obligation. You don’t have to stay on as a subscriber.

I just want you to look over my uranium market research and analysis…clue yourself up on my investment approach, and see for yourself how it’s working in the current financial climate.

You might even like to add one or two, or even all three, Aussie uranium players to your portfolio. Either way, you can test drive my service for 30 no-obligation days.

You can KEEP your copy of ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’ even if you decide not to stay on as a subscriber.

But if you want in on this ambitious Aussie-led energy project:

You need to pull the trigger NOW

You must get into these three uranium daredevils while everything still seems normal...before this story is fully exposed across mainstream financial channels.

That means now.

There’s an emerging deficit supply story in the uranium market. It’s not widely understood by the masses.

But it appears the smart money has just started to click on what’s unfolding and they’ve begun to take a position in stocks leveraged to the uranium market.

I’m talking about uranium stocks.

To be clear: Your window to buy these stocks while they’re still so crazily cheap is closing

And it’s closing FAST.

Remember Cameco, the owner of the world’s biggest uranium mine, Cigar Lake? When management made the move to slash production on 26 July, the news reverberated throughout the small-cap uranium space.

One of the three Aussie uranium plays showcased for you today shot up 11.32% IN ONE DAY.

This could be the start of a long-range move higher.

As Kivalliq Energy CEO, Jim Paterson said in December (emphasis added):

if Cameco abides by their announcement, which I believe they will as they are an incredibly disciplined company, that would be very helpful as it will point buyers towards contracting and using up inventory levels. As the contracts start coming in, I believe there will be added excitement in the market and all companies in the uranium sector will benefit greatly.’


But I believe the biggest beneficiaries will be the three stocks inside your report: ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’.

Wait till the share price starts to move on these three stocks and you’ll be WAY too late to the party.

You need to get into these stocks now, while they’re still cheap and ignored by mainstream analysts.

The only way to do that is to download your copy of this report immediately and clue yourself up on all three opportunities right away.

All I ask in return is that you take a no-obligation 30-day trial of Crisis & Opportunity.

That’s right. You can test drive my advisory service for a full 30 days, obligation-free.

If within those 30-days, you don’t wish to continue — for any reason at all — just contact my customer service team and you’ll receive a full refund.

No hard feelings.

And you can keep ‘Three ASX Energy Daredevils to Back Now as The Next Uranium Mega-Boom Kicks Off’ with my compliments.

Click here to claim your
uranium boom dossier now

I’d give priority to reading that report immediately.

As I hope I’ve made clear, this opportunity is urgent.

If I’m wrong, nothing will happen. Uranium will remain black-listed by investors and the three uranium miners we’ve talked about in this letter will plummet.

If I’m right…each stock could burst higher in the blink of an eye.

You’ll want those three uranium plays locked in your portfolio before that happens.

Everything you need to know about these stocks is included inside your uranium report.

Then I want you to focus your attention another resource I’ve just published inside my advisory Crisis & Opportunity.

It’s called:

The REAL reason why your energy
bill will skyrocket this summer

Energy prices.

At least on the east coast of Australia, it’s a hot topic right now. And with summer in full swing…and air conditioners firing up, everyone’s power bill is about to go up…again.

That much is certain. What is less known is just why this is the case. Australia is blessed with huge energy reserves, especially gas reserves.

For decades, we have had a competitive advantage in energy costs. Households and businesses have had a cheap and reliable energy supply. Electricity costs just haven’t been an issue.

But seemingly overnight, that has all changed. Energy policy was a major reason why former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got the boot in August 2018. At the same time, half the country has lost its head and thinks that renewable energy is the answer to our present woes.

Meanwhile, most of us just want to keep our energy costs down.

In this special report, I’ll give you an intriguing tip on how to do exactly that. The savings could be substantial, depending on where you live.

Also, in the first days of your no-obligation trial, I’d give some attention to the Crisis & Opportunity buy list.

You’ll be granted full, password-protected access as soon as your trial begins.

Unless something very extreme happens in the markets, you will receive at least one new investment opportunity each month.

Occasionally, when an especially time-sensitive situation arises, I will send you urgent buy instructions via email.

This will be rare.

Again, my approach is to analyse and identify quality businesses selling ‘on the cheap’…and then ‘time’ entries with technical analysis to give you a better chance at success.

It’s this fusion style of technical and fundamental analysis that’s enabled us to beat the market by 2-to-1.

Just $149 gets you in
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I’ve kept my newsletter among the most affordable that we offer at Port Phillip Publishing

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If you’re not happy then neither am I. And you'll have a full 30 days to try out it out.

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What are the three ASX energy daredevils you mention the letter above?

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My analysis is telling me uranium is setting up for a record boom that could be on par with the uranium price explosion back in 2006.

If my analysis is correct, I think you could make as much as 1,243% from the three, speculative uranium picks inside the 'uranium mega-boom' report

And these are just three stocks I'm monitoring right now.

In total there are 21 investment opportunities on my buy-list. Those that are open could lead you to sizeable gains in the not-too-distant future.

How much could I lose if your analysis is wrong?

No investment is guaranteed.

Whether you invest in stocks, real estate or baseball cards, there is always risk.

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

The three uranium plays you've seen today are ultra-speculative. That makes them high-risk.

If the uranium market does not take off as I expect, there's a chance you could lose money here.

Please also note that any stock recommendations tied to my service are general advice. You must consider your personal circumstances when investing.

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